Over The Wire

Husband and wife enjoy a bit of fun down at the office in one of the most plot-germane
bondage scenes ever filmed.

Copyright 2008 by Pat Powers

Both men and women have good reason to like the first mainstream film ever to show a woman being made love to while naked, bound and gagged -- it's fun for all!

"Over the Wire" might was well have been titled "Over the Top." It's the first movie to show a naked woman being made love to while bound (hands behind back, yet) and gagged. The sex is frequent and intense, and it's full of male frontal nudity (that's right ladies, virtually every male lead puts his package in front of the camera -- and ladies, we aren't a-gonna disappoint you, because we know we have a lot of you on this site, if the ratio of female/male members matches the ratio of female/male guests. But we'll do it in a way that will allow our more sensitive male guests to avert their eyes and keep their blushes minimized).

Absolutely the best and the wildest thing about "Wire" movie is this: it's the good guy (and his wife) who do the bondage sex (totally consensual, of course), while all the villains stick with vanilla. And the bondage scene is not only great, it's actually germane to the plot! How often does all that happen?

Not EVER in any mainstream film, so far as we know.

Here Mark experiences near-death, because his idea of how to approach a friend staking out a dangerous criminal is to sneak up on him and yell "Boo!" Yeah, we're talking world-class fool, all righty.

The central character is Mark, a male bimbo who apparently learned to do police work at the same correspondence school that the protagonists of "Call Girl" and "I Like To Play Games Too" picked up their business acumen. Kicked off the police force for what we can only assume is total stupidity, he's working as a telephone lineman, where he likes to listen in on other people's 911 calls.

(OK, there's another reason he might have been kicked off the force -- intellectually AND morally challenged. But the movie is set in L.A., which leads us to ask -- wouldn't these traits have earned him a fast track to senior management on that particular police force?)

During the course of one of his fishing expeditions conducted with a telephone pole, he overhears a woman arranging for her sister's murder with a hired assassin. He doesn't get any names but he does get the street address of the sister who's being set up for the hit. Since the voice on the phone is nice and sultry, he hustles over to said address to warn sis that she's in danger from an assassin hired by her own sister.

Neither cool, detached, real estate agent Sister Susan (left) nor hot, steamy stripper Sister Rachel (right) believed bimboboy Mark (center) when he told them one was plotting to kill the other.

Unfortunately, when Mark arrives, he finds that both sisters live there. And he doesn't know which one was calling the assassin. So he warns both sisters that one of them is out to kill the other. And both sisters tell him that they can't believe dear sis it out to get her, and they wish he'd go away with his bad accusations of murder and so forth.

Well aware that he's outclassed in dealing with persons of normal intelligence (i.e., the two sisters) bimboboy Mark goes to his good buddy Bruce, who's still on the police force, having all his wits about him and all. He informs Mark that he's been stupid and promises to investigate, though like the sisters he half suspects that the "phone conversation" was the result of too much electric shock and too little functioning brain cells.

The sex scenes are for the most part well-lit and well staged but not always well-directed -- very much Skinemax slo-mo stuff, making for great images but not much sense of getting it on.

The rest of the movie is a semi-taut suspense thriller as Mark and Bruce try to figure out which of the two sisters is the potential killer and which is the likely victim. Is it Rachel (played by Shauna O'Brien) the soft, cuddly stripper or Susan (played by Landon Hall) the cool, detached real estate agent? Mark makes his preferences clear early on by sleeping with Mary but later muddles it by sleeping with Rachel. The sex is the real suspense engine in this film -- who'll sleep with whom and will it be neat and peachy-keen?

You're a cute kid, but oh, my wife!. Mary takes a shot at seducing Bruce, but with a resolve and a devotion to duty that's most unusual among Skinemax cops, he turns her down.

And in the next scene we learn that it wasn't just devotion to duty that made it possible for Bruce to turn Mary down. Bruce's wife Sally, played by Griffin Drew, drops by the office and proves that she's the perfect Skinemax cop wife by first, helping him think out some of the issues involved in the case, then by stripping down to nothing but a necktie (his) which functions as a leash of sorts. Then they make love right there in the office (it's late and they're the only ones there). And it's not just sex, it's sexual bondage, as Griffin happily allows Officer Hubby to cuff her before they begin making love. Later, he cuffs her hands behind her back and gags her with the necktie while taking her from behind. The scene ends with Griffin putting the cuffs on hubby, but all she does is snuggle between his arms for some kissing and hugging before the scene fades.

Some earlier scenes (heavily photoshopped to achieve lifelike color) as they build up to the doggie style sex with some sex on the deesk with hands cuffed in front, then it's down of the floor with hands cuffed behind, and the cuffs go on and the gag is slipped in place. Then they do some great consensual bondage sex acting. Check it out and see for yourself. (Captions are mine, there's no dialogue in the scene apart from soft moans.)

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, feels gooood."

"Way to go, big guy! Keep it coming!"

"Roger that, little lady!"

"It don't get no better than this -- bound and gagged and getting my brains fucked out, doggie style!"

(:::Whispering::: Ladies, there's some male package display involved here, so click right here to see this and other images of guys hanging it out in this movie. And don't tell your hubby or significant other (especially if you're a lesbian). It'll just be our secret! And if you're a gay guy, we'd just like to join certain Turkish oil wrestlers in running out of the room screaming "DON'T LOOK AT ME! DON'T LOOK AT ME!")

All in all its a happy, consensual sex scene that makes it very clear that Bruce isn't interested in any liaisons with desperate strippers who may be murderers, not while he's got a beautiful, kinky wife at home who is more than willing to play kinky games with him. What sane man WOULD be interested in another woman under such circumstances? (And yes, there's a lesson in this for all you gals out there.)

Nice dominance move.

There's also a nice dominance move earlier in the film when Mary has sex with her boyfriend, as he takes her from behind while she's hanging onto a bedpost and pulls her hair, forcing her head back. All in all, Over The Wire is a great little sex film. There's just enough plot to keep things moving along.

What's harder than synchronized swimming? Fully clothed synchronized swimming! The plot makes a timely appearance...

The plotting and acting aren't overwhelming but as indicated there's some nice characterization.

Icy Susan does a little melting.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw that the director was Fred Olen Ray, best known for films like "Bikini Carwash" and "Girls of Dinosaur Island" -- very, shall we say, unambitious films that are content to coast solely on the charms of their female leads. What's Fred doing making films this good?

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