Pushing the Thong Envelope

Now THIS is how to properly display a thong!

The Sci-Fi Channel will be re-airing Special Unit 2, starting this Friday. In honor of its reappearance, we're presenting this piece we did when it was cancelled. Special Unit 2 was a funny show, it had some serviceable characters, it had some good mainstream bondage scenes. It's great to see it back on the air.

Copyright 2002 by Pat Powers

"Special Unit 2" was cancelled this year, and we're not at all happy about that. Special Unit 2 had a lot going for it. It was a lighthearted adventure show about a special Chicago crime unit that dealt in supernatural crimes, generally dealing with "links," i.e., mssing links that have a tendency to be monsters of one strip or another.

In addition to being a fun show to watch that brought in several good bondage scenes over its brief life, it was a prime-time network leader in pushing the envelope on thongs. Just look at the picture at the top of this page. It and the one beneath are from the Special Unit 2 episode "The Beast." It's not just that the woman above is wearing a thong, rare in mainstream but hardly unheard of. It's that she's doing a split, and the camera is aimed right up her backside. Dancers rarely waggle their butts right at the camera on primetime TV, much less do a split, and when they do, the camera is most often in front of the dancer or to one side, so you don't get the full effect.

But the real clencher, The thing that REALLY pushes the envelope of womanly bits on mainstream network TV, is that she's clenching and unclenching her butt before the camera, and we see that package of womanly goodness barely held in by th thin strip of silk covering the womanly bits that are jiggling so fleshily.

That's pushing the envelope, alrighty. And the sad thing is, if you didn't tape the show and rerun it in slo-mo, you might never know just how raunchy it was, because in real time the thong split only lasted a second or two. It might not seem like much to write about, but most such shots would be on and off the screen in nanoseconds on most network TV programs, if anyone dared to air them at all.

What's better than one gorgous gal in a thong hanging it all out? How about three gorgeous gals in thongs, simultaneously strutting their stuff?

And it's not the only butt in this ep! It's one of several thong-clad butts that jiggle and wiggle their way across the screen. We at Bondagerotica think thong scenes like this constitute a mitigating circumstance. Bad ratings? So what ... give these guys a chance, network guys! They know their thongs! Well, it's too late for that. But the envelope-pushing that Special Unit 2 has done could make television better for all of us.

(Postscript: Special Unit 2 was cancelled in February 2002. Five years later, I haven't seen a thong shot to match it. Apparently, the envelope just sorta collapsed right back to its old shape despite all the pushing Special Unit 2 did. What a shame. There's a lesson here for network executives. UPN no longer exists. If you go around cancelling your hot TV shows, audiences will very likely cancel ... you.)