The training is strenuous, the discipline is strict, and the bondage ... superb!

If I were in charge of Wonder Woman, I'd return her to her bondage roots, of course. Transformation Island would be open for biz-ness, bay-bee! Furthermore, I would restore the old thing about Wonder Woman losing her powers if bound by men.

Hercules would also become a major figure again, scheming anew to restore his power over the Amazons of Paradise Island in general and Wonder Woman in particular.

However, I would not do this in a retro sense. I would set this in modern times, with modern concerns about sexism and sex and a modern awareness of sexual bondage and lesbianism, though couched in terms that would pass muster for the young adult readership that now reads the book. A tall order to fill, but hey, I'm a really great writer.

Let's take a look at how a particular plotline might run ...

The Justice Society of America engages in a terrific battle with a villain called the Dark Stomper and his minions. The Stomper and hes minions are defeated by the JSA and hustled off to the JSA holding facilities prior to being shipped back to Earth for custody.

But before they're shipped back, Wonder Woman interviews all the female minions in a conference room, one at a time. And a few of those minions are selected by Wonder Woman for transfer to Reform Island provided that the legal authorities where they committed their crimes are agreeable, which they often are, because less expense for them, you know?

Batman, being a dick, would ask Wonder Woman after one of her sessions, "Why do you still bother? All the women you've reformed and the universe still teems with supervillainesses."

"The chance to reform these women is one of the things that makes fighting comic book supervillains worthwhile to me," responds WW. "Well, that and the chance to wrestle with other scantily clad women."

"Oh, I understand the appeal of that, all right," says Batman, thinking of the many heroic bouts he has had with Catwoman, each and every one of which required a thorough laundering of his bat suit afterward.

"And there is that three percent recidivism rate," said Wonder Woman with a sly smile, knowing that Batman was secretly irked that her criminal reform methods were so much more successful than his.

"I don't know how you do it, Diana," Batman says with a rueful grin.

"I'm scheduled to visit Transformation Island this weekend," said WW. "Why don't you come along and see how I do it?"

"All right," agrees Batman, and so the next panel shows them flying over Transformation Island, apparently seated in midair as they are in Wonder Woman's invisible plane. (Yeah, I love the dorky goodness of Wonder Woman's invisible jet, and I'm bringing it back.)

In Transformation Island Wonder Woman and Batman put on their invisibility belts for the tour, so that they won't upset the routine on the island and will have a chance to observe it au natural.

The first panel shows them standing in the entrance to a room where mostly naked (they wear thongs and really, really skimpy bras) women are lying hogtied in close chains with ballgags in their mouths. Each is in a tiny cell. Not all of them are alone. In some cases, tall, powerful women are in the rooms with them, most often lying next to them, holding them like lovers and talking to them. Batman observed a couple of them to be spanking or flogging the women in chains. It was like some kind of lesbian bondage fantasy.

"What in bat blazes??!! exclaims Batman. (Wonder Woman and Batman have been also been rendered unhearable by the Justice League Inviso-Audio Sheilds..)

"Here on Transformation Island, we have the process of reforming criminals down to something akin to an industrial processi," says Wonder Woman, grateful for the immensely large word balloons possible in prose as opposed to actual comics. "The women who come here are almost always a sorry lot -- filled with anger and self-loathing and fear, generally unable to really love or care for others. The first thing we have to do is destroy their old sense of themselves so we can create them anew. In Marine boot camp, they do the same thing with recruits, wearing them down with constant exercise, lack of sleep, constant assaults on their sense of self-worth, etc. We find that with women, what works better is long confinement in close chains, in isolation, except for their keepers who come by regularly to feed them and exercise them and flog them a bit, who treat them very lovingly, but very firmly."

"Ah, they lovingly flog them and keep them in chains," said Batman. "Well, all I can say is, the rumors about your sex life are certainly true, judging from all this."

"I'm not the only one who has rumors going around about her sex life," said Wonder Woman slyly. "In any event, don't judge me or Transformation Island until you have completed the tour."

"Fair enough," said Batman, "I won't run it up the old Batpole to see if I salute until we finish. Speaking of which, what's with the sob sister?"

Batman is referring to a woman who lies in her enclosure, chained and sobbing inconsolably. Most of the women who are gagged are drooling a little, but she has huge strands of drool running out of the corners of her mouth, and bubbles of drool around the ballgag.

"That's a sign that she's ready to be released soon," said Wonder Woman. "Most of the prisoners who come to Transformation Island choose it because they have heard it is an easy place, because of all the love and attention our prisoners get. After a time spent lying around in chains and being told they will not be released unless they really change, and making all sorts of entreaties and so forth to their guards to the effect that they have changed, and being lovingly told that they have not changed and cannot be released, they start to figure out that they really are going to have to change to be released, at which point they generally start crying because making a major personality change feels a little like dying, and that can be painful."

"Or they could just be tired from being locked in all those chains all the time," Batman observed.

"Of course they are," said Wonder Woman. "This is absolutely the hardest part of Transformation Island, it's sheer hell for those who have problems with physical inactivity, and that describes most criminal women. They are way too full of pep to start with, being kept in chains is sheer hell for them. We count on that."

"So, what happens next?" asked Batman.

"Well, after awhile the crying stops and the prisoner typically becomes very servile and uninvolved," said Wonder Woman. "You have to really drag things out of them. Mind you, all along their mistresses have been talking to them and asking them all sorts of questions about their lives and what they think about things and so forth, to form a picture of their personalities."

"And they answer these questions?" asked Batman incredulously, thinking of the various tight-lipped criminal suspects he had interviewed over the years, especially the notoriously tight-lipped Johnny Tightlips.

"At first, they are suspicious and reluctant to talk," Wonder Woman admitted, "but eventually they realize that they've been convicted and found guilty so as long as they don't admit to any new crimes they can talk as much as they want. And eventually they end up telling us everything anyway, even if it involves admitting to crimes no one knows they have committed. The women who listen to them are very loving and positive and really bring things out of them."

"I heard about that female serial killer of yours," said Batman. "Led the Swedish police to 87 bodies."

"She did, and it was probably the hardest thing she has ever had to do in her life," said Wonder Woman. "We are very proud of her."

"Yeah, she's OK for a serial killer, I guess," said Batman dubiously.

"You don't understand," said Wonder Woman. "By the time she led the police to those bodies, Eva Blume had evolved to the point where she fully understood the horror of what she had done, and sincerely repented it. She had to relive that horror each time she led the police to a body, not with the cold heart of a killer, but with the warm feelings of a real woman, and it was incredibly painful for her each time. But she did it, because her new feelings helped her understand that the victims' families needed closure, and so she had to do it for their sake."

"I'm surprised she didn't kill herself with remorse," said Batman.

"She tried, several times, very determinedly, during the process that led to her new understanding of the world," said Wonder Woman matter-of-factly. "Eva Blume is hardly the only woman on Transformation Island who has done terrible things. It's a well-known hazard of the process."

"Anybody ever succeed?" asked Batman.

"A few," said Wonder Woman, "a tiny, tiny fraction of those who try. We are very good at spotting the suicide-prone, and we put them in close restraints and put mistresses over them 24/7 until they are in a safe mental place again."

"We call it a suicide watch," said Batman.

"Ours are a little different," said Wonder Woman. "Instead of leaving the woman alone for long periods with her grief, we constantly have a mistress on hand who comforts the woman and gives her love and talks to her."

"You fuck her out of it?" Batman asked incredulously.

"No, it's more general affection," said Wonder Woman, "stroking, kissing, and so forth. The girdle of Venus that they all wear does the real work."

"Magic Metal" ... removes the desire to do evil, compels complete obedience to
loving authority and leaves the whole body feeling SOOOOOOO relaxed..

"What do you mean by that?" asked Batman.

"The girdle of Venus is an ancient gift given to us by the goddess Venus herself," said Wonder Woman, knowing that Batman's eyes were rolling beneath his cowl, though his cowl prevented her seeing that. "The girdle has special molecular properties which excite the molecular structure of women's love nexus, causing them to feel warm, loving feelings which allows them to easily submit to the loving dominance of their mistresses."

"Ah, it has a built-in vibrator, then," Batman deduced.

"No, it's nothing so basely sexual, it's about love and excitation and ... molecules," Wonder Woman protested. "OK, that sounds lame, even to me. But it's more than just a vibrator thing."

"Uh, sure," said Batman, "whatever you say."

"Well, anyway, it works," said Wonder Woman. "About five minutes before a mistress appears she activates the love girdle remotely, so that the appearance of the mistress is always associated with warm, loving feelings."

"A little warm-up, if you will," said Batman.

"They call it pre-heating," said Wonder Woman. "Anyway, once the prisoners have passed through the crying stage and gotten themselves thoroughly into what we call the "ready" state it is time to begin releasing them from their close chains and into regular chains for a time and allowing them to work. They are generally so starved for activity from all the time spent chained up that they are at first grateful for any activity we permit them, even if it is the most menial, humblest, filthiest, most difficult task imaginable."

"You undoubtedly have very clean bathrooms," said Batman.

"Incredibly clean," said Wonder Woman. "Also, every surface of every facility on Transformation Island is cleaned time and time again. We grow our own vegetables and raise our own livestock here -- no food needs to come from outside to feed the residents of Transformaion Island. Each and every animal and plant is lovingly tended by hand by our prisoners. The food is lovingly prepared by hand by our prisoners. They make their own clothing and forge their own chains."

"Well, slave labor is good for that sort of thing I suppose," said Batman.

"More to the point, that sort of thing is good for the slaves," said Wonder Woman. "The lengthy and repeated punishments and the regular flogging leads to the next breakthrough."

"I thought they had the big breakthrough after they did the crying thing," said Batman.

"No, nothing of the sort," said Wonder Woman. "We bring them along gradually, we want their minds and spirits intact, if changed. The initial bout of crying is the result of their fear of change, and their growing recognition of the fact that it is occurring in them. The "pouty" period is the mental equivalent of shock. They cannot relate well to their surrounding and other people because they are in a sort of mental stasis, trying to heal themselves. During this period, generally at about midpoint, where they have recovered enough that they won't be reduced to tears by any new stimulus, but are still in a mental state that will allow them to change, the mistress pushes them on to the next level. If you let them go completely through the pouty period, you have to go back through the crying again before they can change."

"Sounds very delicate," said Batman noncommitally. He was beginning to think the guys getting sent to pound me in the ass prisons were lucky compared to the Transformation Island prisoners.

"It is EXTREMELY delicate," Wonder Woman, relieved to see that Batman's sharp mind was following her with its usual keenness. "Of course, by this time the mistresses know every last detail of the prisoners' lives, have formed a very knowledgeable opinion of their natures and so forth because the prisoners have told them pretty much all there is to know about them while they were in close chains. So they can generally make a very good judgment about when to move on to the next stage, which is to free the prisoners for increasing lengths of time in order for them to do menial, exacting, sometimes meaningless chores, as we've already discussed -- cleanest toilets in the galaxy and all that. During this time they are still chained, of course ..."

"Of course ..." agreed Batman.

"But they have enough play in the chains at their hands and feet that they can move and do the chores they are required to perform. And of course, we often chain them to whatever they are cleaning or whatnot to keep them focussed."

"Of course," said Batman. Only the steely nerves that had allowed him to face down death in a thousand guises allowed him to control his face enough to keep from smiling as he spoke.

"All right, I get it, you think we're a little overboard with the chains," said Wonder Woman, "but there are good reasons for them. The prisoners who come here have an incredible need to return to their former selves. They must be reminded constantly that they are not who they were before. The chains do that, which is why, so long as they are on Transformation Island, no matter how well they do, they remain in chains. Plus, many of them come to love their chains and often continue to wear the cuffs as bracelets after they leave Transformation Island, as a reminder of their time here."

"How nice for them," said Batman. He was thinking how the Riddler or the Joker might respond to Transformation Island. Probably wouldn't do a thing for them, but it would be fun trying. "So, how do the prisoners respond to the menial chores?"

"Oh, at first they are relieved because any break from confinement is a welcome change," said Wonder Woman. "But as their time spent doing chores increases, their feelings about them grow more ambivalent, especially since they are not kept in such close chains when they are not doing chores. You have to let them have room to move and stretch or you get muscle cramps constantly, after hours of labor. So they see their time in their cell in chains as rest and relaxation. Plus, their mistresses watch them constantly as they work, and correct them whenever they err, which generally involves flogging."

"Of course," agreed Batman, making a mental note to never, ever commit any crimes in the vicinity of Wonder Woman. He was beginning to believe her little indiscretion with Maxwell Lord was just the tip of the iceberg.

"But their hatred of the chores and the corrections are generally what allows them to make their next step in growing into a real, feeling woman. If we wander around a bit where the chores are being done, it shouldn't take long to find a prisoner being corrected and you'll see what I mean."

"Fine," said Batman.

So they wandered about the grounds of Transformation Island, watching chained, mostly naked woman cleaning bathrooms with toothbrushes, sweeping, mopping and scrubbing floors, preparing food, gardening, repairing and maintaining machines and such, and scrubbing laundry. They were all constantly supervised by mistresses dressed like drum majorettes, even unto the big puffy hats, who mostly complimented them on their work, often kissing them on the lips and fondling their breasts and buttocks when they did so.

"No, nothing gay about this place," thought Batman, "Nothing gay at all." He also observed that sturdy steel rings were set in rows along the floor, at about waist height, and about six feet high.

"Are all the rings for what I think they're for?" asked Batman.

"I don't know what you think they're for," responded Wonder Woman, "but they're so we can chain a prisoner anywhere and in any way at any time we please. They have to know we have that kind of control over them, and it's also ... wait a minute, you'll see what I'm talking about in a minute."

They were in the prison cafeteria. It was by far the nicest prison careteria Batman had ever seen in his life, and he'd spent enough time rousting prisoners out of jail for this or that clue and investigating jailhouse crimes that he'd seen a few.

This cafeteria looked like a gigantic fern bar. There were lots of decorative plants and the tables were nice and so were the chairs. The room's huge space was broken up by wooden room dividers made of some bronze tropical wood that had clearly had the benefit of many, many coats of polish applied by closely watched prisoners. There were a couple of prisoners applying coats of polish at the moment. Many more prisoners were serving the cafeteria's patrons, dressed in their usual prison garb of chains, girdle of Venus and skimpy top. Most of the patrons were mistresses and their prisoners, eating and talking relaxedly.

What had attracted Wonder Woman's attention was a prisoner/waitress sobbing and crying as her mistress corrected her on her waitressing technique.

"You placed the salad fork next to the spoon, not the dinner fork, I'm afraid this will require five lashes," said the mistress. She siezed the prisoner by her chains and pulled her over to an empty space on the wall that was not near any diners, and with an easy, practiced gesture, secured the prisoner's wrist chains to a ring set at six feet high, and secured her ankle chains to a ring set in the floor along the wall, so that she was forced to stand against the wall with her back to the room.

The prisoner, though she did not physically resist this treatment, did sob and cry and protest that she had not meant to err, in a plaintive voice that was childlike in its naked emotion. More than anything else Batman had experienced so far, the unselfconscious pleading of the prisoner shocked Batman. The woman had no dignity. Clearly, the Transformation Island process had stripped her of it. She was emotionally naked, and that insight gave Batman more understanding of what was going on psychologically than anything Wonder Woman had said.

The mistress totally ignored her charge's pleas, which got very ignorable after she popped the ball-like ornament at the prisoner's throat into her mouth and tightened it into place. It was a strap ballgag, and it reduced her please to muffled but still urgent cries.

The mistress had a short whip coiled at her belt, nothing like the long snake Catwoman habitually carried, but it had several lashes, not just one, and the smooth way the mistress controlled it as she did a few warmup strokes in the air looked kind of menacing.

"Count five for me," commanded the mistress.

The prisoner nodded and said, "Unh."

It was appropriate that the whip looked menacing, because when the mistress laid into her charge with it she screamed through the gag and twisted reflexively in pain. The mistress had clearly put her full strength into the stroke.

The mistress calmly waited for her charge to settle down for a moment, then said, "A slow count will mean extra strokes, Mary."

"Ooh!" said Mary, enunciating "two" as best she could.

Another stroke, and another until all five lashes had been given. If it were not for the ballgag, the room would have echoed with the prisoner's shreiks, and as it was, it was very evident that someone was VERY unhappy about what was going on.

Yet the occupants of the cafeteria ignored the sounds and the sights of the lashing, as if this sort of thing happened several times a day. Which it probably did, on Transformation Island.

Batman, who had seen more than his share of supervillain cruelty, could regard the scene calmly, as his keen eyes noted the lashes did not lay bare the victim's flesh but only left some reddened skin. Probably made of some material that hurt a lot but didn't leave marks. The prisoner was not really being harmed physically by the lashing, though the humiliation and the pain had to be massive. And from the desperate writhing and straining within her bonds and the cries she made as she was lashed, it was ver painful.

But what was most remarkable was what occurred next. The mistress turned the prisoner around to face her, and the prisoner did so, tears streaming down her face and drool running out the corner of her mouth between the ballgag and its strap.

The mistress gently loosened the strap and pulled the ballgag from Mary's mouth, letting it settle at the base of her throat once more, now shiny with drool. Then the mistress said, "Oh, Mary, I'm so sorry I had to do that," and she kissed Mary full on the lips and wrapped her arms around her in what looked to Batman's eyes like an erotic embrace.

"Oh, Mary, why did you do that?" the mistress asked. "I've told you so many times about the way the forks and spoons are to be set."

"It's ... it's ... not important," said Mary.

"Of COURSE it's important," said the mistress, her arms still embracing her helplessly bound prisoner, her lips still microns from the ones she had just kissed. "Everything you do is important to me."

"I know," Mary said, almost apologetically. "But ..."

""But what?" asked the mistress.

"Well, I'm waiting table, and washing dishes and cooking food, and I know that this is necessary work, that we all have to eat, but, still ..."

"Still..." the mistress prodded, her hands now caressing the flesh of her prisoner like a lover, her lips raining gentle kisses on her prisoner's cheeks.

"I'm capable of so much MORE!" said Mary. "I can speak three languages and can read and write in five languages. I know 37 ways to kill a man in combat without using a gun or a knife. I have an IQ of 129. I've got a degree in English literature, I wrote a monograph on "As You Like It" that's become part of the syllabus of most college literature courses. And look at me. Waiting table, a scullery maid."

"I know, I know," the mistress aid, stroking and comforting her prisoner who still trembled from the pain of her ordeal and from whose eyes tears still flowed freely. "You have a brilliant mind, and wonderful drive and ambition and someday you will be able to use them again for the good of all."

"Maybe, maybe not," Mary sobbed. "I was in the kitchen, prepping the food, and suddenly I remembered poor Cynthia."

"I know, it was terrible," said the mistress. "Her mistress Appoclia is still in mourning and will not eat or speak."

"Yes, but Appoclia is still alive," said Mary. "She has a future, and choices she can make. Cynthia collapsed while polishing one of the dividers in this very room, kneeling on her hands and kness, naked, running a piece of rag across a piece of wood over and over again, when she had that stroke and died. She was a brilliant scientist before, you know. She could cook up substances with her knowledge of chemistry that no one else could. She probably understood more about how molecules work together than anyone else ever has. And she died like that. Her life was totally wasted."

"Don't say that," said the mistress. "Never say that."

"It's true!" sobbed Mary. "She had one of the most brilliant minds in her field, and she died on her knees, half naked and in chains, polishing a cafeteria fixture. What the hell IS that if not a waste?"

"I'm sorry Cynthia died, just as you are," said the mistress. "When you plant a seed, you always hope it will grow to be a big, beautiful flower. But that doesn't always happen. Some never get the chance to blossom. That doesn't mean you should never plant a seed. Cynthia was well on her way to transforming into a warm, feeling woman, at which point we could have safely entrusted her to use her intellectual powers again. It hurt us all when that hidden aneurysm burst with no warning. If there had been anything we could do, we would have done it."

"I'm sure you would say the same if I died, but I would still be just as dead as Cynthia," said Mary, "dead, with whip marks on my back, transformed into a woman who knows how to clean a commode with a toothbrush and carry food to people."

Mary started sobbing at this piteous image of herself and the mistress let her.

"Why does the mistress let her mouth off like that?" Batman asked. "Why doesn't she just flog her some more until she shuts up?"

"No, this is exactly what we want from her," said Wonder Woman. "She is examining her life, what she's doing, who she is. Of course, she's projecting it all on us, but that's normal and easily dealt with. Just watch."

"I admit, in subjecting you and the other prisoners to the close chains and the whippings and the tasks, we are taking a risk that you might not survive it, that you might die during the hard part of our program, without experiencing the joy and love that comes once you have transformed yourself, dying as Cynthia died," said the mistress. "But you took much bigger risks, in your days as a minion of Glue Gun Gil. You risked your life routinely, dodging bullets and death rays and for what? To steal money from those who had it, to gain power over people when you had not earned their trust. You killed people, you robbed people, you beat people up. If you'd been a man or a lesbian, you'd undoubtedly have raped women. By contrast, the risk we take on your behalf is very small, the potential reward is very great. You'll be a much healthier, happier person with more physical and intellectual power than you ever had before. Plus, you'll be able to clean a toilet with a toothbrush."

"You sound like an Amway salesman," Mary said coldly. "Wonderful things will happen if I will just buy into your program. You know what I think? I think you'll just alternately keep flogging me and chaining me up, and making love to me while this girdle makes me your love slave, until I don't know which way is up or who I am or what I believe, and I'll say and BELIEVE anything to please you, because it's all I can do -- I'm just a piece of meat in chains."

Batman saw the mistress' face turn white for a moment, and he tensed, fearful that the mistress might kill her charge in her fury. Instead, she gave her helpless charge a hard slap to the cheek she had just been kissing."

"Don't EVER say that about yourself!" cried the mistress. "I know you! I believe in you! If I thought you were just a piece of meat in chains I wouldn't waste a minute of my time or an erg of my energy on you. I KNOW that with what we can teach you here, you could be a GREAT person in the world of men! A warm, feeling woman who brings joy to all around her, an active, energetic person who can accomplish great things, and who WILL accomplish great things, because you'll never want to minion for evil men again."

"I don't believe you," said Mary softly. "I saw what happened to Cynthia. That was real. The stuff you're talking about is just like all the bullshit I've been hearing about since I was a kid. Yes, I'll have pie in the sky when I die, but meanshile, I'm a piece of meat in chains."

"I believe it is time we had a soul session, Mary," said the mistress suddenly.

"No, mistress, please, no, I did not mean it," Mary cried in panic.

Her cries were silenced as the mistresss stuffed her ballgag back in her mouth.

"You DID mean it," said the mistress. "Don't lie to me. Yo know what lying gets you."

The terrified prisoner nodded as her mistress unhooked her from the wall and led her out of the room.

"What's a 'soul session?" Batman asked.

"It's a very intense session of, well, soul-searching on the part of the prisoner, which lasts hours, with the prisoner in chains, answering questions, while alternately being encouraged and disciplined by her mistress."

"Kinda like what we just saw," said Batman.

"It's a little more ... intense ... than that," Wonder Woman responded. "It's generally conducted in private for that reason."

"More intense than that?" asked Batman. The naked emotion he'd seen on display had seemed very intense to him.

"Yes, a soul session generally occurs when a mistress realizes she has an opportunity to move a prisoner toward Transformation much more rapidly," Wonder Woman said. "Mary was undoubtedly made ready for Transformation by witnessing Cheryl's death. She blames us, of course, but she realizes subconsciously that the sooner she gets through this phase, the less her chances of dying in what to her are very miserable circumstances."

"Sort of like brainwashing," said Batman, "you use the subject's own instinctive desires to your own ends."

"Sort of," said Wonder Woman. "But there's a very big difference between what we do and brainwashing. In brainwashing, the object is to break the prisoner's will completely, and rebuild them from the ground up. When you do that, the prisoner loses a certain something -- a fine sense of discrimination, an ability to think for themselves. You can get unbridled enthusiasm for whatever you want from them, but they just don't have the abilities they used to. At Transformation Island, instead of subjecting prisoners to massive psychological trauma until they break, we put them into constant, unwavering pressure, not breaking them, but bending them, taking them to a new direction, and not just pushing them with trauma, but pulling them upward with love, which helps them maintain their inner core as they change."

"Now let's get out of here, you've disturbed things enough with your maleness," said Wonder Woman."

"What do you mean, they can't see or hear us," said Batman.

"I should have known that would not be enough," said Wonder Woman. "To tell the truth, that last scene was more intense than the norm. Unless I am mistaken, orgasms were had right there while we watched. And I think it's because they could smell your male pheremones, though they could not see you. They had no idea what was going on, but it clearly affected them. Obviously a line of research I must put our laboratories on."

"Obviously," said Batman, following Wonder Woman out of the room.

Wonder Woman showed Batman many more amazing sights on Transformation Island as they toured it. He saw the prisoners who had progressed to the next level playing games and studying. He saw a student who had failed an exam being flogged. He saw prisoners playing a strength games, bound in pairs wrist to wrist, ankle to ankle and waist to waist, wrestling with one another in the sand, the object being to be the one on the bottom, since a mistress would flog the back of the one on top. First one to get five strokes lost.

American Pie, Transformation Island style!

Batman also spoke with prisoners who were near the end of the Transformation Island process. They still wore chains, but they spent most of their time doing the more advanced tasks their skills allowed. They worked at computers, in chemistry labs and at other advanced sciences.

"So how do these women who become mistresses, become mistresses?" asked Batman. "Are they former prisoners who have done well?"

"A very few are," said Wonder Woman. "Most are Amazons who have chosen to help the less fortunate make something of themselves."

"Ah," said Batman, thinking of the scene he'd just seen with Mary and her mistress. "The work is its own reward." Batman did not add, "For these kinked-out lesbians." But he thought it.

"It is quite a commitment on the Amazon's part," said Wonder Woman. "They select a prisoner they think has promise, then for the entire duration of the prisoner's stay here, they work with them, guiding them to their proper destiny as powerful, loving, caring, feeling women. Often the mistresses grow to love their charges. The mistresses miss them terribly when their terms are up and they must return to the world of men."

Only a man of Batman's mental development and control could restrain himself from commenting at these words, but Batman, paragon that he is, only nodded sagely and asked, "Do the prisoners whose terms have ended ever elect to stay on Transformation Island?"

"They cannot, it is not permitted," said Wonder Woman. "They must return to the world of men at least for a time. After a time they may return, but not to Transformation Island, for they are no longer criminals, but they may live on Paradise Island, as Amazons. To be honest, there have been a very few exceptions to this rule. One of my earliest successes on Transformation Island was Paula von Gunther, a former Nazi agent who chose to stay on Transformation Island and work with prisoners. But for the most part, former prisoners choose to move on and use their abilities in other areas than criminal rehabilitation. And most elect to stay in the world of men, once they return there."

Lesbians ... bondage ... furries ... Transformation Island was MADE for the Interwebs!

"Are the 'strength games' the prisoners play based on things the Amazons do on Paradise Island?" Batman asked.

"Yes, in most cases they are exact copies of games the Amazons play throughout their lives in order to maintain their fitness as warriors," Wonder Woman replied. "I have often missed them during my stay in the world of men."

"Ah," said Batman, "Well, I can't say I'm not impressed at the results you get, however harsh your methods."

"What do you mean, 'harsh'?" Wonder Woman asked.

"Oh, you know, the constant bondage in chains, the floggings, the hard labor at menial tasks," said Batman, "things that would be labelled 'harsh' in most U.S. prisons."

"Well, harsh they may be in your lights, but how much love is there in any prison in the world of men?" asked Wonder Woman. "And I'm not talking about those disgusting prison rapes or enforced nonconsensual sexual relationships between prisoners and guards. I'm talking about real love, caring for the other person like you care for yourself."

"Well, there's not a whole lot of that in most prisons in the world of men," Batman admitted. "But I have to tell you, I don't think most of the prisoners I've met could handle that kind of love. I think they'd just see it as something to be taken advantage of."

"Right," said Wonder Woman. "Most of the women we get here are like that at first. That's exactly why we have the rigorous bondage at first, followed by the long hours spent at menial tasks, along with constant positive reinforcement of love, letting them pour their hearts out to their mistresses.

"Just like your prisoners, our prisoners didn't turn into the hardened criminals they are when they arrive in a single night," Wonder Woman continued. "It was a long, drawn-out process, riddled with bad choices and cheap rationalizations. In their lives they have tens of thousands of experiences of taking the easy way out, of lying when they could just as easily told the truth, of letting the other woman take the blame, and more than anything else, of letting some idiot who thinks he's a badass lead them around by the nose."

"So you blame the men," said Batman. Sooner or later, it came to this.

"No I do not blame the men," said Wonder Woman. "I blame the women for being so weak, so easily led, and so untrue to their better natures. That's why we don't have men here reforming the women on Transformation Island, even though our prisoners might be more inclined to listen to men. But that would just reinforce their old habit of letting men lead them around by the nose, which would be a good thing if they picked good men like you as their masters, Batman. But there are so few good masters out there, compared to the other kind, the odds greatly favor them giving their loyalty to bad masters and winding up right back here, or worse, in a prison in the world of men, where their chances of being rehabilitated would be much lower. "

"Has that ever happened? asked Batman.

"Certainly, we have a recidivism rate of about three percent," said Wonder Woman.

The girls are always glad to be back on Transformation Island. I bet it's the girdles.

"What happens when you do get a recidivist?" Batman asked.

"We are always glad to accept a former prisoner back at Transformation Island," said Wonder Woman. "After all, if she fails, it means we have failed, and we are glad to correct our mistakes, as we correct theirs."

"But she's the one who winds up in chains," Batman noted.

"Of course," said Wonder Woman. "She must be chained."

"Is it harder for those who return than for newbies?" asked Batman.

"No, it's much easier for most of the returnees," said Wonder Woman. "They know that the early stages will end, and so they are much more psychologically comfortable in them and get through them a lot faster, because they know the fun stuff is ahead. Of course, we do some fairly intensive sessions with them to discover what errors we failed to correct the first time they came through. And most of the time, it's not so much that there was some specific error, but that they just have very resistant personalities. Takes a little extra effort to get the starch out of them. And a very small number of returnees find the chains and the hard labor unbearable the second time aroun. They tend to be our highest risks for suicide. When we encounter them, we release them back to the civil authorities where they committed their current set of crimes."

"How do they tend to do there?" Batman asked.

"Oh, sometimes they kill themselves, sometimes they escape and kill themselves, and sometime they just turn into living zombies of a sort, uninterested in their own existence. It's very depressing."

"I see," said Batman. "In any event, I don't know that your methods will ever be used in Gotham prison. They aren't allowed to chain prisoners up like you do, they aren't allowed to flog prisoners at all, and as for LOVING prisoners, that's a crime."

"What's the recidivism rate there again?" Wonder Woman asked sweetly.

"About 110% as far as I can tell," Batman admitted ruefully. "You put one Joker in, you wind up with a Knave, a Fool and a Jester wandering the streets committing senseless acts of supervillainy. But you know how it is in the world of men, Wonder Woman. They have lots of rules about how criminals can be treated. There are a lot of people who would arrest the whole staff of Transformation Island, just for doing their jobs, no matter how well they did it."

I know that you in the world of men are't really serious about reforming criminals," said Wonder Woman. "If you were, you'd be willing to do what is necessary to change them. Change doesn't come easy, Batman. It amazes us on Paradise Island that you are willing to put up with all the murder, robbery and rape your criminals commit, just for the very dubious pleasure of feeling you don't mistreat your criminals. It's doubly amazing, considering your prisons are horrible, evil places where your criminals typically get worse, not better, where in the prisons for the hardcore criminals, prisoners must always watch to see that they aren't killed or raped."

"You go to a lot of trouble," said Batman. "What determines which recidivists will most likely be successful or unsuccessful on the second go round?"

And of course, the daily floggings will continue until morale improves!

"The type of criminal she was in the first place," said Wonder Woman. "We get three types of women here on Transformation Island. By far the most common are women who have lost their true nature because of various traumatic events or horrible conditions they experienced in the world of men. Their life histories are full of experiences that have filled them with anger, fear, humiliation and shame. These feelings are often what led them to their lives of crime -- they learned that by hurting others, and stealing from them, they could feel powerful and good about themselves in some way.

"When we lock them in chains and gag them and pen them up like animals, this of course leads them to re-experience those feeling of helplesness, anger, fear, shame and humiliation. But here's where we differ from the world of men's prisons -- having made them so low, we show them the way out. Our mistresses show them that through the power of love and staying true to their own best womanly natures, they can be someone worthwhile, even when the world has reduced them to total servitude. Our intensive one-on-one relationship with amazon mistresses transforms our prisoners into worthwhile people. In essence, we free our prisoners even while they are in chains, which is probably why so many of them come to love their chains, because they identify it with the feeling of freedom."

"OK, what about the other two types?" Batman asked.

"Well, the second type is just basically decent women who have fallen under the influence of evil men," said Wonder Woman. "They're about the easiest to work with. We show them that by following their own best natures, they do not need men to guide them. We point out that the awful conditions they are enduring are a product of following the men they loved. They almost always have some sort of deeply held belief that love conquers and all and a woman must put love above all, but after we've done a sufficiently thorough job of showing them that real love leads to growth and strength and security, rather than the kind of hi-hinks that landed them at Transformation Island., they come around. They also tend to experience a sense of heightened personal development and freedom while imprisoned here, which they associate with their chains, and hence learn to love them."

"What about the third group?" Batman asked.

"They are the hardest bunch," said Wonder Woman. "Typically, they are supervillainesses rather than minions. If they are minions, they tend to be important minions, the sort that supervillains entrust major opertions to. Often, they are former royalty or otherwise powerful and important people somewhere, somewhen. They grew up experiencing any limitation on their egos as an intolerable affront, because no one ever dared say "no" to them once they got to a certain age, and very few people were able to say "no" to them before they reached that age. Their supervillainery comes not so much from a propensity toward evil, as a total disregard for the interests, concerns and welfare of others."

"Ah, psychopaths," said Batman.

"Not really," said Wonder Woman. "Psychopaths are mentally crippled people who are incapable of empathizing with other people. They cannot make that connection with other human beings that you and I and all non-psychopaths can. We don't take psychopaths on Transformation Island for that reason -- our techniques depend on building a loving bond between mistresses and prisoners, and that doesn't happen with psychopaths."

"Surely you must have had the occasional psychopathic Amazon," said Batman. "What happens then?"

"Remember Max Lord?" Wonder Woman asked. "There's a reason I knew the only solution was the one he recommended, and was able to implement it."

"I see," said Batman, at a loss for words.

"If I or anyone else knew how to heal psychopaths, I'd be all for it," said Wonder Woman, "but there isn't, so we do what we must on Paradise Island. And anyway, this third group is not psychopathic. They are capable of making empathic connections with other human beings, but they have never had to, and as a result they are apt to interpret any emotions along those lines as weakness on their part. We show them it is not weakness, but it is very, very hard to do that."

"You seem to have to go to a lot of effort even with the first two groups," Batman observed.

"Yes, but the first two groups have generally had the experience of feeling helpless, humiliated, angry, etc., before," responded Wonder Woman. "They don't associate those feelings solely with us. You'd think that the third group would break much sooner than the other groups, that the experience of being chained, gagged and helpless would bring them around. But no, they lie there in their chains, drooling into their ballgags and dreaming of the awful things they will do to me, their mistresses, and all of the Amazons for treating them so badly. And then they lie to their mistresses about how they have really seen the way, and their mistresses know they are lying and tell them so, and yet they keep lying, so determined they are to retain that free, unrestrained egos. It's SOOO obvious to us, and they cannot understand why we think they're lying, or how we figure out that they are, depending on whether or not their lying technique involves convincing themselves of the truth of the lie. And of course, it takes forever for them to truly open their hearts to their mistresses."

"Forever can seem like a long time when you're chained up like that, I imagine," Batman observed.

They break the rules so they can get punished. Duh.

"Oh, yes it can, but these women are so full of ego that they endure close bondage that would just drive a normal person nuts, rather open their hearts to another. They'll even hear other prisoners crying and figure that that's part of the process and fake it themselves, very convincingly, because of course they're very stressed at their captivity. Probably a lot of this group would commit suicide before giving up their egos, but of course in close chains that just isn't an option. So they eventually do open their hearts to their mistresses."

"Well, how do you tell with this crew that they've opened their hearts to their mistresses?" Batman asked. "It sounds like if anyone could fake it, they can."

"So true," said Wonder Woman. "Some of them can fake it, I mean, just look at our most famous failure, the Cheetah. In and out of this place like it had a revolving door in our early years of treating prisoners from Earth. But most of the time, even with the third group, you can tell. There's an element of calculation in what they say to their mistresses when they're faking it that just isn't there when they've truly accepted their mistresses in to their hearts."

It sounds almost like they babble to you," Batman said.

"They do," said Wonder Woman. "These women are not psychopaths, as I said, and one of the prices of their egotism is profound psychological isolation. They may have lovers, but there's no love involved, they're just human sex toys. Once these women open their hearts to their mistresses, they're usually absolutely desperate to tell them all about the thoughts and feelings they've kept bottled up inside."

"Mmm, that's gotta be something," said Batman.

"Oh, it's not pretty, most of the time," said Wonder Woman. "The psychological isolation tends to breed paranoia, and very often their babbling is a litany of horrible things they've done to innocent people around them for no good reason, presented as a series of brilliant, insightful moves by the prisoner that kept others from harming her or taking advantage of her.

"Our mistresses are sympathetic and draw them out and try to get them to tell them all about their brilliant successes in avoiding being harmed. Generally, they tell us everything. Then our mistresses go over each and every deed and show how it was a mistake, and how they harmed others by doing such deeds, and get them to understand their misdeeds and admit to their wrongness. This is often a lengthy, difficult process because frequently members of this group have done some very horrible things to others and have invested quite a bit of psychlogical energy into justifying it.

"That must be quite a grind," Batman said helpfully.

"Oh it is," Wonder Woman confirmed. "It's probably about the hardest single psychologically-oriented task a mistress has to do. These women have such a huge sense of entitlement, they're often smart and they're almost always evil. Imagine intelligent, evil Paris Hiltons, fighting with every fiber of their being to refuse to be held to account for their deeds. Because you know, when we arrest and imprison these women, they don't consider themselves to be held to account for their deeds at all. They just think their opponents have achieved a temporary victory, which they will soon rectify. That's why so many of them get fixated on revenge against us, Batman -- their only other alternative is to admit their wrongdoing, and they're not about to do that. The mistresses' job is to do what we superheroes cannot do by simply capturing them -- to make them understand and admit to the evil of their ways. To do that, we have to develop the capacity for empathy, which for some of them has lain dormant for all of their adult lives and much of their childhood."

"How do they manage that?" Batman asked, genuinely interested for once.

"They do it by first, developing and extending their capacity for self-pity," said Wonder Woman. "These are strong-minded women, not much prone to self-pity, and it takes a little developing, but after a few days or weeks of lying around gagged and in close chains, not even able to wipe your own bottom, they're pretty much able to develop such feelings. Once we've got them pitying themselves, we try to get them to extend their feelings of pity to other prisoners around them. We make sure they see plenty of flogging, and get some flogging, too. It is MUCH harder to get them to pity women other than themselves, of course, but once the self-pity is there, it's almost always possible to do it, given time and energy. And we have plenty of that."

"You really break these women down," said Batman in half-admiring tones. It wasn't simple sadism that prompted his admiration. He knew what the women they were talking about were capable of if left to themselves. He approved of breaking them down so that they couldn't do such things any more.

"We certainly do," said Wonder Woman. "Once we have them pitying other prisoners, it's just a short leap to have them pitying their own victims. Of course, they struggle against it because pitying them involves an admission of sorts that they did something wrong, and that won't do, of course. But when we use their own words against them, quoting them in describing the horrible things they did and then relentlessly driving home the point that their victims have suffered just as they and their fellow prisoners are suffering, it generally gets to them. They do a lot of crying at that point -- they know they've lost."

"Putty in your hands after that, eh?" Batman said.

"Well, not exactly putty," said Wonder Woman, "they are who they are, after all. But MUCH more malleable than they were. Workable, in a word."

"I'll bet," said Batman, thinking of the incredibly tenacious psychopaths he'd fought to the death and beyond on various occasions.

"It's a long process," Wonder Woman said, "sometimes it takes years. But we persist."

"Do you ever wonder if it's worth it?" asked Batman.

"No, we know it's worth it," said Wonder Woman. "Look what we get in return. These very intelligent, very capable, very willful women are converted to doing good in the world instead of evil. Transformation Island graduates have been responsible for all sorts of great things after returning to the world of men, instead of being pains in the ass who leave every place and person they encounter the worse for having known them."

"I've not really heard a lot about that," said Batman.

"Of course not," said Wonder Woman. "The last thing Transformation Island graduates want to be reminded of when they leave here is their old selves and their old lives, so we give them the means to take on new lives and new identities in the world of men. Perhaps you have heard of Greta Scarchwold? Anna Rodriguez? Mina Wilson? Tam Lee Hok?"

"Good God!" Batman exclaimed. "All of them? Transformation Island? They're some of the greatest minds and achievers we have right now."

Wonder Woman nodded affirmatively. "Formerly Panda Woman, the Mercinator, the Diamond Rogue and the Queen of Knives. And they're just a few. And very often, women who come to Transformation Island as mere minions leave as brilliant achievers. Perhaps you've heard of Joani Swenson, Ming Lee or Alita Al-Nuri."

"I am impressed," Batman said sincerely. "You know, I've got some thinking to do now."

"I know you do," said Wonder Woman. "That's why I brought you here."

She handed Batman a memory cube. "This contains all the relevant files on what we do on Transformation Island. I don't need to tell you what would happen if it fell into the wrong hands. But in your hands, Batman, I think it might do the world of men a world of good."

And if you like Transformation Island, you'll LOVE Rebla!

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