Karg, Chapter 2

Girl On A Stump

copyright 1997 by Pat Powers

The overwhelming relief I felt from that abominable itching is impossible to describe. As I dragged the cross I had been bound to all day down the road, I felt like a female baboon in heat. That is, my pussy felt all red and puffy and swollen, a squishy thing that felt like it was ten times normal size and pressing against my inner thighs with every step. I actually checked with my nanoset to find out if it was as swollen as it felt, and my nanoset said there was some slight swelling, but nothing like what I felt.

The trip back to camp was another long nightmare, but my experiences on the cross had put it in perspective. It was just the capper on a day straight from Hell, basically. I crashed through bushes and undergrowth without worrying in the least about what kind of exotic fauna was transferring itself from the bushes to me.

I collapsed once or twice -- can't really remember much -- as I had on the way in, and was too tired to even resent Taldron's foot kicking me to see if I were really exhausted. I don't remember anything after the second blackout. I came to in camp, bound hand and foot and tied to a tree by my neck leash. There was a dish of cold water nearby and a bowl of mush. I was too busy enjoying the sensation of resting to respond to either.

Taldron came out of the wagon while I rested. He was humming softly. All the way back from the road, he'd been humming and chuckling and casually jingling the bag of coins that weighted his belt. Obviously, I'd brought him some nice profits while I was tied to that cross. I had no idea how many people had crawled on top of me -- the itching was all that my mind had room for at the time. (My nanoset had undoubtedly kept track, but I wasn't interested in knowing.)

In fact, the total immersion in the itching had been the most intolerable part of the whole experience. Even under the incredibly degrading conditions in which I now lived, I was able, most of the time, to reserve some part of my mind from what I was doing, to retain some sense of self and identity apart from the animal/woman that Taldron and others had sought to make of me.

But there was no mental refuge from that itching. When your body is trapped in servitude and mental escape is the only hope you have, you take it. And to lose that -- to become totally enthralled by my body's sensations under such circumstances, was just too much to bear.

But I bore it because I had no choice.

Taldron glanced casually at me and disappeared down the trail towards the area where the other wagons were pitched. I lay still and watched him go. Then I rolled as best as I could with my arms bound behind my back and my feet bound together and began drinking from my bowl, lowering my face into it and sucking it in. The first gulp of water caused my thirst to flare up and I greedily drank down every drop. Then I did the same with the gruel, licking the bowl like a dog.

The sight of Taldron had reminded me that I had to eat whenever I got the chance. Taldron did not like to leave food lying about for long -- it attracted animals and insects. Lying naked, bound and alone in the dark Kargian night, I was with him on that point.

It was nothing to Taldron whether or not I spent the night hungry, and given the near-constant physical activity of the day, I would have been starving the next morning if I didn't eat before Taldron put away my dish, so I was doing the smart thing.

It just FELT like I was acquiescing in Taldron's attempt to reduce me to animal status.

I had just settled down, still hungry for more, when I heard Taldron returning to camp. He had someone with him. When he reached the light of the banked fire I could see that he it was Rynissa, another one of the woman slaves in the camp. He led her to the fireside on a neck leash. Her arms were bound behind her back, and she was gagged and blindfolded. All she wore was the usual collar, harness, cuffs and anklets.

Taldron had a favorite stump by the fire where he liked to sit, and a favorite log by that stump where he liked to position me during meals, either facing him or facing away from him, depending on what he wanted from me. He has spent some hours carving various holes and brackets into the log and the stump, so that he could secure me in any manner he liked.

Kargian men, I would discover, were like that. Give them some wood, a sharp knife, and a few hours, and they would happily spend hours devising all sorts of ways of tying women up. It almost seemed to be an instinct with them. That, or they were simply men who had women they could tie up.

Taldron tossed a few logs on the fire, sending showers of sparks floating up to the leaves overhead, bringing new gleams from the smooth expanse of Rynissa's skin. Taldron positioned Rynissa on the log facing him. Rynissa was a big, powerful blond woman, with large tits and a big round ass. She was probably stronger than any of the other women in the camp, but she was a gentle and sweet-natured woman, so she didn't get much in the way of respect. Not that any of the other women tried to beat up on her, you understand.

The log that Taldron liked to position me on faced the stump, with a gap of about a foot between it and the stump. Taldron positioned Rynissa so that she straddled the stump, facing him. He secured Rynissa's ankles to brackets he had carved at the back of the stump. He then went into his tent, coming out a few moments later with a bag from which he pulled one of his favorite toys -- a wooden phallus with a large, square base.

I knew that phallus well, though I had never actually seen it before.

Taldron walked over to Rynissa, knelt beside her, and slowly and carefully inserted a finger or two into her pussy, eliciting a moan from behind Rynissa's gag, her blindfolded head moving helplessly.

It was strange to see someone I had always seen as so powerful and vigorous at the washing rocks, rendered so helpless. It made me feel strange. On the one hand, I wanted to help her escape from Taldron's bonds. On the other hand, it excited me to see her so humbled. I was a small woman, I had been put upon since birth in this way. Nice to know that big women like Rynissa were treated in the same way I was, on occasion. (All right, I KNEW that already, but it's one thing to know it, and another to see it happening right before your eyes).

Taldron placed the square base of the phallus into a square niche he had carved into the stump. The phallus now stuck out from the side of the stump like a broken-off branch. Now Taldron siezed Rynissa's hips and guided her toward the phallus. At first, Rynissa moved tentatively, but when she felt the phallus pressing against her pussy, she quickly and smoothly scooted backwards until the phallus was well into her pussy.

Now Taldron tied a rope to Rynissa's wrists, securing them to a bracket on top of the log, at its rear, so that she could not move forward to free herself from the phallus. Next, he ran a rope from Rynissa's collar to the base of the stump, so that she could not move backward either. Typical Kargian male overkill, if you ask me.

Now Rynissa's head and shoulders dangled over the end of the log as she was bound. But Taldron had a place for her head -- his lap. He walked over to his stump, flung his tunic up so that the whole lower half of his body was revealed in all its fleshy, jiggling magnificence.

He picked up a pot of stew whose smell had tantalized me ever since I awoke and set it beside him, then sat down on the stump facing Rynissa. He leaned forward and casually undid the gag over Rynissa's mouth, as if her were popping the top on a can of beer.

He dropped the gag, with its really massive phallic worok wood mouthpiece, on the ground.

Rynissa's mouth worked a few times as she brought moisture back into her mouth. While she was recovering, Taldron casually reached down and picked up his stew pot, spooning the rich, meaty stuff into his mouth and watching Rynissa carefully.

Watching Taldron, my mouth began to water. I knew just how that stuff tasted, except that in my case it had had an extra added ingredient, which I was sure Rynissa was about to sample.

The smell of the stew must have been just as enticing to Rynissa as it was to me, for in just a moment I heard her utter a low, throaty "Master."

Not her normal speaking voice at all, you understand. Her voice was normally high and clear.

Taldron allowed some of the goo to drip onto his dick, then placed a greasy hand behind her head and guided it dickward. In a moment, Rynissa was licking and sucking on Taldron's dick with all the abandon Taldron could have asked for.

I watched her slurp and lick and suck in every last drop of stew as Taldron carefully drizzled bits of it on his pizzle. I still did not quite believe what I had heard from the other slaves down at the stream -- that this was considered the only normal and natural way for adult women to eat on Karg -- bound, sucking nutrients from a man's dick.

I also could not believe what I was feeling -- intense jealousy of Rynissa. But not sexual jealousy. What bothered me was that that was MY food she was eating out there. MY food. If I hadn't been tied hand and foot, I probably would have walked over to that log and slapped Rynissa silly, shoved her away, and taken my rightful place at Taldron's dick. It was feeding time, dammit, MY feeding time. Who did that hussy think she was?

So I watched Taldron feed Rynissa, and my mouth watered, and my eyes stung with tears, and I couldn't BELIEVE the way I was feeling.

Yet another proof that despite my long conditioning and training, despite the fact that I came from a more advanced culture, I was being affected by the primitive conditioning the Kargians sought to impose on me. That was depressing, and scary.

I tried to retreat to my desktop, the place in my mind where I studied and thought and escaped from the world around me. But the smell of that stew had lodged in my nostrils and overpowered my brain. The muffled sounds of Rynissa gulping down food were strong in my ear, as were Taldron's little grunts and groans as Rynissa's licking and sucking had its predictable effect on him.

Also, the sight of them was something to behold -- Rynissa's long, sleek, curvaceous form writhing and gleaming in the firelight, light glinting from her nipple rings, as Taldron's bald dome and bulging stomach gleamed above her.

So my desktop crashed -- I couldn't summon the concentration needed to blot out my surroundings and think about the things I wanted to think about. I tried to pull up some long-forgotten memories archived in my mind and give them a thorough examination, seeing how well I could restore them, a favorite thing to do when Taldron had me bound helplessly anyway and was molesting me -- but no go.

It wasn't just that I didn't have the mental force of will to assemble the desktop and inhabit it -- it was that the desktop didn't seem very relevant to my situation at the time. Right now the thing that was most important to my survival was understanding Taldron -- probing for some weakness in his personality or his cultural beliefs that I could exploit to my advantage.

So I watched, and got both horny and hungry as I began to see the relationship between the two bodies in the firelight more clearly. It was an obvious attempt to reduce Rynissa to infant status when she fed (and me as well, when I fed, of course). Bound as she was, Rynissa was helpless, and her feeding and sucking movements had an uncanny resemblance to a baby's feeding movements as it suckeled at its mothers breast.

I had to give the Kargians credit. They were thorough.

After a time, Taldron's grunts and groans became rather frequent, and he pulled his dick out of Rynissa's mouth. Then he reached down and picked up the gag. He held it before Rynissa and poked the worok phallus into her mouth. Rynissa obediently opened wide and Taldron slid the phallus into her mouth to its base, then tied the leather straps at its base behind her neck, securing the gag in place.

I remembered the first time I had ever been subjected to such a gag. I had been bound in a hogtie at the time, with a man sitting on my chest to keep me from moving so much. I couldn't breathe. I screamed and writhed and finally passed out.

When I came to, Wantoi was no longer sitting on my chest, but I was bound so tightly that I couldn't move at all. My whole head was wet. Water had been dumped on it.

My body was enclosed in a wooden frame much like a coffin, except it didn't have sides -- just thick wooden slats that formed its frame.

The man was holding the same gag. But I was gagged already, and by a gag that stretched my mouth as wide as it would go.

I was wearing a ring gag, which was a large wooden "O" that was secured inside the mouth, behind the teeth, holding the mouth wide open and permitting any object to be inserted into the mouth through the ring, whether the wearer wants it there or not. The ring gag was not made of wodok either -- there was no give to it.

Wantoi, the man sitting on my chest, was holding that big wodok phallus in his hands, and when he saw that I was recovered, he shoved it into my mouth, this time more slowly and carefully, but firmly as well.

I tried to move my head from side to side but discovered to my horror that in addition to all the straps, clay had been packed into the space between the form and my head, rendering it impossible to move it so much as a millimeter. A strap across my forehead kept my head down, and the ring gag was secured to the bottom of the form, which was bolted into the ground, so that I could not move at all.

So I screamed as best I could as the phallus entered my mouth, and screamed and gasped and struggled more until it triggered my gag reflex, and I lost all control and struggled wildly in my bonds, pissing on myself and shitting too, all too no avail.

I passed out. When I came to, I was soaking wet all over, having been hosed off from the top to the bottom. The open latticework I was strapped to let the water and the mess flow to a trench dug in the ground.

I was in a Kargian gag trainer, the device which is commonly used to train young girls in the fine art of deep-throating. Actually, it is rarely used or needed on Karg, as Kargian women pride themselves on the size of the phallus they can engulf and spend a lot of time from the onset of puberty in practicing at swallowing larger and larger phalli, until by the time they are old enough for their womanhood rite, the average Kargian woman could swallow a donkey's dick without so much as an eyeblink.

Some girls, however, have a problem with gagging which they cannot master themselves, and so they must spend time in the gag trainer, a much-feared device which teaches, like much Kargian training, by demonstrating the absolute inevitably of what is to be done, and the absolute futility of resistance to it.

I did not know any of this at the time, of course. I was still newly captured. My resistance to the gag had been noted, and so I was being put in the trainer. That I could not speak or understand a word of Kargian did not matter. Kargian gag trainers required almost nothing of the women that are placed in them.

I do not know how long I spent gagging and retching in that fiendish frame, any more than I know how long I spent passed out within its confines, only to be wakened by a bucket of water splashed over my head. I do know that it seemed to take forever. I do know that I completely lost all sense of myself as a functioning adult, crying and sobbing as a child does.

As the ordeal dragged on, I became weaker and weaker. Wantoi was able to jam the phallus deeper and deeper into my throat before I gagged. I had no energy to gag with.

Finally, there came a time when he was able to slide the gag all the way in, and leave it there, and I did not gag. I could not. All I could do was lie there and breathe shallowly, so I did.

Wantoi grunted encouragingly, and proceeded to slowly and carefully slide larger and larger phalluses down my throat, phalluses so large I felt them going all the way down, and I swore I could felt them going into my stomach.

I did not gag or retch again. Once I learned that I could take in such huge phalli just by relaxing, I was able to relax, so I did. The alternative, which I had just been subjected to, was too horrible to bear. Better to relax and swallow the donkey dick.

Another triumph of the Kargian educational system.

Back in Taldron's camp, I watched Taldron walk behind Rynissa and untie the rope running from her wrists to the stump, then scoot her foward slowly and carefully, until the wooden phallus slid out of her pussy, which clung to its oily surface as if it had a mind of its own and did not want the phallus to leave.

Taldron, of course, had another phallus in mind, and he mounted Rynissa and took her from behind with the same casual ease with which he'd taken her mouth. It was impressive to see that huge bulk of his ramming itself into Rynissa's helplessly splayed out form. I could see impact waves starting out the place where Taldron's hips rammed into her buttocks, travelling up to her back and along her sleek sides, while the same waves rippled Taldron's bulk.

Rynissa's hands twisted helpless in their bonds, her legs strained against their bonds, and her head bobbed in time to Taldron's thrusts. I could hear little noises coming out from behind her gag. Like most Kargian men, Taldron had great sexual endurance -- having women in their power as they did, Kargian men had developed an ethos of taking their time, which could be very trying when you were bound beneath a man and all you wanted him to do was finish, and instead he went on and on and on. But to judge from Rynissa's movements and her muffled moans, she was either extremely uncomfortable or having a good time. Suddenly her back arched and her head bobbed straight up, and a high sound that was probably screaming issued from behind her gag. Then her head went limp. A short time later, Taldron gave a few particularly bestial grunts -- I knew that sound well -- and he stopped humping Rynissa. He sat for several minutes behind her, his dick still wedged into her rear end, petting her back as if she were a favorite horse. I had felt such petting on my back many times.

It was quite educational to watch Rynissa being fucked. It also made me almost unbearably hot. Somehow, the Kargian slave conditioning was working on me, despite the fact that I was a trained, professional explorer from an advanced society. It's not that I wouldn't have gladly escaped if the least opportunity presented itself. But I wanted, really wanted, to be fucked by Taldron after watching him take Rynissa, and that bothered me. I didn't respect the man or his techniquess, but despite my feelings, they worked on me. They worked. And that hurt more than any simple beating or lashing I had been subjected to.

Taldron got up after a few moments' rest and freed Rynissa's collar leash from the stump. He helped her slide off the stump to the ground. She rested there for a moment, then slowly and carefully brought her knees beneath her and assumed a kneeling position. She spread her knees wide and knelt forward until her head touched the ground, maintaining the position of absolute obeisance that Kargian men demand of their women.

Taldron gave an upward tug on Rynissa's leash and she quickly rose to her feet. He led her off into the forest, leaving me once again alone with the flickering shadows and the sounds of nocturnal birds, insects, and other animals.

When Taldron returned to camp, he was humming softly. He tossed another log on the fire, poured himself some hot maflak, and walked over to me. He squatted over me and casually reached down and ran a finger into my pussy. It went in easily, for I was wet, but I was so racked with need that I started at his touch and moaned.

Taldron removed his finger, sniffed it, and grinned. Talk about a romantic. He walked over to the fire and put some more stew on. A few moments later, he came over and untied my feet, then led me over to the stump, securing me there just as he had secured Rynissa.

As he prepared to feed me in the customary Kargian way, a part of me was eager for the feeding to begin, and another part of me was cringing in horror at my eagerness. It wasn't just the food that made me eager (though that was a large part of it) and it wasn't just the sex (though that was a part of it, too). It was the ATTENTION, the fact that Taldron was now paying attention to me, and he was the only human being on this miserable planet who did. It really hurt to know that my world could be made so small by nothing more than a few scraps of leather and rope.