Terminal Stupidity

"Who do I have to fuck to get fucked in this picture?"

copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

How do you think I'd feel if I were to come up with a plausible scenario where a woman has to be bound and have sex for her own good? Even better, not just for her own good, but for the good of all humanity? In fact, she must be bound and fucked to SAVE HUMANITY FROM EXTINCTION!!!

I'd feel pretty damned good about it, that's how I'd feel. So you can imagine the admiration I feel for the creators of the film Terminal Virus because that's EXACTLY what they've done.

And having set up that scenario, they of course blew it.

Here's the story. A biowarfare agent has decimated Earth. It renders men and women poisonous to each other whenever they make love. Fatally poisonous, without exception. As might be imagined this has had a marked effect on the birth rate, taking it right down to zero. That combined with a massive die-off of people who don't believe the virus really kills means the Earth is quickly reduced to isolated, warring settlements of men and women whose tendency is to shoot first and make kissy-face never.

But a brilliant young scientist has figured out a serum that will allow men and women to make love without dying. He needs someone to test it on, but volunteers are scarce, due to that death thing. So he goes to a women's encampment and kidnaps one of the guards, played by the delectable Kehli O'Byrne. When a bad guy conveniently tries to break into his lab, he has his other guinea pig. He injects both with the serum. Then comes the major stupidity. He chains them each to the same pole by one wrist and leaves them alone.

Now, let's make this clear -- the serum just prevented death, it wasn't any kind of love potion. And the characters didn't believe the serum would work, having seen so many of their friends die from making love.

So, what happened? Nothing, of course! The bad guy escaped, at which point the young scientist sets Kehli free of her bonds.




Like Desert Passion this is a case of writing a really strong bondage scenario and totally balking at ... THE BONDAGE SCENES!!!

The obvious way to handle the scene would be to have the young scientist be his own guinea pig (I mean, it's hard to see how you could physically make two unwilling partners have sex without resorting to some form of blackmail). You could have some scenes where the young scientist tries to persuade his captive to voluntarily go along with his plans, after all, he's supposed to be a good guy. But she doesn't believe him, being afraid of dying and all. So then, for the good of all humanity, and with many apologies, he must tie up Kehli in any of a number of ways that makes sex possible -- a spreadagle is good. The old wrist-ankle tie works well, too. Or put her in a stock, the kind that bends the victim waay over and which has shackles for the foot, too. Then he has to make love to her. A lot.

Hey, it's for the good of humanity.

But that's not what happened. And that's the difference between good directing and bad directing. A good director makes the most of whatever dramatic possibilities a script presents. A bad director ... does as the director of Terminal Virus did. He blows it.