The Mmmphing In Cell 49

An excerpt from the story ....

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Two male guards walk in, each of them holding and guiding the female prisoner in their care with a hand on elbow and shoulder. The prisoner is completely naked. She wears a leather hood that conceals the entire upper half of her face, leaving only her nostrils visible, as a wide strap buckled under her chin. The woman's mouth is gagged with a leather gag, which Krautmeyer knows from experience is backed with leather wadding that effectively prevents intellligible speech. (She'd tried one on once while at home to see what it was like. The experience had given her nightmares for a week.)

The woman's feet are shackled with long-term leather cuffs (as opposed to the all-metal cuffs used for short-term restraint, as in prisoner transport) with about a meter of chain between them. Her wrists are in long-term cuffs as well, bound behind her back with just a couple of links of chain. A guide leash hangs between her breasts, dangling from a ring set in the base of her hood where it buckles at her throat.

Looking at her, Krautmayer already has a good idea why she is in Total Restraint. Her body is spectacular. Large breasts, long legs, a honey-tanned skin, wide, curvy hips and a very round butt. Large nipples that stick out provocatively. Just the sight of her body tends to make one think the hidden portion of her face has large blue eyes, blond hair, luscious red lips and beautifully defined cheeks.

She is such a beauty, the guards would watch her like hawks for any infraction so they could deny her clothing privileges and push her toward TR. Her file indicated they hadn't had to do much watching or pushing. A newbie, she hadn't know the rules, or the extremeness of the punishments for breaking them. Happened all the time.

The guards put the woman in the restraint chair facing her desk and buckle her ankles and elbows into the cuffs that will keep her from attacking Krautmeyer during their time together. Of course, it is ludicrous to think of the poor thing attacking Krautmeyer while bound, gagged and blindfolded, but it is prison policy. A matter of liability, the admin people say.

"You may leave," says Krautmeyer, officially taking responsibility for being alone with the client.

The guards nod. They'll be back in an hour, the amount of time scheduled. The sessions never take less than an hour. The guards don't joke with Krautmeyer, as prison staff often do with one another. Krautmeyer is known to be a straight arrow. She has instigated investigations that led to prison staff winding up in jail for stealing prescription drugs intended for her patients on several occasions. The guards hate her, but have finally gotten fearful enough of her not to steal from her clients. The job has such incredible perks for male guards that even the rewards of smuggling drugs to inmates aren't enough to tempt them if there is any chance they will get caught. Which, in Krautmeyer's case, there is.

After the men leave Krautmeyer spends a minute just sitting and watching her new client, checking out her body language. The woman makes no effort to communicate with her. It is possible to produce an almost-intelligible approximation of speech even with that leather wadding in the mouth. All of her female patients hate being gagged worse than any other aspect of TR. Male inmates tend to hate being blindfolded most.

The woman sits in the chair, with the resignation of the totally helpless who have learned painfully just how helpless they are. The way her hands move suggest that she is nervous and uncertain, under emotional stress of some sort. No doubt.

"My name is Mary, I am your psychological counselor," says Krautmeyer. Her real name is Janice, Mary is an alias. "Your name, according to my records, is Nicole Slazenger. If that's wrong, or anything else I say is wrong, I hope you will let me know when I remove your gag in a minute.

"You are serving a three-year term for violation of the Public Indecency Law, having written a book and maintained a website that excited prurient interests. Understand, I'm not making any judgments here, just citing the facts in your case.

"You have been denied clothing privileges and subjected to being chained, gagged and blindfolded as administrative penalties for a series of violent acts committed by you against various inmates and guards, up to your present penalty of Total Restraint for a period of one month.

"I am required to meet with you twice weekly for a counseling session during this period, to ensure your mental health," continues Krautmeyer. "That's what this session is about."

Krautmeyer rises from her seat and pours some water from a pitcher into one of a stack of plastic glasses she kept at her desk for clients.

"I am going to remove your gag now," says Krautmeyer. "I have some water here, after you've finished retching I'll give you some if you like."

Krautmeyer reaches over and unbuckles the clasps that hold the gag in place over Nicole's mouth, then gently pulls it out. As soon as it is out, Nicole retches. She spends a few moments more retching. Krautmeyer waits patiently as she does so. When Nicole's retching subsides, she asks, "Would you like that water now?"

She knows Nicole's mouth tastes awful from the gag.

Nicole nods vigorously and Krautmeyer gently puts the water to her lips and lets her drink it down. Nicole drinks all of it thirstily. TR clients are always thirsty. They cannot get themselves a drink of water, so they have to depend on others. The guards are supposed to water them regularly, but they regularly forgot to do so. Krautmeyer once had a TR client who complained of deep joint pains and extreme thirst through a barely audible rasp. She'd turned out to be so severely dehydrated that Krautmeyer had given her medical leave from TR and had her put in the hospital for observation with an IV drip to rehydrate her. She'd put the woman's guards on report for negligence and threatened to bring them up on charges of abuse if it happened again. It didn't. She'd also had a few brief, sharp words with the doctor who was supposed to examine TR patients regularly. The woman had quit. Her replacement hadn't screwed up in that way.

Nicole's mouth had the rich, full lips Krautmeyer had envisioned. They were brightly painted with lipstick. Krautmeyer wasn't sure what to make of that. Someone other than Nicole had done it. Probably meant she'd been servicing a woman orally. Men tended not to care about such things.

"So, how are you?" Krautmeyer asks as she returns to her seat.

Nicole does not reply. Instead, her lips contort, in the grip of powerful emotions. In a moment, she is sobbing, her head hanging down, her body leaning forward limply, insofar as the shackles on her elbows permit.

Krautmeyer sits patiently and lets Nicole sob. She knows from experience that there is no use in interrupting the crying so long as the tears are flowing. Sometimes crying took up most of the session.

"I'm so sorry," Krautmeyer says gently. A few words of sympathy at a time like this are extremely therapeutic, most of the time.

Nicole doesn't spend all that much time crying. After about five minutes the sobbing stops and she is ready to communicate.

"I am going insane," says Nicole. "That is how I am. This is driving me insane. If you keep me like this for a month, or even another week, when you take the hood off -- if you ever do take the hood off -- the woman you find beneath it will be completely mad."

"Why do you think you are going mad?" Krautmeyer asks.

"Because of the way I am being treated," Nicole says simply, calmly.

"How are you being treated?" Krautmeyer asks.

"Like an animal," says Nicole. "I am not an animal. I am a human being."

"Yes," thinks Krautmeyer, "that attitude worked so well for the Elephant Man. "

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