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I bodysurf genre fiction! Stories packed with the wholesome goodness of Internet-class freestyle writing. Five great short stories totalling 50,000 words (all right, 49,561 words, but really, who's counting) and each and every word is BETTER than the next. By the time you get to the last few thousand words, you'll have trouble reading because your eyes will be tired from goggling at the sheer magnificence of the words they'll encounter.

My approach to writing fiction is to combine strong plotting and good characterization with strong sexual content. I feel that it's possible to create really interesting, really sexy stories by doing so. For a full explanation of my approach to writing that will explain why I think of myself as a hentai-style writer, go here.

Now, about those stories ... click on each story's illustration to go to a sample section from it.

How Princess Gaia Became Slavegirl Gaia

If you like stories of brave princesses abducted by evil gangsters in distant galaxies, you'll probably like "How Princess Gaia Became Slavegirl Gaia." If you've ever wondered if an evil alien gangster might have a little more in store for a beautiful captive princess than making her slink around in a metal bikini, collar and chains, well, you're definitely going to like this story. The evil Jawa the Hunn plans to melt the ice princess that is Gaia, to expose the hot, panting woman beneath, and in an age of advanced technology, he has just the tools to do it. For example, Princess Gaia's metal bikini is made of "memory metal" which has some interesting shape-changing properties which make it a more than symbolic torment for Gaia ...and there's also the mysterious Hunn slave stalk.

The Wrangler

They were five hard men, men who committed murder and kidnapping and robbery as a means of making a living: The Man, The Agent, The Driver, The Cleaner and the Wrangler. Each had a job in the kidnapping of heiress Christine Willock. The Man was the planner who'd put it all together, the one who gave orders to the others. The Agent was the all-purpose maker of mayhem, the go-to guy if someone needed to be beaten or killed. The Driver was the hot hand behind the wheel of a car. The Cleaner was the one who kept those pesky bits of evidence from being left behind for the police forensics team. And the Wrangler was the one who was in charge of making sure the kidnap victim stayed helpless and didn't make any escape attempts.

One of these men committed an act of betrayal that turned a lucrative little kidnapping into a fiasco that endangered them all. And the victim's life hangs by a slender thread, a thread held by ... the Wrangler.

The Mmphing In Cell 49

In the not-so-distant future, prison wardens come up with new sanctions for violent and disruptive prisoners that are less harmful than solitary confinement. It's enormously popular because it costs much less than building solitary confinement facilities. Unfortunately, the new sanctions invite abuse, and in women's prisons, it's not always the inmates' fault that they wind up experiencing these penalties. Here's the story of a dedicated prison psychiatrist charged with checking up on the mental health of inmates subject to -- Total Restraint.

Doin' Time In the Blue Shadows

"Doin' Time in the Blue Shadows" is what a Lifetime Women in Prison story should be. It's the story of an innocent, or at least semi-innocent woman who has been wronged by society, then imprisoned and used in one of the more degenerate work-release programs ever devised.

Lifetime Channel women in prison movies do a great job of exploiting the emotional vulnerability of women trapped in a prison environment, but lack that raw edge of passion that women in prison exploitation films have. This story is intended as an illustration of how far you can take things if you pay attention to both the lessons that Lifetime movies have to teach, and to the possibilities brought up, however crudely, by exploitation films. We pull no punches here, emotionally or otherwise.


"Enslaved" is the most traditional story in this Powerspack. It's about a one night stand, told from the viewpoint of a travelling airport lounge Lothario who's just picked up a gorgeous woman in a bar -- a gorgeous woman who happen to own another gorgeous woman. The straightforward pickup he'd envisioned becomes a night of unrestrained carnality as the pickup forces her slave to serve them both in every imaginable way and several that probably aren't. But all is not as it seems ... Click on the pic to read a bit of the story ...

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