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Wonder Woman models the brank, a Tibetan collar, and ancient greek manacles. She's SUCH a bondage freak!

Bind me as tight as you can, girls!

The training is strenuous, the discipline strict, and the bondage .... superb!

If girls want to be slaves, there's no harm in that!

You wanna talk phallic symbols?

Wonder Woman truckles to social conservatives in the 50s with healthy sports activities like baseball ... with gorillas, of course!

Never trust a gorilla weilding a molecular transformation ray ...

Wonder Woman in the 50s ... helping important men in small ways, as a woman should ...

Oh, for shame, Wonder Woman! For shame!

Wonder Woman enables Steve Trevor's dude in distressism.

The stupidest revamp of any major comic franchise character ... ever.

This is not a beaver shot ... honest!

Every cloud has its sleazy lining!

Bound, gagged and tasty!

Wonder Woman for President!

One of the conditions under which it's OK to be naked or half naked and in chains.

One of the conditions under which it's OK to be bound, kneeling and generally submissive-looking.

It's nice to see that Wonder Woman came by her huge rack honestly!


This is not the stuff of horny fanboy lesbian bondage sex fantasies ...

Wonder Woman on Gor?

Totally out of character ...

It's happening AGAIN!!!

Furry. Lesbian. Bondage. With breath play. We kid you not.

Words just aren't needed here ...

Full suspension bondage!

A nice shout-out to Wonder Woman's bondage origins!

After all those times she was captured and tied up in her own magic lasso, you had to know it would eventually come to this ...

A villain has figured Wonder Woman out ...

You go, girl!

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