Sklavenmarkt: A Mystery Solved

A slave auction featuring naked, bound and collared slavegirls on display

One of the images that have mystified me and several others for about a decade: naked, tied and collared slavegirls on display at a slave auction.

Many years ago, I ran across a striking series of images of naked women being sold in what appeared to be a modern slave market. They were on a raised platform, their hands were tied behind their backs, they were collared, their collars were roped to overhead fixtures, and the auctioneer forced them to display their very naughtiest bits to the audience of horny men.

As slave market market imagery went, it was way better than anything else I had seen at the time (and there hasn t been much, if anything, to match it since). So naturally I made inquiries on various message boards, but without success.

Even the stalwarts on Brian's page failed me here, though to be fair, this was obviously a hardcore production, and the crew at brianspage isn t really oriented toward hardcore.

Well I had to do something with the images, and when I noticed that the sharp-featured auctioneer strongly resembled Kyle McLaughlin, I knew I had the hook whereby to hang my article.

Somebody who looks an awful lot like Kyle McLaghlan exhibits a slavegirl's naughty bits to potential buyers at the slavegirl auction.

Somebody with a good resemblance to Kyle McLaghlan, whom we now know is almost certainly NOT Kyle McLaghlan or his father ... exhibits a bound slavegirls' naughty bits at a slave auction.

Thus was born Why is Kyle McKachlan's Father Selling the Spice Girls' Mothers Into Slavery? It was without a doubt the most important article ever written on the topic of Kyle McLachlan's father selling the Spice Girls' mothers into slavery. And in a strange way, it answered my question about the real origin of the slave auction images. Because in checking bondagerotica's stats to see if hotlinking is being abused or whatnot, I discovered a link to my article on a vintage porn discussion board.

It was on a topic started by someone who was trying to discover the origin of the exact same slave auction images I had tried to discover at one time.

One of the thread posters had provided the link to my article in lieu of actual useful information, as is so often the case with cites of my work, so the original poster was still kind of in the dark about the origin of the images. He just thought my take on where the pictures came from was amusing, which worked for me.

But later in the thread another poster came through with the goods: the photos were vidcaps from an old German hardcore short called Sklavenmarkt and he posted more vidcaps to prove it. But most of all, someone subsequently posted the URL of a Rapidshare file that contained the entire 15-minute quickie, which means that anyone with the possession of that URL can now watch the whole film for free -- and this means you.

Cover to the Sklavenmarkt video

The cover of Color Climax Video #294: Slave Market, a 15-minute German hardcore quickie with subtitles. They don't make 'em like this any more. Probably a good thing.

That's the good new. The bad news is that this discovery pretty much does in my theory that the images demonstrate that Kyle McLaughlan's father sold the Spice Girl's mothers into slavery back in the 70s. Another beautiful theory done in by a gang of ugly facts! At least my theory that Sandra Bullock travelled back in time to model for the cover of the Gor novel "Slave Girl of Gor" in order to get the lead in the as-yet-unmade movie based on the book remains undisproven, for the moment. Frankly, it is getting rather late in the day for Sandra Bullock to play the lead in a movie about a hot slavegirl.

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