Sandra Bullock - Bondage Model

copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

You don't ordinarily expect to obtain solid proof of time travel by staring at the covers of science fantasy bondage novels and watching movies, which I imagine is why people don't often try to.

But there it is: Sandra Bullock, born in 1964, was clearly the model for the cover of John Norman's Slavegirl of Gor, first published in 1977. The resemblance between Bullock and the woman on the cover of the American edition is striking.

But Bullock would have been 13 at the time of its publication, 12 at the time the cover art was created. Obviously, far too young to model for it at the time. So, the only conceivable explanation is that Sandra Bullock latched onto some hitherto unknown time travel technology and traveled back in time where she got the Slave Girl of Gor modeling gig.

Of course, that seems like a lot of trouble to go to just to get a modeling gig for a fantasy book cover. You have to figure it couldn't pay a lot by anybody's standards, much less the standards of a superstar like Bullock, traditional book publishers being some of the cheapest skinflints on the planet.

So, why would she have done it? Only one explanation makes sense -- Bullock's time travel device works both ways. She is able to go to the future, and in the future she learned that she would star in a movie based on the novel Slave Girl of Gor and that it would be a megahit that would permanently loft her into the world of megasuperstardom.

And she would also learn that the break that gave her the inside track on the role of Judy Thornton, slavegirl of Gor, was the fact that she looked exactly like the model on the cover of that 1977 printing of Slavegirl of Gor.

So she hopped in her Wayback Machine and got the gig to seal the movie deal for herself.

The only other explanation for this chain of events is that the resemblance between Bullock and the Slavegirl cover model is purely coincidental, and that I have taken things wildly out of proportion. And I mean, c'mon. THAT sort of thing never happens in the real world.