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roleplay in SL Gor

Copyright 2012 by Pat Powers
I've written a series of short articles designed to get you up and playing Second Life quick and easy, and knowing what's going on, so you don't have to read a ton of stuff jsut to get started playing the game. One article and you're in and you know what you are doing and immediately getting rid of that "noob" look. Two articles and you know the basics roleplay. Three articles and you know about combat. Etc., etc. There are six articles, as described below:

Getting Started in Second Life Gor
This is the very first thing to read, it tells you how to get into Second Life and where to get all the freebie goodies and how to find Gorean roleplay sims.  You'll be having fun getting new freebie stuff and playing with it in minutes.
How To Commit Sexual Roleplay in Second Life Gor
You know you want to. Here's how it works. Then ins and outs. Ahem. Shows you how conventions have evolved to let people who have various approaches to and levels of interest in sexual roleplay enjoy the game together. You don't HAVE to do it ... but you CAN do it, if you want to.
Raiding in Second Life Gor
It's a lot like World of Warcraft raiding, only if you lose, the prize can be ... you. Explains how to learn the skills you'll need to be a successful Gorean warrior, panther girl or battle slave.
OOC and IC in Second Life Gor, and Lifestyle Gor
This is a VERY useful guide to the principles of roleplay in Second Life Gor. I would recommend reading it before engaging in Second Life roleplay, but the choice is yours.
50 Shades of Second Life Gor
I figure with ten million readers of 50 Shades of Gray, we might just have a few people coming over from the books for some BDSMish roleplay, and this article is intended as a way to explain to them the benefits of Gorean roleplay for fans of 50 Shades of Gray.
Gor Evolved and By The Book Gor
There's a basic split in Second Life Gor. There are Gor Evolved sims, and By the Book sims. this explains how it happens and who the different kinds of lands operate, to help you choose your flavor of Gor.

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