The Final Veil by Pat Powers
final veil cover

April Dancer -- many consider her the best damn belly dancer on the planet, a breakthrough artist for belly dancers everywhere. She's been all over television, a living advertisement for the beauty and grace of belly dance, and she's an openly acknowledged Gorean slavegirl, livng the life consensually with her hunky master. When she disappears, the call goes out to John Bowman via the alluring belly dance teacher Lady Astra. 

John Bowman -- a detective for the new millenium. Plugged in, turned on, online, a former to Atlanta detective who went on one too many pot busts and quit the force. With his crew of technical specialists, and his personal willingness to make it with beautiful women and knock heads with bad guys, he's able to bring resouces to bear that get results. 

Who kidnapped April Dancer? One of her lust-crazed fans from her days as an exotic dancer? The Mothers of Propriety, a collection of morally snooty types? Or the ALFALFAns (the Alliance of Lesbian Feminists Against Legalized Fucking and Assault) a collection of womyn who despise myn? Or was it a desperate nutjob, crazed by April's beauty and sexuality? Can John Bowman find her before someone decides that murder is no worse than kidnapping and leaves no witnesses? He'll get the job done if he has to interview and possibly have sex with every bluenose, feminist, belly dancer, stripper and slave girl in Atlanta! 

See below for samples from the novel.

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Aqua silks dancer. John Bowman on the case. Brunette dancer bondo with taser
Abduction Interview with a stripper Interview with a bluenose Interview with a feminist
bondo with other taser brunette dancer Red silks gorean dancer
Parking lot punchout Interview with a slavegirl Breaking and entering A Gorean Dance