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Swallowtail Inn

Inn Ownership Made Kinky and Fun!

After a rape-fest like Princess 69, a hentai where practically all of the sex is consensual seems like it would be a real treat -- and it is! Swallowtail Inn is a fun tale that tells its story well.

Our story begins with Yuriko, a hapless widow and owner of the Swallowtail Inn. Her former husband was a crackerjack handyman who could keep an inn shipshape, and more importantly, a top-of-the-line chef whose cooking skills were so great that if his name came up as a contestant, even the most confident Iron Chef would break out in a fear sweat.

When her husband died, so did the Swallowtail Inn's business. Although beautiful and rustic, without a topnotch cook, the Inn is a money pit (a somewhat unbelievable plot point in America, where many rustic getaways do quite nicely while serving mediocre food, but cooking skills are clearly highly regarded in Japan -- witness the Iron Chef TV series.)

Thus, not being much of a cook herself, Yuriko turns to that other skill with which women have historically supported themselves when alone and single -- and we're not talking human resources management. Nah, we're talking sex -- Yuriko has been prostituting herself to a group of men to make the funds needed to keep the inn's doors open.

Yuriko takes a break after a hard round of orgasming. In the process, she creates a visual metaphor for the concept of "Inn" and "Out." (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

That's the good news. The bad news is, Yuriko's about as good at prostitution as she is at cooking. Although willing to allow her customers to put their members in whatever orifice of hers they wish while she's trussed up, she doesn't do it with the right style, the right attitude, etc. (Kinda makes you wonder what a topnotch kitchen stud like her deceased hubbie ever saw in her -- but then, she IS a very nice person.)

Enter Kenji, a hapless young hiker who slips on the trail to Swallowtail Inn and bonks his head on a rock, giving himself a big, honkin' case of Plot Point amnesia.

The path to Swallowtail Inn. Note distracting temple, dangerous flagstones, low-lying bushes, lake lurking dangerously near path, trees ready to leap out at you at any moment. It's a wonder ANYONE makes it to the Inn!

Yuriko, compassionate widow that she is, takes handsome young Kenji into her Inn of Incompetent Iniquity, saying he can stay on for as long as he needs to in order to recover, at no charge.

(Kinda gives you an idea why the inn's finances are going south.)

Kenji, who as it turns out is a nice guy, feels he should repay his hostess' generosity by helping out around the inn. He starts cleaning up and repairing around the place, and demonstrates superior handyman skills in the process. He even manages to get the Inn's long-defunct hot baths up and running (I don't think Yuriko was even trying to keep the place in order). And a kitchen emergency leads to the discovery that Kenji is a major league grade-a chef, much like dear departed hubbie.

Bondage, Fetish and Adult Toy Superstore !

Well, Kenji's nice, young, handsome, a topnotch handyman and a grade a chef -- there's no way Yuriko can keep her mitts off a piece of man-meat like that. Plus, it's been a very long time since she had sex ... that didn't involve guys throwing money at her feet and dissing her sex skills. So Yuriko jumps Kenji in one of the repaired baths. Kenji doesn't understand why sex has joined room and board with the freebies he's getting at the Inn, but being an amnesiac he's gotten accustomed to not understanding things I guess. He happily enjoys Yuriko and they have a very nice time of it in the baths.

Yuriko gets naked and jumps Kenji. Oh, she's a naughty, naughty innkeeper -- Kenji's favorite kind of innkeeper, as it turns out. My favorite kind, too.

Yuriko and Kenji, already quite pleased with one another, are very pleased with one another with this new addition to their relationship.

Then Kenji shows what a nice guy he really is. While doing some basement repair work, he peeks up through some floorboard slats to see Yuriko making a little inn money by playing sex toy to her clients. (They say she's no good, but I notice they keep coming back for more).

Yuriko hangs around as her customers play "spin the ho." The great thing is, with her customers surrounding her in a circle, one end of her points toward one customer, and one end points toward another, which means ... we'll you've seen hentai before ...

Now, what do you suppose Kenji does next? Does he freak out over Yuriko's prostitution side business? Does he become jealous? Hurt? Angry?

He does none of these things. When next he meets Yuriko, he tells her he saw her doing her inn ho' thing, and he thinks he can help with a few sex pointers that will make her clientele more appreciative of her as a sex industry professional.

Yes, turns out that along with all of his OTHER skills, Kenji is a gifted, expert sex trainer and bondage master. Is there anything Kenji can't or won't do for Yuriko?

Apparently not, for we are next treated to scenes of Kenji giving Yuriko some fairly rigorous and very explicit sex and bondage training. It's all very consensual, with Kenji instructing and encouraging Yuriko instead of barking off series of commands and scowling a lot, which is more typical of bondage masters in other hentai. Oh, Kenji definitely trusses Yuriko up good and forces her to do plenty of very sexy things, but you get a definite sense that they are working together at it. For the greater good, as it were.

Yuriko gets on her hands and knees and takes all of Kenji's training right where it'll be the most ... educational.

Next time Yuriko entertains her guests, she wows them with her newfound sexiness and sex skills, and they shower her with tips and promise to tell all her friends what a great sex performer she is.

I can't go much further without giving away tons of plot, and we can't have that. I can say that Yuriko is not Kenji's only sex trainee. There's also Yuriko's hot, horny, blueheaded sister Fuyuka who has heard rumors about the Swallowtail Inn's sideline business, and has come to find out if they're true, and how she can help her poor sister in her hour of sleaze. Turns out she CAN help -- with training from good old Kenji.

Fuyuka helps out around the inn by entertaining guests with her version of walking a tightrope. It looks easy ... until she gets to the big, thick knots tied in the rope. Then it gets ... entertaining.

Then there's the mysterious female lodger at the Inn who seems very interested in Kenji, and who asks room service to bring her up just one thing every night -- a nice, big cucumber.

(This plot point is clearly pure hentai fantasy. I mean, Japan is a place where used women's panties are sold in vending machines because their customers are far too shy to buy such a thing from a clerk. Compare this with the U.S., where porn video renters line up with their videos of "Catholic Schoolgirls in Bondage," "Cum Guzzling Butt Boys," and "Monster Black Cocks vs. Tiny White Chicks" on display for all to see. And we're expected to believe a female guest would have no problem asking staff to bring her what is clearly a one-time-use dildo every night? Riiiiiight.)

OK, I think I may know what's wrong with the salads at Swallowtail Inn ...

But other than the preoccupation with sex, which is only reasonable for a hentai, Swallowtail Inn is a surprisingly good story, with a plot rooted in the concerns of characters who are pretty close to being real people -- not the usual hentai collection of psychopaths, doormats and freaks. (I mean, I've seen plenty of hentai where the sympathetic male lead blackmails women into dating them.)

Inn exterior, evening. Great artwork.

Swallowtail Inn is also beautifully animated. The inn looks bucolic and rustic, the characters are not stock anime, but original and very well done, and the animation doesn't get cheap with frame rate on the sex scenes. But it's more than that. Many hentai exude a palpable air of cheapness when they aren't showing sex scenes, and often when they ARE showing scenes as well. The artwork is crudely rendered, the action is jerky to the point of being a series of clearly visible still frames, and each scene opens with a slow crawl across a panoramic still image, often badly drawn.

Inn exterior, daylight. Also great artwork.

And that's just the sex scenes. The non-sex scenes are even worse -- typically, very generic artwork, better done than the character drawings when they're background art, but generally simple imagery that demonstrates a singular lack of imagination. Every building and location is generic -- generic mansions, generic castles, generic forests, generic streets, generic skies, etc and so forth.

Lakeside scene. As if we needed further proof of the beauty of this hentai.

Swallowtail Inn, like Viper GTS, has original and gorgeous background art. OK, Swallowtail Inn isn't original in the same way as Viper GTS, as it simply portrays a rustic inn whereas Viper GTS comes up with original imagery for hell, heaven and its inhabitants. But its rustic inn is original, unique, beautifully drawn and richly detailed. It's a specific inn, with a flagstoned walkway running alongside a stream and through a bower to reach the inn, which has a broad open porch, polished woodwork and screens everywhere. It's a specific sort of place rather than the generic locations so common in lesser hentai.

Swallowtail Inn, like Princess 69, features beautiful and original artwork of its characters during sex scenes. While its bondage scenes are nowhere as intense or original as Princess 69's, it more than makes up for that by having loving relationships between its characters, which means consensual scenes, and also, no scat. You don't have to watch this hentai half ready to wince at the unwelcome arrival of copious amounts of some body fluid not normally associated with sex.

(OK, there were some scenes involving eating sushi that had been inserted in Yuriko's pussy that I thought were kinda icky, but I guess they had to do SOMETHING to live down to hentai standards.)

For all of these reasons, Swallowtail Inn is just the thing to introduce someone new to hentai to the genre. It's also a great couples hentai. Mind you, it's far from perfect -- most women are going to notice immediately that Yuriko appears to have no skills at all -- the only thing she's good at is being good -- while Kenji is expert at everything. (I mean, Yuriko's not even good at SEX for Og's sake.) You don't have to be a feminist to find the imbalance between Yuriko and Kenji a bit on the steep side. A little bit of balance here would have gone a long way. But by the standards of most hentai it's strong stuff.

It's also a fine tape for watching if you know hentai well -- the gorgeous artwork extends to the hentai babes -- they are beautifully drawn and nicely animated, especially in the sex and bondage scenes. And as always, no actual persons were harmed or degraded in any way in the making of this hentai -- unless you count sore wrists for the animators -- and that's just a hazard of the profession.

There is ONE little bit of strangeness in the graphic excellence here. Every so often, the female characters get cases of hugeassitosis. Their torsos appear to be mounted on the butts, hips and thighs of women many times larger than them. I'm not sure what this is all about. But I am sure that it's ... the end.

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