First Joyrope in the Movies

Elke Sommer in "Sweet Ecstasy," 1962

Swedish hottie Elke Sommer gets tied up by Euro beatnik gangsters of some sort. Works for me!

Copyright 2007 by Pat Powers

If you've read my piece on Tina Louise's bitgag scene in an episode of "Bonanza," you're aware that it was over three decades before another bitgag scene occurred.

Well, the Swedish hottie actress of the 60s, Elke Sommer, had a scene that was not replicated in any way for almost four decades, in the 1962 movie "Sweet Ecstasy." (OK, she was actually German, but she looked Swedish and she had the cutest accent, so who's counting really? And thanks and a tip o the hat to evil minions Michael H and Matthew A for pointing this out.) As you can see, it involves a joyrope, aka a crotchrope. You'd think something an innocuous as a rope disappearing between a captive's legs would happen periodically, kinda randomly whenever it seemed like the right thing to do in some damsel in distress scene.

A closeup of the joyrope. Very dramatic. Also, what a pair of hips on Elke Sommer! Yowzah!

Well, it didn't work out that way. There were no crotchropes in any mainstream scenes until 1999, when Carolyn Ducey wore one in the movie "Romance," except that unlike Elke Sommer, Ducey was nude in her scene. (However, Ducey's pubic hair was so thick and, um, extensive, that she might as well have been wearing a thong for the scene.)

Carolyn Ducey in the first joyrope scene since Elke's 1962 scene. Note panties around knees. That's huge dark triangle between her legs is pubic hair, not panties. and although that gag appears drawn on, it's not. In fact, it has a built-in ballgag. Nice.


And of course, "Romance" was a French production. Then again, "Sweet Ecstasy" was a French production, too. To which we say, "Vive la France!" It could reasonably be said that no American production has ever produced a joyrope scene to date.

However, "Sweet Ecstasy" and "Romance" have both been readily available to American viewers, and are about as foreign to Americans as the Emmanuelle films or the Sherlock Holmes movies, which is to say, not at all.

Elke Sommer went on to successs thanks to a great natural talent for comedy as well as being a blonde Swedish hottie. After her breakthrough role in "Return of the Pink Panther," she appeared in plenty of top shelf mainstream movies. And although this bit of film history is probably not in her resume, it probably should be.

Elke Sommer's end, and what a nice one, too.
She's still with us, creating painting influenced by Marc Chagall. You go, girl!

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