Two women, one man, many possibilities

Copyright 1999 by Pat Powers

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We met in a sports bar. She was a big, powerful-looking woman with close-cropped blonde hair -- a more feminine, better endowed version of Annie Lenox, with a rounder, fuller face.

Meeting her was easy. It was late at the bar and I sat a stool away from her and caught her eye. She gave me a look that I know well -- that old "you'll do for tonight" look. I've seen that expression on a lot of women's faces, in a lot of bars, and I've come to learn that that expression, rather than rapture or anything like that, means I'm going to get laid.

She did not want to go back to my hotel room, but she was very glad to take me home to her house, a quiet little place in the suburbs.

I followed her through winding residential street to an old but wealthy section of the city, where she pulled into a long driveway that led to a place that didn't look all that little, by my standards.

She walked up to the door and rang the doorbell, a strange thing to do at your own home, I thought. "Forget your keys?" I asked.

"No," she said, without making any attempt to explain.

The door was opened by a tiny young woman with long, flowing auburn hair, a heart-shaped face, and beautiful brown eyes, which I could only glimpse because she never looked me full in the face. She was somewhere around five feet tall -- maybe a little less than five feet, certainly not much more. Her lips were full, arched like bird's wings. Like many small people, her features seemed more beautiful for being small -- more finely drawn and detailed.

I couldn't tell much more about her because she was dressed in flowing velvet robes that completely concealed her figure.

"A whiskey sour, a Kahlua and some chips," my intended said to the young woman in a calm, authoritative voice. "In the playroom. And the usual things."

I thought I detected a flash of excitement on the young woman's face as she nodded, eyes downcast, and walked away down a hall.

"This way," said my host, and led me down a hallway that had obviously been furnished by someone with more money than I had, and more taste, too.

The playroom turned out to be a very adult sort of playroom -- a big room dominated by a long couch on one end, with a large bed at the other end, pillows tossed everywhere, and heavy drapes covering the window. There was a TV set in the corner, hooked up to a VCR. And I saw the legs of what looked like a tripod sticking out from under the bed. Tripod for a videocam?

I would have bet on it.

Karla --that was her name, Karla Ouspensky -- sat down on the couch and I sat down next to her.

"Nice place you have here," I told her.

"It serves my needs," Karla said with a smile.

"And what sort of needs would that be?" I asked, also smiling.

"You're about to find out," Karla said, leaning forward, her eyes half closed, her lips parted.

I took her cue and reached out to her. We embraced, and kissed -- a long, deep kiss with lots of tongue.

Karla ran her hands along my side, then up and down my back. I did the same, except I kept my hand at the small of her back and the beginning of her butt-crack. I've found that a lot of women find this really exciting.

Karla began to moan softly as I ran my other hand up over her breast and gently stroked her nipple. It was a big, hard nipple that popped right through the fabric of her bra as she became excited.

Karla retaliated by slipping a hand down between my legs and stroking my dick, which was already fully erect. Her fingers were expert as she slid her hand up and down my shaft, stroking the head of the penis and occasionally fondling my balls.

"We'd better get these clothes off, don't you think?" Karla asked. "Don't want any unsightly stains on them."

I was at a point where all I wanted to do was stick my cock up Karla's slit and bang her like a drum. I could have cared less about whether or not my clothes got stained. But I did want them removed, so I said, "OK."

"Help us with our clothes, Tina," Karla said.

I heard a rustling and looked around to see Tina walking towards us. A tray of drinks and chips was sitting on a table by the door. Tina must have come in so silently that I hadn't noticed us.

I thought that standing and watching your boss make out was asking a lot of a servant, however well paid, but I wasn't too concerned about it. Maybe this was how the rich did things. Wasn't any concern of mine, anyway.

Tina silently helped me out of my pants and shirt, and her mistress out of her sheath dress. I was reluctant to remove my shorts in front of Tina, because my dick was still rock hard and I didn't feel quite right about revealing it in front of Tina.

Karla, however, stripped right down to the buff and when she saw me still in my shorts, she quickly pulled my shorts down and grabbed my cock, saying, "Now, mustn't hide the goodies. We like Mr. Cock."

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