Star Trek's Orion Slave Girls: Um ... Green?

The Orion slave girl gets points only for a semi-skimpy costume (she'd be half naked without all those clingy things) and great hair and makeup, leading to a generally erotic look. And they ACTED kinda slavish, always ready to serve men sexually. But visually -- they never wear any fucking bondage gear, what kind of slave girl is that? And they have that unappetizing green skin. They look like they'd taste like asparagus, if you know what I mean. It's really hard to be a hottie when you're green. This is why, in a world where Slave Leias simply swarm at science fiction conventions, there are very few Orion slave girls. The Orion slave girls rate only a 2 in our hottitude of servitude index, as skimpily clad persons identified as slaves but not in bondage or wearing bondage gear, or being molested. And the green skin is probably worth a negative point, but as not everyone necessarily agrees with me on this point, I will not press it.

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