Karg -- Chapter 1


]copyright 1997 by Pat Powers

That first morning was the second toughest. Taldron awakened me at dawn, crawling out of bed then pulling the furs away from me and letting the cool night air rush over my naked skin after he came in from his bath. He then released me from the hogtie that I had learned to sleep in over many long, painful nights.

The first order of business was a dunking in the cold waters of the stream that ran by our camp, in the pre-dawn chill. It was a beautiful spot -- a bend in the stream had lowered the stream bed to a couple of feet. There was a thick bed of sand sloping down to the stream bottom on the side where the stream waters dropped their silt. You could sit in the shallow water on that side, then slowly slide into the deep end, with the creamy feel of the sand oozing against my bottom as I slid. The early-morning calls of birds and the thrum of insects was all around me, mingled with the gurgling of the stream. Mists danced on the water as the sun's rays made themselves felt.

The water was cool, but not uncomfortably so. Enough to make my nipples stick out as far as they could, but not enough to raise goose bumps. I performed my ablutions as best I could with my hands bound together in front of me, under Taldron's watchful eye. Taldron never rushed me at this time, seeming to enjoy watching me bathe. As always, he kept me naked save for the collar and harness, and my cuffs and anklets. He kept the steel chain that was tied to my steel collar tied to a tree. I could have rushed him, but in a few days, my nanoset would have its' work done, and he'd be mine.

Back in camp, Taldron stirred the ashes of the previous night's fire and put on new wood, then put me to work cooking breakfast, a thick porridge that tasted like grits, except that it had more texture and flavor -- which isn't saying much. I also heated a crude clay pot filled with water, to which Taldron added some ground roots that gave the water a rich, pungent flavor. Best thing I'd had since coffee in my room so long ago, in that other life I'd led on Earth and in space.

My portion was considerably smaller than Taldron's, but then my waist was much slimmer than Taldron's fleshy girth.

While I cleaned up and banked the fire, Taldron rummaged around inside his wagon. He came out with two thick boards about seven feet long. The boards were hinged in the middle so that they could be spread apart like the blades of a pair of scissors to form an "X." Taldron had drilled holes along the entire length of both boards.

Like most of the technology on this miserable planet, the woodwork was crude, but it made up in bulk and sturdiness what it lacked in elegance.

Taldron took a loop of rope and ran it through the metal loop in my right wrist cuff, then ran it through a hole in the tip of one board, tying it in place. I was now secured to the boards. Then he gagged me, a standard precaution Kargian men took whenever they took their slaves traveling. He used a big, thick leather gag with wadding that completely filled my mouth. Another Kargian male trait, and a considerable improvement over most of the gags I'd worn lately.

Taldron tied my walking leash to the collar around my neck, then proceeded to walk away from camp, and I was forced to follow him, dragging the boards behind me.

As we walked along the narrow, beaten footpath that served for a road on this rathole of a planet, the boards grew heavier and heavier. I tried dragging them, I tried carrying them on my shoulders, I tried carrying them in my arms, but after a time nothing worked and I was reduced to staggering in Taldron's footsteps, my arm stretched behind me by the boards that dragged along the ground.

Several times I fell over. The first time I fell, it felt so good to lie on the ground that I just stayed there, ignoring Taldron's exhortations that I get up and move on. This was a mistake. Taldron walked over and began kicking me. I got up quickly, my sobs and cries reduced to pathetic mewls by the gag, and Taldron resumed his walk. My nanoset was in full protective mode, blocking out the pain signals and eating up the waste products created by my muscles before they did much damage.

As I followed Taldron, my mind was filled with images of Christ carrying His boards up to Calgary hill. I'd seen the image in films and it seemed so much like what I was going through now. I wasn't too worried that Taldron planned to crucify me, though -- to him I was property, and he didn't strike me as a wasteful man.

Be he DID plan to crucify me -- in a different sort of way.

Eventually our tiny trail merged with what was probably a superhighway by Kargian standards -- a road lined with paving stones about 10 feet wide. A space of about 10 feet on either side was also cleared, starting with bare dirt and gradually becoming low undergrowth.

We walked down this road for a time, keeping to the smooth, beaten dirt that fringed it. When I saw a dusty chariot come rattling down the road at high speed, I understood why. The helmeted man who drove it did not look much inclined to stop for anyone. Neither did the huge lizard that pulled it. Several other chariots passed during the day, always pulling arrogant-looking military types who ignored the commercial traffic around them.

Others walked the road with us, mostly poor-looking peasant types carrying heavy loads, who were inclined to ignore us. I did see a group of women being herded in the opposite direction from ours, chained at the ankles and the wrists, gagged and naked as I was. They carried no burden, but were attended by a couple of burly thugs with whips. Obviously, they were property like me. Under other circumstances, I would have wanted to speak to them, but carrying those boards took up all of my physical and mental resources. I didn't have energy to even regret not being able to speak to them.

Not that I would have been permitted to.

At last, we came to the intersection of two roads, and here Taldron showed me by sign that I was to sit down. I collapsed to the ground with a profound sense of gratitude and promptly passed out.

I came to a few minutes later. Taldron was dragging me across the ground by my feet, as if I were a sack of rice. He was fat, but there were muscles under the fat. He had the boards I had dragged so painfully spread out on the ground in an "X." He proceeded to lay me down on my back on top of the "X," securing my ankle and wrist cuffs to the boards so that I was spread-eagled. I was too tired to resist, not that it would have done any good. He gave my arms and wrists an unusual amount of free play, so that I could move my arms and feet about three inches in any direction -- normally he tied me very tightly, when he tied me. Not that I was in any condition to do anything with them, after dragging those damned boards through the woods.

Now I understood why the boards were so wide -- so that I could like atop them comfortably. Something I hadn't paid much attention to earlier was that there where holes drilled in the boards where they hinged together. Obviously, the holes that ran down the center of the board were for securing my arms and legs. But what about the center holes?

I found out soon enough. The previous night, Taldron had spent some time sitting by the fire and whittling on a piece of wood while I knelt bound at his side. Taldron had spent a long time carving that stick, and several others like it, pausing occasionally to show it to me and chuckle knowingly in his deep voice. He had stripped it of bark, then sanded it smooth. He carved a series of ripples in one side of it. One end was knobbed, the other tapered a bit.

It looked a lot like a big dildo, and I was afraid Taldron was planning to stick it in me, but he did not. When he had me spread-eagled and bound, he thrust the tapered end of the stick into a hole that was right between my legs, less than an inch from my vagina. Then he reached into the pouch that hung around his waist and pulled out a bundle of green leaves. He opened the leaves, and brought forth a gelatinous substance, which he rubbed over the stick, being very careful to rub it thoroughly into the ripples he had carved.

I watched Taldron very carefully as he worked -- a sort of helpless fascination. There was nothing I could do to resist Taldron's activities, but still I had to see what he was up to.

Taldron reached into his pouch again and brought out another bundle of leaves with more gelatinous stuff inside it. He smeared a healthy glob on his fingers, then bent over. I expected him to smear this on the stick as well. Instead, he thrust his fingers inside my vagina and smeared the goo on the inner walls of my vagina. I started and strained away from him, but bound as I was, there was nowhere I could go and nothing I could do except moan and protest, which I did.

Taldron responded by smearing more of the goo around the outside of my vagina, working slowly and carefully to get all of its surfaces well coated.

I found the whole process intensely humiliating, because Taldron had positioned the cross I was spread-eagled on so that my wide-open crotch faced the road. Everyone could see all of the proceedings. Not that anyone was paying particular attention to us. They simply walked by, with perhaps a glance or two at us. I was too ashamed to look any of them in the eyes, naked and exposed as I was. On Karg, I suppose my situation was not one that should have shamed me, but despite all I had been through, I was still shamed and humiliated by the things that were done to me, and that I had to do.

*Oh, that's a nasty-looking carboxyl group,* my nanoset said.

*What do you mean, 'nasty'?* I asked, not liking the sound of that at all.

*I mean it's one of those incredibly long and complicated carboxyl chains that plants come up with for self-defense,* said my nanoset. *Doesn't appear to be poisonous, that's the good news. The bad news is, I can lessen but not block what I think it will do.*

*And what will it do?* I asked, thinking of the drug I'd been given by an earlier owner that had damn near turned me into the human equivalent of a cow.

*It will make you itch* my nanoset responded. *It will make you itch a LOT.*

*Damn* I thought.

Taldron could hear none of this because the nanites my nanoset had injected into his cock during our sex session had not yet taken over his nervous system. He hummed quietly as he set out a wooden bowl on the ground near my feet, with a crude, hand-lettered sign written on a scrap of fabric spread out on the ground beside it. Then he sat on the ground near my head and watched me, as if waiting for me to do something.

Under the circumstances, there was nothing I could do. I looked around. The intersection of the two roads was full of commercial activities. Farmers had produce laid out on blankets and hung on racks. Merchants had some simple manufactured goods and jewelry on display -- some had erected tents, most simply used blankets as the farmers did. Passers-by stopped to talk and haggle with the merchants. Wonderful smells arose from the cooking fires that dotted the roadside.

I was obviously part of the merchandise on display, and I wasn't the only such merchandise. Directly across the way from me another woman was displayed in a sort of stock that kept her bent over at the waist. A bench supported her head and upper torso, both of which were completely enclosed in a bag. Her ass, with her feet strapped wide apart, was of course completely naked and exposed to the views of passers by from the road. It was all I or anyone could see of her.

Nearer the intersection was a dancing girl, who looked very like the belly dancers of old Earth, except that she was naked, gagged, and a long, light chain ran from one ankle to a stake driven into the ground. Around her, musicians played, their lively sounds mingling with the cheerful chatter of the market customers around them to produce a warm murmur. Food, drink, naked women, anything a Kargian male could want was there.

After a few moments I began to feel a distinct warming sensation in my vagina. I looked up at Taldron questioningly. Was this caused by the goo he had spread there? Taldron smiled back down at me and chuckled softly.

The warming sensation quickly intensified and ... changed. It changed into an itch, the most infernal itching I had ever experienced in my life. It was as if my entire vagina had become one giant hemorrhoid.

The worst thing was, my hands and feet were bound. I couldn't scratch. I had learned to live with minor itching and irritation while bound during my time on Karg, but this blazing itch was not minor at all -- it quickly blazed into a burning fire that consumed all of my attention. I began to shift my body on the cross, writhing in my distress. As I did so, my vagina brushed against the stick between my legs, and a blaze of blessed relief spread through my whole being.

In an instant, the full fiendishness of Taldron's actions became apparent to me. The itching I was suffering had been caused by Taldron's goo. The stick was between my legs was there so I could rub my vagina against it to relieve the itching - but it would undoubtedly only make things worse. And I would be lying there naked, humping the stick like an animal in full view of all passers-by on the road.

I did not know why Taldron wanted me to do this, but I knew I wasn't about to do it. I summoned every ounce of resolve I had and froze solid, thrusting backwards with my feet so that my crotch was well away from the stick, which now had an almost magnetic appeal for my body.

I steeled myself not to move, but the itching seemed to grow in intensity and discomfort with each passing moment. I wanted to scream, to writhe, to find some release ... ANY release ... from the unbearable urge to rub against the stick between my legs. But I instinctively knew that any release, however tiny, would be all my body needed to take over and begin scratching the itch.

It could not have been very long that I lay there, bound to Taldron's cross and in agony, but it seemed an eternity. Taldron broke the spell. He reached down, pulled up the stake, and pushed it into a hole that was directly beneath my crotch. I gasped and cried out in shock and pushed back as far as I could, shrinking from the stick. But there was no escaping it. To my horror I felt my pubococcyngeal muscles pulsing and driving my labial lips up and down the stick. Slowly, as if by its own will, my hips began grinding against the stick, up and down and sideways.

I cried out in despair as I felt myself losing control of my body -- a strange, drawn-out sound that I had never before heard myself make. Seconds later, there was nothing left of my mind -- there was just the wonderful sensation of relief as I slid my vagina over the ribbed side of the stick, again and again and again, each rub sending a wave of blessed relief throughout my entire body. And the itching, horrible as it had been, was more powerful by an order of magnitude.

I couldn't help myself. I pushed my vagina against the stick. The feel of it against my pussy lips was pure heaven. I moved my hips and the pleasure intensified. The goo Taldron had spread on the stick, and his careful sanding of it, had left the stick perfectly smooth -- except for those ripples.

Oh, those ripples. I began moving my hips up and down against the stick, barely conscious of anything except the fact that to lie still was agony and to move was to replace the agony with pleasure.

Well, you know how scratching is. The harder and faster you do it, the better it feels. At some level, I knew what I was doing. I knew that I was naked, in a public roadway, masturbating against a stick. And making little moans and groans of pleasure as I did so. After I had been doing it for awhile, I started panting as well, forcing air in and out of my nostrils as fast as I could to keep up with the physical demands of rubbing against that stick.

I tell you this, not to make you think the less of me -- I have long since discarded any modesty of person, and though I often feel guilty about the things Kargian men have forced me to do at first, I soon lose that guilt -- but to help you understand how helpless I was. You might say that inwardly I had some deep moral flaw in my character that made me prey to the deprivations of Taldron and his ilk. I really don't think that's true, though. I had some inhibitions about doing the things Taldron forced me to do, but he was willing to subject me to almost any torture to make me bend to his will.

Perhaps you think you are somehow better than me, that you would not have succumbed to that stick. Think again. Try to put yourself in my place. Imagine how helpless and alone I was, and how intensely the itching assaulted me. Imagine the people walking past, indifferent to my plight, and me, gagged, unable to call out to them for help in any event. Would you really have done better than me? Or would you, too, wind up like me -- naked and bound at the side of a road, humping a stick to relieve overwhelming torment?

Think about it.

In a few moments, a definite pattern had established itself. The itching would come in mounting waves of intensity, I would rub myself against the stick until exhaustion won out over itching, and I would collapse and lie still, helplessly feeling the mounting agony of the itching, knowing that I would give into it momentarily, just as soon as my body recovered enough to move.

I tried going to the Desktop of course. The biochips implanted in my brain ever since birth allowed me an escape, supposedly. But it took a certain amount of concentration to go to the Desktop. And I could not muster ANY at the moment.

The hustle and bustle of what was obviously a busy marketplace all around me barely registered through the waves of itching and relief that alternately coursed through me.

Then I heard something metallic hitting something wooden. I looked up. A large, dirty man stood over me, pulling up his jerkin. The sound I had heard was a coin dropping into the bowl at my feet. Taldron pulled the stick from between my legs. I was still reflexively rubbing against it.

The man, grinning broadly, lowered himself to the ground and mounted me. I nearly passed out with pleasure as he thrust into me. The goo that Taldron had smeared inside me had been unreachable, until now. Ordinarily, I would have chewed my own arm off in order to escape such a man's attentions. Now, thanks to Taldron's goo, I was moaning and writhing with pleasure beneath such a man.

When he rose from me, I instinctively tried to rise with him. If my hands had been free I would have clung to him.

But of course they were not, and neither were my legs, so I just laid there while Taldron wiped my vagina off with some leaves. He put the stick back into place. Moments later, I was going at the stick again, this time with added fervor, since the laborer had ignited the itching inside as well as outside my vagina.

Some time later, I heard the sound of another coin hitting the bowl. I looked up. Another man stood over me.

Every hour or so, Taldron "turned" me. That is, he flipped me over on my stomach and tied me so that I knelt with my ass in the air, my arms stretched out before me, my legs spread wide, and that damned stick snug up against my crotch. It was a blessed relief from being on my back for a short while. I had "customers" more often, and my contact with them was less personal, if that can be said of an experience in which someone fucks you. And several of the men buggered me.

Around noon Taldron untied me from the cross and led me off into the bushes, where I was able to take care of business. I did not know how many men had availed themselves of me, but there had been many, I thought. Taldron watered me, and fed me gruel and walked me around to restore my circulation, then tied me back to the cross and applied more goo where he imagined it would do the most good.

I spent the afternoon doing the same thing I had spent the morning doing. The major difference between the morning and the afternoon was that things were busier, and it was hotter. I smelled ripe, with all the spent sexual juices drying on my legs, and of course I did a lot of sweating.

That was probably why Taldron smeared pleasant-smelling leaves over my crotch and armpits when he turned me.

In late afternoon, traffic on the road began to thin out, and Taldron untied me again. Before he did so, he smeared a different goo on me. This goo had the effect of removing the itching. It was as if a switch had been turned.

I was so glad to be relieved of the itching that I did not mind dragging the cross behind me as we headed back down the road the way we'd come.

End Chapter 1