Bondage Reviews and Essays

When I'm not writing bondage erotica, my mind remains a cornucopia of miasmic frenzy where torrents of ideas and notions surge and dash like the floodwaters that swamped New Orleans -- only less muddy and generally less expensive to clean up after. Here, for absolutely no charge, you may read the articles, reviews and essays that spring forth from my mind like spring-loaded cats in a grade-B horror movie. 

As for the new "Departments" section, it's been long overdue as some topics have produced many more articles than others. The new department, "Celebrity Bondage" is for the convenience of those are searching for particular celebrities in bondage. There are about a dozen celebrities listed at present, but there will be more ... many, many more.

Celebrity Slave Girl index section art
Introducing The Homouth Part 1

Another new book, this one about a President of the United States who oversteps her bounds and winds up being, for all practical purposes, a slavegirl, bought and sold and used, and worst of all, her enemies have replaced her mouth with a vagina via nanotech. It's erotic AND it's political satire. And hopefully, fun from the first word to the last.
Index art for Slave Girl of Akkadis
Review of "Slave Girl of Akkadis"

I'm detecting a trend in erotic romances written by male authors: a distressing lack of romance. Fortunately, "Slavegirl of Akkadis" has a strong plot and a well developed universe as well.
Image from Public showing a scene I would have liked to have seen in The Last Slavegirl
Review of "The Last Slavegirl"
The erotic romance subgenre of romance novels is Where The Action Is, sparking a whole slew of kinky romances at But buyer beware: some of these books are retreads.
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Arrow-Harmony vs. Youtube index pic
Arrow-Harmony Bondage
Youtube Bondage
What was once considered HARD PORE CORN is now a little naughty fun. An examination of the implications of the similarities of Arrow-Harmony videos and current Youtube videos, and the implications that has for the nature of "porn."
Women in Cell Block F women in prison movieWomen of Cell Block F
This strange little XXX film is an entry for the No-Bondage Zone, and bondage is not all it lacks. It lacks virtually everything except hardcore sex, there's plenty of that. It's almost certainly a budgie job -- read the review if  you want to know what I mean by that.
Index ad for A Little Bit of Monica
Sibel Kikelli naked and bound
Celebrity Bondage Site Updated

 The Celebrity Bondage  section is updated with three new guests: Sibel Kikelli from the "Game of Thrones" TV series, Sheridan Smith from the British "Love Soup" TV series and Gwen Stefani from her music video "Excuse Me, Sir." Also, some of the older listings have been updated and hopefully improved. Check out Naomi Watts, Francois Yip, Dina Myer, Heather Matarazzo, Ogla Kurylenko, and Carolyn Ducey for updated listings.
Final Veil Promo Art
beauty index artThe Beauty of SL Gor

Just what the title says. I let the beauty of the lands of Gor in Second Life speak for themselves ... mostly. It wasn't just about having sex with beautiful slavegirls and fighting, you know. Though there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with either of these activities.
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gor visions index art
Roleplay At The Gor Visions Tavern

I visited the Gor Visions Tavern to conduct an interview for a post for my blog and got more than I bargained for. Here's an example of Gorean roleplay live and in person.
index pic
Introduction to Second Life Gor

Six, count 'em, six articles on how to get started playing Second Life Gor. Everything you need to know from where to start, where to get great freebies, how to get started in combat, how to negotiate the intricacies of the game, and of course, how to do the sexual roleplay. Includes a chapter for 50 Shades of Gray fans who want to know how the famous erotic romance compares with Gorean sexual roleplay. Suitably illustrated! Have at!
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naked bound and gagged sexual roleplay avatar
How To Commit Sexual Roleplay in Second Life Gor

Here's how even you can get in on the fabulous fun of sexual roleplay in Second Life Gor. Covers text roleplay, pose balls, and the dangers and rewards it promises. Also, 50 Shades of Gray!
Sex warrior on the job
Whither Bondage in the Media?
Some fans of mainstream media bondage scenes are saying they've lost interest with all the violence directed at damsels in distress in modern scenes. The lighthearted fun bondage scenes are gone, they say. So where is media going in terms of bondage imagery?
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Sex warrior on the job
A History of The Sex Wars!

From the Victorian times to the 80s the Sex Wars have raged in America. From the brutal depredations of Anthony Comstock to the sly mischaracterizations of Catherine MacKinnon, the Sex Wars have influenced and shaped American culture. Now I have come to illustrate and describe, in a completely biased and nonsensical way, these wars! Be afraid ... be very afraid!

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Index art for Celebrity Slave Girls Department
Introducing the Celebrity Slave Girl Department

A brand new  department, Celebrity Slave Girls. We're unhampered by the thought that there are no Celebrity Slave Girls in real life, because plenty of hottie celebrities have dressed up in ways that make the slave girl fantasy fuel, and we've got the goods!

Sex and Submisison Ad featuring Emma Heart yoked, tied, ball gagged and fucked
Naked and gagged pony girl from
A Brief Visual History of Pony Girls

It occurs to us that we have not yet written a brief visual history of Pony Girl. So here it is! We also explain the origin and purpose of the bustle, and it's relation to the Pony Girl phenomon, and why all those women photographed in the bustle era wore the same expression.

The Upper Floor ad
Kajira Doll index art, gagged
Announcing: Kajira!

New from GorCo, it's Kajira, the doll for every little girl's most private, most heartfelt dreams! This doll is FULLY poseable, anatomically correct, and politically incorrect! And the price: you CAN'T HANDLE the price! It's THAT low!

Ultimate Surrender ad, naked female wrestling
Index art for new Dejah Thoris of Barsoom department
The Search for the Real Dejah Thoris

In March 2012, Disney Studios is coming out with a movie based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' novels about John Carter of Mars and his hot-blooded Martian princess Dejah Thoris. In the books, Dejah ran around pretty much naked, like most Martians. We don't think Disney is likely to get that right. So we've started a new department to help them out with lots of images of hot, naked, chained Dejah Thoris.

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Bikini Jones Index Art
Hey, Everybody! I Wrote A Damn Book!

Yes, I'm now the proud author of Slavegirls In The Movies and on TV: The Hottitude of Servitude, which is widely considered the most unnecessary book written in the last three decades, hence ... a SURE best-seller!

Slave auction article index art
SklavenMarkt: A Mystery Solved

A group of images thave have mystified us ... well, me at least ... because no one knew its origin ... is at last identified! A riveting example of a brilliant mind solving a mystery that no one else knew existed! 

Rebecca Love has a great handcuff scene in this Skinamax spoof, better even than the one in "Over The Wire, because this one has ... lighting.

Feast of Souls is a pretty damn good Andre Norton-ish high fantasy novel that contains no bondage or even any maledom/femsub scenes, but it sure could have used a few. I explain how and why.

Hostel 2

It's all about the plausible deniability, baby.

No, we're not kidding.

The fact that the same actresses can appear in mainstream films and TV shows and in softcore and hardcore porn films and videos can add a lot to said mainstream shows and films.

What happens when you bring a Collector-style story of obsessive love to the natural drama of an earthquake? Quake answers that question, that nobody asked.

Move over, Wonder Woman, the comics world has a new superheroine leading the charge in terms of bondage-proneness. She's here to get naked and get roped, and she's all out of rope!

Holly Hunter. Nude. Bound. Fucked. On a non-premium cable TV series. Ain't life grand?

This indie flick is a noble failure which features the biggest honkin' Harmony style gag ever, with the most screen time for a gagged actress in a mainstream film.

Nicole Kidman in Birthday Girl

Nicole Kidman gets bound and naked, bound and gagged, and does a bit of self-bondage in "Birthday Girl." Other things happen as well, sadly including an instance of Lurking Heavy Plot ruining what could have been another "Secretary."

Wonder Woman on Playboy Millions Riot!

Tiffany Fallon appears on the cover of the February 2008 issue of Playboy in a painted-on Wonder Woman suit and the anti-sex feminists go through the roof!

Angel Blade

We review this hentai series because it is the perfect thing to watch on TV while doing other stuff. This is NOT intended as an insult -- it's really hard to find something that fills that bill.

Carrie Genzel stars in Caged Hearts

Up and coming star Carrie Genzel stars in a topnotch women in prison movie that includes a nude catfight/lesbian rape scene for Ms. Genzel.

Bikini Chain Gang

This genial spoof of women in prison films gives up the bondage better than most actuial women in prison films, which is unusual for a Skinamax film. And of course it's all over the sex and nudity.

Against Their Wills

You know how I keep talking about Lifetime Channel women in prison movies? Well, this is one. And it has a couple of really strict bondage scenes. How about a straightjacket hogtie? Sure puts a couple of sexploitation women in prison movies I could name to shame.

Bad Girls

I started my "Women in Prison" section because of the startup of the US women in prison series "Bad Girls" so I thought I should review the British women in prison series "Bad Girls" that it's based on. And add some thoughts on how the US version can avoid fucking up like the Brits did.

Caged Fury

Another women in prison movie reviewed, and this one is full of nakedness and violence as Dirk the Human Wrecking Ball demolishes an evil prison facility. And then there's the evil lesbian warden Sybil Thorn. Fun will be had by all.

Time Served Reviewed

For July 13, Catherine Oxenberg covers up a murder committed by her son and winds up in a prison where she's forced to dance sexily for men. It starts off like a Lifetime women in prison flick and winds up a stripperific exploitation flick, featuring Catherine Oxenberg naked as well as some very talented strippers.

Chained Heat Reviewed

The progenitor of the modern women in prison flick features a luscious Linda Blair being lesbianically dommed by a smokin' hot Sybil Danning. What's not to like?

Under Lock and Key

Perhaps the nakedest women in prison film ever because it introduces the wonderful concept of in-cell nudity! Probably got it from the white slavery films. Good move.

I Put Up So I Don't Have To Shut Up

Read my women in prison themed short story "Doin' Time In the Blue Shadows" and tell me if I can walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

Prison World Review and Tour

Commercial bondage videos OUGHT to be my favorite genre of women in prison themed video stories. But they aren't, and Prison World is a perfect explanation of why not.

Did Helen Mirren Appear in the Roughie Western Hot Spur?

We think we have photographic evidence that she did. But then, we also think that robots are stealing our luggage. But this is probably more than the harebrained malarkey it looks like ... well, we'd like to think that.

Savage Sword of Conan

Conan is not into bondage, not by a long shot, but the world he lives in is ... VERY into bondage. And the incredibly well made Savage Sword of Conan series, newly issued in trade paperback by Dark Horse, makes it very clear.

Nurse Me

This hentai attempts to be a humorous story about a nurse in training whom EVERYONE wants to rape. Male, female, young, old, they all press their unwanted sexual advances on her virginal self. It's billed as a comedy, but it's not funny, which is ... a bit of a problem.

Why Is There No Naked or Half-Naked Women Dancing Channel On TV?

In which we seek an answer to this perplexing question.

A Little Bit O' Monica

This week, a 27,000 word short story. OK, that's more like a novella. It's about a young woman who figures out that cosplay can be an excuse to spend four days naked and crawling all over cute boys. Her costume ... Slavegirl Belinda, who makes Slave Leia look overdressed!

Pony Soldier, Funny Games & Pimpin' Da Bondage

In which we discover that Penny Edwards wore a REALLY tight bitgag in the 1952 film "Pony Soldier," leading us to some ruminations about whether or not modern actresses are "pimpin' da bondage" when promoting their movies.

First Panty Gag on TV

In our continuing coverage of firsts in bondage in mainstream media, we've updated our story on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit's achievement as having the first panty gag on mainstream TV. Not only that, the first nude panty gag. Now, that's dedication!

Testing the Limits

In our review of the Skinamax flick Testing the Limits we introduce the concepts of the Reluctant Sensitive Guy and Lurking Heavy Plot. On the bright side, Lorissa McComas gets bound and gagged and naked, though not all at once.

Flash Gordon Sneaks In A Great Gag Scene

The Flash Gordon TV series on the SciFi Channel is best known for not doing ANYTHING well. So, how did THIS scene happen?

Over the Wire Goes Over the Top

Does the Skinamax classic called "Over the Wire" contain the raunchiest bondage scene in mainstream films? YOU decide! (Female lead Griffin Drew seems to have liked it.)

(Featuring a page of gratuitous package display "for the ladies.")

The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik-Yaks

John Willie's Sweet Gwendoline hit the big screen in the guise of hottie Tawny Kitaen at her hottest, and the bondage was plentiful and good. But the writingand acting were ... not.

First Breather Gag

"Women's Murder Club," a TV series aimed at the crazy cat lady demographic presents the first breather gag seen on network TV. Way to go, crazy cat ladies!

Ancient Kink From 1934!

In a Golden Oldie review from Jollyroper days, we present "Roman Scandals of 1934," a black and white epic that features a nudie bondage layer cake in ancient Rome. We are not making this up!

Movies and TV Shows That SHOULDA Been Made

What if karma really worked? With so many missed opportunities and so much bad bondage, there are several movies and TV shows that WOULD exist, if only ...

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Swings and Misses

Buffy the Vampire Slayer's "Dead Things" episode had a beautiful shot to develop some real drama, or humor, and definitely some DiD action. Came right up to the gate ... and balked. We explain why and how.

Dangerously Attractive

Another review from Jollyroper days, "Dangerous Attraction," an erotic thriller that had a nice duct tape bondage scene -- but it promised, oh, so much more!

Wonder Woman's Bondage Competitors Expanded!

We tripled the number of examples of Wonder Woman's bondage competitors in last week's Wonder Woman article because, well, it's fun snarking on those old comics. Click on the pic to go to the index for the section, or click here to go right to the first new example.

They're Heeeeere ...

Hentai have finally begun to work their slimy tentacles into American mainstream media (and about time, we say!) as the ecchi "Eiken" invades the Encore Aciton cable channel.

Tis the Season!

Talk shows are breaking out in an unprecedented wave of bound and gagged scenes, including a nude bondage scene for Chelsea Handler! What the heck is going on around here?

First Shibari Bondage In A Mainstream Movie

Eurohottie Tina Aumont stars in the first-ever shibari bondage scene in a US mainstream movie in Lifespan, but it's not porn, it's SCIENCE dammit. Science! (Cue Thomas Dolby.)

First Joyrope In A Mainstream Movie

Elke Sommers wore a crotchrope and none was seen again in movies for four decades. Weird. Essay, R

First Bitgag In A U.S. TV Series

Tina Louise made a bit of television history before she got that role about the guy in the white hat on the island. Essay, R

Bondage by Genre

"Bondage by Genre, 1-2-3/ It's as easy to learn as your A-B-Cs." Easier, actually, and a lot more fun. And a lot more illustrated.. Essay, R.

Terminal Stupidity

The creators of Terminal Virus, a Roger Corman sci-fi schlockfest, came up with what is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant sexual bondage scenarios I have ever encountered anywhere. Then ... they TOTALLY blew it. Review, R.

Smallville Goes Dental

Smallville," becomes the second network TV show to use a dental gag. Strangely, there' was nothing about this landmark event in the show's promos. Except of course for the clips. Essay. R.

How Not To Use A Sexy Robot Babe

"I Dream of Jeannie," "Bewitched" and a Skinimax series all have something in common -- guys who are total losers. Essay. R.

Why Is Kyle McLachlan's Father Auctioning the Spice Girls' Mothers?

We've got the photographic evidence that proves it, if you're not really picky about things like "evidence" and "logic." Essay. R.

Sisterhood Is Weird, Sometimes

In our review of the movie "Barbarian Queen," we discovered that the queen's little sister is the only really interesting character in the movie. Review. R.

No text only version available.

The Nudity of Nakedness

We examined thousands of pictures of naked, nude, half-naked and occasionally even clothed women to discover the nature of nakedness and nudity. Don't bother to thank us. The work was its own reward. Essay. R.

No text only version available.

Special Unit 2 Returns

The Sci-Fi Channel will be re-airing Special Unit 2, starting this Friday. In honor of its reappearance, we're presenting this piece we did when it was cancelled, pointing out how thongy the show was. Essay, PG.

Passion Network

Oh, sure, Skinamax films SEEM like safe, harmless fun -- until their plots turn needlessly complicated! Review. R.

No text only version available.

Exit To Eden

Dana Delaney's red-hottitude is mostly wasted in a mainstream bondage story from which most of the bondage has been removed. Review. R.

No text only version available.


Danish beauty Connie Nielson is a corporate spy who spies on a corporation whose Outward Bound program is more like Outward Bondage. Review. R.

No text only version available.

My "Regular Guy" Voice

It's not just what you say when you're talking about bondage, it's how you say it. Essay, R.

No text only version available.

Gimme An F

It's billed as a teen sex comedy, but it's nothing of the sort. It's a disquieting journey to a place where nothing is as it seems, a place where you hope for an F, but Og knows what you'll be getting ... Review, PG.

Click here for text-only version.

Swallowtail Inn

This story about the fun, kinky approach to modern inn management is a great introduction to hentai for newcomers and also a great couples hentai. The gorgeous animation, strong characterization and plotting make it fun for all, in fact. Review, R.

Click here for text-only version.

Value-Added Damsels In Distress

We start with an image of a woman bound and gagged. Then we add the secret miracle ingredient that makes it somehow more than an image of a wman bound and gagged -- captions. Humor, PG.

No text-only version available, as the captions would be meaningless ... well, even more meaningless ... without the pictures.

The History of Bondage Part I -- Origins

No one has ever written about the origin of bondage in human history, probably because of the near total lack of data to be found. This did not stop us. Article, PG.

Click here for text-only version.

Princess 69 - The Dark Gymnastics

This adult anime is nasty, dirty and fun -- but not for beginners. It will try the tolerance of even the most hardened hentai fan. But it's worth it, with surprisingly strong characters and really well done animation and character design. Review, R.

Click on the title for the illustrated version, click here for text-only version.

Stealing Candy

A group of ex-cons get together for One Last Heist which involves kidnapping a beautiful movie star noted for her refusal to do nude scenes, with the intent of forcing her to do a nude scene for a lucrative Webcast. Would you believe things go awry? Review, R.

Click on the title for the illustrated version, click here for text-only version.

Dreaming of A Genie

A Skinamax parody of the 1960s TV series I Dream of Jeannie comes through with some mild bondage and generally horny fun. At last, Genie is allowed to serve her master in the way we always dreamed she would. Review, R.

Click on the title for the illustrated version, click here for text-only version.

An Immodest Proposal

A series of lawsuits wending their way through the court system seeks to determine whether or not and under what circumstances it's OK to alter a movie or TV program without permission. It's bluenoses vs. Hollywood directors, but you and I are the ones who will win either way, Essay, R.

Click here for text-only version.

Mouse Is In The House

This anime is aimed at teens -- horny male teens. Not that there's anything wrong with that! Review, PG.

Click the title for the illustrated version, click here for text-only version.

Blood Royale the Hentai

This is a terrible story, very badly told. It's almost too stupid for words. But we'll try ... Essay, R.

Click the title for the illustrated version, click here for text-only version.

Why All The Sexy Fun At Dragon Con?

An article examining why attendees at Dragoncon feel free to express themselves sexually. Essay, PG.

Click here for text-only version.

Britney Spears: A Slave 4U

Britney Spears' announcement of virginity leads to some thoughts on the true reason for her celebrity: she's not that much of a singer, but she's a great sexual avatar. Essay, PG.

Click here for text-only version.


What is it that makes one woman become an accountant and another become a bondage model? Could the answer in part be that some women are born with -- pornbodies? Essay, R.

Click here for text-only version.

The Necessity of Personality

In Imbalance of Power, we teasingly promised -- or obliquely threatened, as some call it -- to explain how you can make exciting, interesting movies that involve sexual power imbalances by focusing on character. Here's that explanation. Part of the Power Relationships series. Essay, R.

Click here for text-only version.

A Picture Worth 1,000 Words

A little fun inspired by an image from the movie "Saving Silverman." Humor, G.

No text-only version, as the image is central to the humor.

Expendable Erotic Thrillers
and Other Genres

Today's movie genres don't make important distinctions between types of films, such as exploding-car versus non-exploding-car action movies. We're here to help. Humor, PG.

Click here for text-only version.

Beware the Power of This Butt!

In which I discover that Bobbie Phillips' butt has more power than my entire brain put together. She also has a great rack and huge eyes. It's just not fair! Humor, PG.

Click here for text-only version.

The Dildo Gag Scene

A Very Special Xena Bondage Remembrance

The funny thing about Damsel in Distress scenes is, they're not really for the wimpy femmes that the stereotype calls for. Action heroines work much better. Essay, R.

Click here for text-only version.

Claudia Black Spreads 'Em Wide
On Farscape

Generally, if you're looking at a woman with her legs secured this far apart, from this angle, she's naked and you're watching bondage porn ... Some thoughts on futuristic bondage imagery. Part of the Futuristic Bondage series. Essay, R.

Click here for text-only version.

From the Mild to the Wild

An episode of the series "Birds of Prey" shows how futuristic bondage SHOULDN'T be handled, and prompts more thoughts on the nature of futuristic bondage imagery. Part of the Futuristic Bondage series Essay, R.

Click here for the text-only version.


Images of women wearing kink suits are fairly common in movies and on TV, but the obvious accessory -- a ballgag -- is quite rare. What's up with that? Essay, R.

Click here for text-only version.

A Sexy French Maid Fantasy

A sexy French maid fantasy pops up in an unexpected venue. Essay, R.

Click here for text-only version.

Is That You, Grandma?

A circa-1920 photo demonstrates that our forebears were hip to bondage pleasures. Essay, R.

No text-only version.

Pushing The Thong Envelope

A defunct fantasy TV series REALLY pushed the envelope on thongs, and we were there to (literally) record it. Humor, R.

No text-only version available.

Mainstream Bondage Scenes
Reveal All!

Why bondage scenes in mainstream movies and television scenes (as opposed to the imagery of commercial bondage erotica) is fascinating and revealing. Essay, PG.

Click here for text-only version.

The Limitations of Acting Bondage

There are some scenes even Meryl Streep couldn't act her way out of. Humor, PG.

No text-only version.

A Glamapolitan Beauty Secret

It seems there's a little-known secret to making a woman's face beautiful that's NEVER been revealed before! And WE got to to it first! Humor, and a very hard R rating.

Click here for text-only version.

Lifetime's Missing Movies

The Lifetime Channel and the Lifetime Movie Network are always on the prowl for stories of victimized women and crazed men. So how did it miss these true-life stories? Humor, PG.

Click here for text-only version.

Piercing the Secrets of Piercings

The nature and locations of a woman's piercings provide clues that will help an observant fellow create a successful strategy to score in the sack. Humor, R.

Click here for text-only version.

Sapphire Girls Reviewed

Why the female lead of this film should receive an award for Best Use of Tits and Ass in a Raunchy Motion Picture. Humor, R.

Click here for text-only version.

When In Rome ...

What if Law and Order: Special Victims Unit featured a time-travel episode or two? It might go something like this ... Humor, PG.

Click here for text-only version.

The Testament of
J. Randolph Thrintwhistle

The horrors to be found lurking in cyberspace are truly such as to leave one gibbering in eldritch horror. Humor, G. Illustration, R.

Click here for text-only version.


This movie asks the question, how low can the exotic bellydancing slavegirl mythos go? And the answer is, pretty durned low. Humor, R.

Click here for text-only version.

A Bondage Weekend

When soldiers go on wargame training, sometimes they need volunteers to play the cute females they might capture. Here's how the call for a volunteer might go ... Humor, PG.

Click here for text-only version.

We Got Zingers!

A few tasty quotes from some of my favorite movie reviewers. Humor, PG.

Click here for text-only version.

The Fish That Wouldn't Fly

A review of the movie "Act of Vengeance" in which we point out why it and several movies are so creepy, in an unintentional sort of way. Essay, R.

Click here for text-only version.

Virtual Star 2000: Hentai Ahead?

A demo video of 3D animation technology from 1999 shows that the potential for 3D hentai is much closer than we thought.. Essay, PG, Illustration, R..

Click here for text-only version.

Wheels of Fire

A movie whose major achievement is that it features the most-raped little sister ever in the history of B-movies. We'll leave it to you to judge whether or not that's a good thing. Humor, R.

Click here for text-only version.

Ancient Bondage Babe

The pierced female figurine in bondage you see before you was used to cast ... love spells ... over 2,300 years ago in Egypt. .The more things change, the more they stay the same. Info, PG.

No text-only version.

What "Damsel in Distress"
Means to Me

An informal survey of a discussion group garners some interesting differences between non bondage fans and bondage fans. Info, PG.

Click here for text-only version.

Back to the Fifties

In some U.S. states, in fact most of them, there was a window of time where it was legal to rape your wife, but you could get committed to an asylum for consensually tying her up during sex. Go figure. Info, R.

Click here for text-only version.

Head Harnesses in Mainstream Movies and Television Shows

A review of "Fast Sofa" prompts some thoughts on this theme. There are so few scenes featuring head harnesses that we have most of them vidcapped in the article. Honest. Info, PG.

No text-only version.

Honor Thy Horny

Why sex and bondage don't get no respect in mainstream films and TV shows, and why commercial porn DOES respect them in ways the mainstream does not. Features the infamous Table of Horribleness. Info, R.

Click here for text-only version.

The Trouble With Robobabes

An examination of the real-life technology issues involved in the building of mechanical women for sexual purposes, written as a public service so I won't have to watch Pinocchio ver. 5007.b118 in the future. There are some good stories to tell, if you have a clue. Here are several. Info, R.

Click here for text-only version.

The Canary Test

Ask not for whom the bell tolls. Just keep those damn censors away from ME! Essay, G.

Click here for text-only version.

Janeane Garafolo:
Pony Girl In The Making?

Janeane Garafolo's observational humor, habit of wearing bondage-ish accessories and interest in body image leads to the usual wild speculation. Celebrity, R.

Click here for text-only version.

Joan of Arkansas: The Meme

Susan MacDougal's frequent appearances in chains and cuffs may have had a few unintended consequences. Celebrity, R.

Click here for text-only version.

Best Performance
In A Thong and Handcuffs

Television actress Alex Meneses takes a vacation in the land of soft-core bondage fun and really steams up the screen. Celebrity, R.

Click here for text-only version.

Jennifer Connelly Hits One Out of the Park

Jennifer Connelly's recent Oscar win is a milestone for celebrity sex scenes in movies everywhere, even though the picture she won it for didn't have any hot sex scenes. Celebrity, R.

Click here for text-only version.

Sandra Bullock of Gor

Staring at covers of old fantasy novels isn't generally considered a good way of finding evidence of time travel. Which is why no one does it. Except us. Celebrity, Humor, R.

Click here for text-only version.

On Valentine's Day
Remember the Butt!

We're hoping you don't buy the extremely silly notion that the traditional image of the valentine heart comes from the human heart. There's a bit of anatomy that MUCH more closely resembles it. Essay, R.

Click here for text-only version.

That Tinge of Blowjob

We take lipstick for tranted as a normal facial adornment nowadays. But can you imagine the effect it must have had for the first woman to color her lips labia red? Essay, R.

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