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Law and Order SVU Introduces First Panty Gag On Mainstream TV

Naked, bound and panty-gagged -- way to go, Law and Order SVU!

As the creator and repository of the First In Bondage in Manstream Media List, we are always interested in firsts, and a major one occurred on Oct. 25, 2002, a date that will live, well, somewhere. An episode of Law and Order SVU (Special Victims' Unit) opened with a couple of suits in an office walking into a conference room and finding it wrecked. Locked in a closet in the conference room was a naked, bound and gagged damsel.

But that isn't what makes it a first. What makes it a first is that the damsel (possibly played by Caprice Benedetti) was stuff gagged with wadding -- which consisted of HER PANTIES!

That's right, it was the first-ever panty gag scene on television. There haven't been all that many panty gags in mainstream media, period, though of course they've been popular in commercial bondage imagery forever. There was a scene in a Spanish exploitation movie that I've never seen, only heard about, and a scene in Jaded that was almost certainly a pantie gag but was so underlit that it was basically a "best guess" kinda thing.

Here's a pantie gag from a commercial video, The Hitcher, a storyline video from ZFX on the dangers of hitchhiking. Actress Penelope Pace grimaces as she struggles to spit out the pantie gag, but it's futile of course because the gag has been secured with tape, wrapped around her head. She's also tied hands behind so she can't remove it with her hands. Note that mainstream pantie gags in Law and Order SVU and Jaded are not secured in any way. And the damsel in Law and Order SVU is tied hands in front and Carla Gugino in Jaded is not bound at all. So you have to figure they would have been able to remove their gags easily, if they were so inclined. Guess they just liked being pantie gagged.

But it's in America that panty gags first broke the mainstream TV barrier. Man, I'm so proud to be an American sometimes. And unlike the scene in Jaded, the scene in Law and Order SVU was well lit, and they showed the suits removing the panties from the victim's mouth, and it was very easy to see that they were panties.

Law and Order SVU is a pretty grim show at best, and this ep was no exception -- the real topic of the show was the conflict between the New York cops and U.S. Marshalls when a guy in the witness protection program who's dishing big time against the Russian mob starts whacking prostitutes. The nude woman with a mouthful of panties is a member of the Russian mob who has crossed her fellow Russian mobsters. Being noted for brutality, the mobsters rape her and strip her and bind her and gag her and leave her to be found by the suits.

Her travails do not end there -- she is next seen in handcuffs, being led off by Federal investigators for questioning about her money laundering activities on behalf of the Russian mob. It's the last we see of her ... she just serves to get the SVU team on the trail of the Russian mob.

Law and Order SVU pushed the envelope pretty thoroughly earlier in 2002 with a scene of a woman cuffed and stuff gagged and wearing just a bra and about the scantiest panties I've seen on a woman in bondage on mainstream TV. (Normally, when mainstream TV does bondage, the woman tends to be, not just clothed, but unusually well clothed, so this was exceptional.)

Earlier in 2002, this unusually scantily clad damsel was seen on Law and Order SVU. These people really know how to push the envelope. They are to bondage scenes what Special Unit 2 was to thong scenes.

And in a recent 2008 episode, Benson, Mariska Hargitay's character, goes undercover in a prison and winds up handcuffed, kneeling and ALMOST forced to give a corrupt prison guard a blowjob (she's rescued in the Nick of Time). Of course, women are ALWAYS being captured by the bad guys in TV melodramas, but this is about the most explicit image of the kind of perils a damsel in distress might face you'll find anywhere on TV. (Contrast with the most-raped sister theme of the Roger Corman exploitation flick Warlords).

I'm tempted to say, "I don't know how Law and Order SVU gets away with it." Except that I'm pretty sure I know how it gets away with it. Law and Order SVU's serious take on its topic keeps it from being scrutinized as carefully as others are by the standards and practices boys.

For example, if My Name is Earl wanted to do a panty gag with Jaime Pressly, standards and practices would have been all over them, because they'd know that My Name is Earl would just be exploiting it or having fun with it or something. But if Law and Order SVU wants to do a panty gag, they're OK with it, because they know SVU would be doing a serious thing about the dangers of panty gags, or why you shouldn't panty gag someone, or that only bad people do panty gags. It's serious panty gag stuff, so it's OK.

Actually My Name Is Earl recently did do a bound and gagged scene for Jaime Pressly, thought it involved a tape gag, not a panty gag. And just as predicted, they had fun with it. Played it for laughs. You can almost see the torrent of harsh language building up inside Pressly's character as she sits there. You can't trust people like this to do a panty gag scene, they'd never take it seriously.

By the way, this looks like a high-resolution scanned photo, but it's not. It's an INCREDIBLY good video capture by Wavy. Puts my vidcaps in perspective, eh? You can see more of his topnotch work at his site, .

It's similar to the way filmmakers got away with nudity, bondage and all sorts of sexual innuendo back in the early 1930s because they were doing serious Biblical epics. They HAD to show how degenerate the Romans were so everyone could see how virtuous the early Christian were, in contrast, as in the film Sign of the Cross, which featured bestiality, lesbianism and bondage, as well as the usual torture and killing. It's a really handy technique and worked very well, in the 1930s, and apparently, in the 2000s as well.

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