That Tinge of Blowjob

Maybe the old biddies who used to complain about "painted hussies" had a point after all!

copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

Vanilla sexuality has its superstimuli, just as bondage is a superstimulus for some of us. After all, imagine the first time a cave woman noticed that putting a little crushed berry juice on her mouth made her lips red, just like the inside of her vaginal lips, so she saved out a little and smeared it on her lips later that night, giving old Ogg a major case of the SCHWINGSSS!!

Nowadays, putting on lipstick is something that our preadolescents do, looked on as an innocent fun, but the symbolism is so obvious that it would have taken a woman with the sexual courage of Madonna to do it the first time. Blowjob here! Blowjob here! Blowjob here!

It would have blown the cavemen's minds, rendered them all crazed with desire for women so wild with lust that they would walk around with their mouths painted as invitations to oral sex. They probably got hard-ons just looking at women wearing lipstick.

That's what lipstick USED to mean. Now it's just a generic face accentuator ... at least to our conscious mind. But to the subconscious mind, it still has that tinge of blowjob, which is why Moms, who are generally more attuned to this sort of stuff, sometimes have issues with 12-year old daughter redding up her lips, and have to be cozened into accepting it with thoughts that it's "just another rite of passage for girls."

Well, so are blowjobs, nowadays, in some places.

In the same way, sexual bondage, even if it's just hands tied to the bedposts, symbolizes sex slavery, absolute submission to the male (or female, if that's the way your gender bends).

Sexual bondage may be just another rite of passage someday, something to be accepted as an occasional part of sex. But now we are living in caveman days, and women who dare to wear garments and behave in ways that hint at sexual bondage are superstimuli, overwhelmingly sexual, overwhelmingly attractive.

Will pussy rings someday be worn as casually as earrings are now? Already, you can see young women wearing collars with leash rings in the malls, with leashes on those rings, being led by their boyfriends.

If you're into bondage, the future is looking ... sexy.