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Features plot synopses and cover art from every single issue of Wonder Woman comics, EVAH! An excellent resource.

Comic Book Bondage Cover of the Day

The cover archive section of this site contains images of practically every comic book bondage cover ever made. The "Competitors" gallery would not have been possible without this site. If you're interested in comic book bondage imagery, this is the best resource I know of.

Dr. Wertham's House of Headlights

This is a message board thread that contains illustrations and articles concerning almost every female superhero ever to appear. Also deals with Wertham's comments early on, though that drops away later. Very good resource.

Seanbaby's Wonder Woman page

Frickin' HILARIOUS! Be sure to check out the other superfriends and supervillains pages -- just make sure that if you're at work, loud outbursts of laughter aren't a problem.

Suffering Sappho!

Superdickery's Wonder Woman section. Also frickin hilarious, but not always as hilarious as Seanbaby's site. Still, there was a line in this site that was so good I HAD to steal it!

The Wikipedia Entry on Wonder Woman

A very well written introduction to Wonder Woman

The Wikipdia entry on William Moulton Marston

Gets into the stuff DC Comics doesn't really want you bothering about ...

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