The Pornbodies

copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

One of the great advantages of writing on sexual topics is that not only is it not a bad idea to let your little head do the thinking for you, it's often a good idea and sometimes it's absolutely required.

I've seen a few porn sites by people who didn't have anything going on between their genitals and their conscious minds. Let's just say that it's surprising how dull an adult sex site can be, sometimes.

All this is by way of saying I am definitely writing something based on an idea that come from my little head today, but I think it may be on to something, so I'm gonna go with it.

I was looking at some pictures of adult stars Stacy Valentine, Jenna Jameson and Ashley Taylor, all of whom have done bondage modeling, and it occurred to me that there was definitely a theme there. All three of them had large breasts, narrow waists, rounded hips and big, round butts. They also had flawless skin, or skin that had been made to look flawless for the camera lens, the same thing, really.

In fact, they fit the physical form of the "natural kajira" that John Norman describes in his Gor novels: short legged, rounded curves, wide hips and smooth bellies, etc. (I don't think Norman specifically mentions nice-sized breasts, but I think we can all take it for granted that, given all the other parameters he mentioned, large breasts are almost implied -- they tend to fit right into that body type.) In any event, breasts are just part of the package -- they don't work as well without the wide, slinky hips, the curvy legs and the round butt.

Norman also describes natural kajiras as having intelligent, sensitive faces that convey emotions well. Valentine, Jameson and Taylor also score well there, especially Jameson in the days before she pumped her lips up. (Her mouth has become much less sensitive, mobile and expressive, though it still accommodates cocks pretty well.)

I was looking at some images of Stacy Valentine from one of her XXX films and thinking, "Damn! Her body is so hot and ripe it's incredible! It's like she was made for sex fantasies!" OK, actually I wasn't thinking exactly that. I was thinking something more along the lines of "Nnnnngh! Aaaahrgh! Hububububu! Heemf!" But if you translate that into actual words, it would come out something like the first bit I wrote.

There's just something so wonderfully curvy and slinky and sexually developed about the way the three of them are built that makes them look completely natural when they're naked with their arms and legs wrapped around some guy (or better yet, tied together while some guy does them).

It's not that women who don't have this body type can't be extremely sexy, because having the body type doesn't mean you have the mental set that goes with it. Frex, two of the sexiest bondage models I've ever seen are Chloe Nicole and Debi Diamond. Neither one has the body type. Chloe Nichole is a wisp of a girl, tiny with small breasts, narrow hips, and a nicely rounded butt. Diamond is taller, but still has a thin, leggy build with breasts that are obvious implants on a torso that is clearly meant for smaller breasts.

Neither of them has that incredible RIPE quality that Jameson, Valentine and Taylor have. But Diamond and Nicole make up for it with pure drive and sexiness. Like Ginger Lynn, another thin-bodied woman who's done well in porn, they convey their interest in sex so powerfully that it makes them as sexy as other, fuller-bodied women.

But frankly if given a choice between watching Diamond or Nicole writhing in bondage or some guy's embrace, and watching Valentine, Taylor or Jameson, and I'll pick the curvaceous gals every time. Film is a visual medium, after all, and Valentine, Taylor and Jameson are pretty darned visual.

It makes you wonder, do women with bodies like that get sucked into sex industry work more readily than other women do? I'm serious. There are several things that determine what you'll do for a living (if you aren't born rich or connected, in which case that is THE determining factor in most cases).

Most people have dreams of doing something for a living that's exciting, fun and easy and makes lots of money, but the harsh reality is that there are only so many niches out there for rock stars, actresses and supermodels. Considering how many people covet those jobs, you might as well plan on making a career out of winning million dollar lotteries. The odds are about the same.

Instead, most people pay careful attention to what others tell them they are good at, if they tell them they are any good at anything at all, and try doing that. If you get praised for your skills in math, you head in the direction of programming, accounting, finance, physics, etc. If you get praised for your language skills, you get a liberal arts degree and bus tables for a living while threatening to write that novel one day. If you have no talent whatsoever but you can talk people into things, you head into management or sales.

Now, what if you have a pornbody like Valentine, Taylor and Jameson? It's doubtful your parents, your teachers or your guidance counselor pushes you toward the sex industry. But you can't help notice that guys REALLY want to have sex with you, and that women hate for you to pay too much, i.e., any, attention to their boyfriends. Your friends tell you that you are beautiful and sexy. Boys tell you that you are beautiful and sexy and anything else they can think of that might gain your favor. And your parents tell you that you are beautiful and sexy, too, only their words are a little different: "Don't trust boys, ever, they will tell you anything at all to get you to have sex with them. You're beautiful and cute and that's the way some boys are with beautiful girls."

So you watch TV and the movies and read magazines and you learn that women who are beautiful and sexy have some career options. They can model and act and dance naked in strip clubs and have sex with men for money and have sex in dirty movies for money, and they can marry rich, horny guys for the money. Of course, these aren't the FIRST option for such women, which is to be the aforementioned actresses, singers, and models, but they're always there, in the background as it were.

But of course all this is very remote, until you graduate from high school, when you suddenly find yourself flipping burgers, working retail or waiting table for minimum wage, and you don't have enough money to move out of your parent's house, and the work is horribly dull and dead-end, and you wonder how long your beauty will last and you're not having any fun at all out of all this morality and goodness you've been participating in.

What's more, instead of everybody praising you a lot for being moral and all despite your fabulous potential for immorality, your parents are showing definite signs of getting tired of you living at home, and that dull boy you've been stringing along until someone better comes along is starting to act like you're already wearing his ring, and your less attractive friends who are holding down the same dull jobs you are have taken to pretty much calling you an idiot for not capitalizing on your looks and getting out of Burger Doodle/Mall World. Because they hate their jobs as much as you do, and they want to escape from them vicariously through you.

And so that's how you get the 'nads to show up at amateur night at a strip club in a nearby town to see if you have what it takes to dance naked before men. Or that's how you wind up answering that ad for models that everyone knows is for nude models, or that's how you end up calling the girl who was in your school a few years ago whom everybody thought was beautiful and sexy like you, who wound up doing porn films, and asking her a few questions about the porn film business, such as how do you get into it?

So that's how you get into it, not because of some fabulous degree of immorality on your part, but simply because, from puberty onwards, this had been presented to you as something you could do well, an opportunity you could take and thrive on. And presented with Burger Doodle/Mall World or porn, you chose porn, as another might choose accounting or engineering or medicine. You were born with a body made for porn, and so that's what you do.

My point here is that we all bring something different to the table when it comes to how we make a living. Some of us are good at writing, some at sales, some at management, some at organizing, some at keeping records. So why are the women who are born with pornbodies and who use what they're born with to further themselves in the world any different from the rest of us, really?

To tell you the truth, I don't think they are.