A Brief Visual History of Pony Girls

Gagged, nipple-chained, shackled centaur girl wanders the woods.
A centaur girl wears a collar and a gag designed to keep her from bumming people out with her plaintive cries as she wanders the bosky woods.
(Source: Bondagerotica art staff.)

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The first-ever pony girl was of course the centaur. Primitive people did not have access to our modern technology, so pony girl gear was scarce except for chains, gags, collars and shackles -- but they did have half-human, half-horse creatures roaming the woodlands.  So there was that! The pony girls were most often seen in picturesque locations, typically uttering cries of, "What the FUCK? How the hell did THIS happen? I'm half horse? And my butt is SOOO big!" Which is how the tradition of gagging pony girls ... and later, actual ponies ... got established. Who wanted to listen to that all the time?

Early 20th Century pony girls hide their sexual secrets.
Early 20th Century pony girls look innocent enough as they pull their Mistress in a cart, which of course was
a standard mode of transportation of the time ... but they had a secret!
Source: this one has been on a variety of sites, but nearly as I can tell, originates on the Kinky Delight web page.

We move on to the Victorian Era for no particular reason. A pair of innocent-looking Victorian women do pony girl work as they drag a Victorian Mistress in a cart of the time. It all looked very innocent, but in the fashion of the time Victorian women hid their bodies, and also concealed any hint that they were sexual animals, which is EXACTLY what they were, it turns out. Note that these Victorian pony girls are wearing, in addition to the usual shapeless, unflattering garments of their times, a common accessory that has since vanished: the bustle!

There have been any number of theories offered to explain the bustle, but just look at the profile of the women pulling the cart and the purpose of the bustle is obvious: to conceal the butt plug tails worn by the women pulling the cart. 

Diagram indicating why bustles were obviously used to hide ponytail butt plugs.
It's rather obvious when you think about it. Source: Bondagerotica art staff.

Clearly, in less enlightened Victorian times,  the sight of the bulge of ponytail butt plugs against the back of a woman's dress could easily have roused unwholesome thoughts in the minds of impressionable males, and that would have been unthinkable, so women who wore ponytail butt plugs wore these devices that exended the back of the dress to hide such bulges.  But since there could only be one reason for wearing such a device (i.e, the bustle) that meant that ALL women must wear a bustle, else the sight of the bustle itself would arouse the very same unwholesome thoughts that the sight of the bulge of a ponytail butt plug would arouse.  And since they were wearing bustles ANYWAY, almost all of them wound up wearing ponytail butt plugs as well because, you know ... fashion.

Unfortunately, in those days ponytail butt plugs were quite large and made out of iron. (Interesting historical note: just as the Romans lined their plumbing with lead, they also made ponytail butt plugs out of lead. When their ponygirls died in droves from lead poisoning, they assumed it was a curse from the gods for trying to make centaurs out of human women and stopped the practice ... though of course, they never really caught on about the lead plumbing.) Very uncomfortable compared to our sleek modern ponytail butt plugs. That's why in almost every photo of women from that era, they are wearing The Expression. You know the one:

Sweet Jesus, when am I going to be able to go home and get this thing out of my ass?
"Sweet Jesus, when am I going to be able to go home and get this thing out of my ass?"
Source: Just about every photo ever taken of Victorian women. That's Florence Nightingale, founder of the Red Cross, at far right. Woot! Who knew?

So now you know what all these Victorian cuties were REALLY flashing when they posed showing their bustles!

Vintage bustle babes show their stuff.
Under the crinolines, it's all butt plug, baby! In fact, if you could wear the butt plug, the bustle, and all those itchy clothes and STILL flash a convincing smile, you were a model, no questions asked, in those days. It was just that difficult.
Source: Reasonably Attractive and Friendly Women On Parade Illustrated, an early porn mag.

Next we leap forward to the 1970s, also for no particular reason. With the freed up freedom of expression and nudity of the times, the ponygirl became a great deal more visible, i.e., naked. 

1970s pony girls from "Check to the Queen"
"Well, the pay is nonexistent and there's no clothes and you get a stall instead of an apartment, but ... all the oats you can eat!"
Source: the 1970s art house film, Check to the Queen.

Since most 1970s pony girls were seen in art house films, something bad had to happen to them or their owner, because that's just the way art house films are.  So itwas largely a downer period for pony girls in mainstream films, with the possible exception of Perils of Gwendoline, a movie so stupid no one could take it seriously, so ... there's that!

Notice, no ponytail butt plugs in the pony girls of "Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik-Yaks." Strangely, this feature is missing from 1970s mainstream pony girl imagery. But there were plenty of leather straps, helmets, and sometimes gags, in the few mainstream pony girl scenes. Well, these two. There was not a lot else.
Source: Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik-Yaks.

There was no pony girl imagery in the mainstream in the 1980s-2000s, when Maggie Gyllenhaal showed up saddled and gagged with a carrot in "Secretary." There is a simple explanation for this: random coincidence. There have not been a lot of pony girls in mainstream films, period, possibly due to the fact that it was not on ANYBODY'S radar as fetish until the rise of the Furries in the 1990s, when it started hitting the mainstream in a mild sort of way. There has not been a lot of pony girl imagery in the mainstream in current films, either. This does not stop me from making broad generalizations, of course, not does it have any effect on the validity of those generalizations. Why? Because I said so!

James Spader saddles up pony girl Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary.
"C'mon, buttercup, let's take a ride on your back 40!"
Source: The 2002 film Secretary

Of course, in the dark corners of the Internet which is, after all, for porn,  pony girl imagery is alive and well. And there it has obtained its full fruition, with women wearing pony tail butt plugs, plenty of bondage gear, gags, blinders and nothing else prancing about in the outdoors with nothing but a battery of video cameras and still cameras to record their naked glory.

Two naked pony girls pull their Master in a cart, their butt plug ponytails dangling proudly.
Two naked pony girls, one hand chained to the card, one behind their back, head-harnessed, bit-gagged, body-harnessed and with butt plug pony tails a-dangle, march into the sunset. March on, you naked beasties! But this is not .. the end!
Source: Shadowplayers website.

But what lies in the future? It's actually quite easy to predict. The rise of the Furries on the one hand and the rise of a certain popular mainstream series that is right up their alley clearly shows where the future will be:
My Little PonyMy little pony as slave leia
Don't give me that look! You know I'm right! -- Hell ... IT'S ALREADY HAPPENING!!!!!!
Source: MyLittlePony.com and The Guardian.

I'm sorry if that last image caused you any pain. I've got some brain bleach on hand for you ... all you need to do to get it is:
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Hottitude of Servitude cover art -- lots of naked slave girlsKarg cover art -- bound, gagged, naked slave girl AND dinosaur, also gagged!

And of course, as a pony girl cart IS a form of transportation, alternative energy tax credits could make it more popular on purely practical grounds:
Naked chained and gagged pony girl pulls cart.
Yes ... practical ... mmmhmmm ...
Source: The Shadowplayers website.

And this is ... then end!

Well how could I resist?
"I swear to god, it doesn't hurt at all once it's in ... all the furries are doing it ... look, I did it!"
Source: Heaven666 website.