.A Sampler from Slavegirl Gaia

Full Metal Bikini

Copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

(Any resemblance between characters in this story and any person living, dead, or imaginary, is strictly coincidental, and undoubtedly a product of your perfervid imaginings.)

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A guard pulled a strip of memory metal from a wallside niche and wrapped it loosely around Gaia's face. It slowly congealed around her features, molding itself exactly to the shape of her face on the microscopic level and sealing itself behind her head.

Still, it went over her lips, not behind them, and would not be very effective at silencing her. Not that Princess Gaia cared at the moment -- tears were streaming down her face and she shook with fear and fury. The casual brutality of the pig guards appalled her. In a way, it was less menacing than the cold, efficient brutality of the prison at the Dork Star. The pig guards did not care about her, she was just one of many creatures outside their species that they were expected to manhandle in the course of a day. They were capable of killing her or raping her, but only if ordered to do so. They were not attracted to her.

Princess Gaia had been trained in survival under torture and in captivity. Her body responded with fear and anger to her maltreatment, but some part of her mind remained cool and objective. She was still alive. Hans was still in the carbon freezing unit. She still had a chance, however slim, of rescuing him.

Her training was what helped her retain her composure when the gag started sending slender tendrils of metal into the tiny interstices between her teeth. She kept them tightly clenched. More and more of the tiny tendrils slipped between her teeth. Then slowly but irresistibly, they began arching and curving, forcing her mouth apart. When her teeth were about three centimeters apart, a section of gag flowed into her mouth. In a second it had inflated to fill her oral cavity, forcing her jaws wide apart, swelling so that it penetrated deep into her mouth, but not so much that it reached the back of her throat and gagged her.

She was silenced now.

As the gag did its work, the guards placed a memory metal slave suit on her, a bikini of sorts with conventional straps but whose "cloth" sections covering her breast, buttocks and mons were made of memory metal. As soon as it was in place, she could feel it flowing into place, snugging obscenely tight between her buttocks and over her nipples, covering every tiniest fold and crenelation of her labia.

Memory metal. It could assume any shape and then later retain that shape. It could even change shapes as it was programmed to -- that's what the gag she wore had done when it opened her mouth.

After the metal bikini was in place, the guards put snug cuffs and anklets on her, then placed a heavy duralinium collar around her neck, from which depended a long chain with thick links.

Gaia wanted to protest her treatment, but all she could get past the gag was a few distressed mmmphs that one would have to strain to hear outside the room...

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