A Picture Worth 1,000 Words

A scene from "Saving Silverman."


  1. George had always found it best to be very cautious in dealing with Marjorie until after she had had her morning coffee.
  2. "No, Mrs. Lecter, I'm afraid I can't serve you a REAL Bloody Mary."
  3. "Callista, you're going to keep drinking the sugarfat shakes until you learn..."
  4. "Its for you eyesight honey, we can't let you keep provoking parental riots in those Little League games with bad calls."

We freely admit that we have already used this image from "Saving Silverman" previously. But it's JUST TOO GOOD to leave alone. We've given you five that come to mind, and there are probably a thousand out there. Feel free to make up your own. Share the Smarminess!