Gor Vision Tavern Roleplay

Picture of the Gor Vision tavern during my visit there.
A kneeling slavegirl awaits the Master's pleasure in the Gor Vision Tavern.

Care to visit the Gor Vision Tavern? Have a great time and tell 'em Bondo sent you if you drop by. Their SLURL:


By Pat Powers (Copyright not claimed as others contributed to the roleplay found herein)

This is a heavily edited and cleaned up transcript of the roleplay that occurred when I visited the Gor Vision Tavern, a Gorean paga tavern which is open to people from outside of Gor, with the idea of introducing them to Gorean roleplay. With the success of 50 Shades of Gray, this struck me as a potentially brilliant concept, so I decided to conduct an interview for a blog post. The tavern owner suggested I collect the interview in roleplay, rather than in an Out Of Character interview, and I found that agreeable, so I did. I'm posting the roleplay to give you an idea of how roleplay works. I did not make out of character plans with any of the people in the tavern, other than introducing myself to the tavern owner and explaining why I was there. The roleplay is just the various people reacting as their characters would react to what other characters might do.

The names have been changed to protect the guilty except for Bondo Quixote, who gave me his full permission to use his name, for whatever reason. Each quote normally starts with a timestamp, I eliminated those because, duh. I eliminated some lines by various people early on because they made it hard to follow the main thread between Bondo, CutieSlave and Slaverguy, but left SOME lines in because they help convey that the roleplay was occurring in a crowded tavern filled with other people (note how some react when I put my hand on the slavegirl's throat). Some of the tavern people's lines may not make much sense because they are in response to things being said by people outside my avatar's "hearing range" but were included for verisimilitude.

I also cleaned up some minor typos, left a few in for verisimilitude: roleplay is not composed, it's done on the fly, like speech in real life. But I made NO changes to deliberately alter the meaning or context of what was said.

Bondo Quixote wanders over to a table and has a seat.

Slaverguy: sure you can gab, btw, a customer has arrived

CutieSlave scurries over to the man at the table, "Tal Master, how may this girl serve you, welcome to Gor Vision"

Bondo Quixote: Good to be here, girl. How about a bowl of sa paga, room temperature? (Ed: sa paga is the equivalent of Gorean whiskey, it is commonly served in bowls, and can be ordered warmed, room temperature or cold. Making that particular order is an easy way to let the other players know I have at least the fundamentals of Gorean roleplay down.)

Hotdancer wakes up from her day dream and smiles as she see all the ppl in the tavern.... greetings Masters...

Slaverguy: welcome back hotdancer.

Bondo Quixote: Tal girl

CutieSlave beams happy to serve. she runs to the kitchen and grabs the bowl checking it to make sure it is perfect and fills it with paga. she runs back to Master and kneels holding it up, "May you find pleasure in this drink Master"

Bondo Quixote takes the paga and gives it a good pull. "Nice, girl. you have done well."

Tavernkeeper woman: old bondo here , is from earth and come to make story about my tavern "wiggles. so be nice"

Hotdancer shrugs and moves then closer, she had a bath today and should smell like a flower, smiles up to him... may this girl serve you Master

Bondo Quixote: I am from Earth by way of Gor, no need to be on good or bad behavior for me.

CutieSlave beams, "Thank you Master, may i get you anything else?" eyes his chest and bites her lip

Tavernkeeper woman: i always try make him behave , and he never listen , so no worry "sighed

Bondo Quixote: So girl, what sort of place is this, he asked CutieSlave

Slaverguy: enjoy the slave sir, i have to leave for a while, im going to try to bring some customers to the club

Bondo Quixote: safe paths, then sir (Ed: a common Gorean farewell)

Bondo Quixote grabs CutieSlave and pulls her into his lap so he can grill her in comfort. (Ed: no avatars moved during this RP, the slavegirl's avatar remained in the position shown in the image above. Much of roleplay is accomplished without the use of animations, with the participants describing their actions where they are not easily performed by the avatars. Avatars can easily talk, walk about, sit down, etc., but complex interplay between avatars like one pulling another avatar into its lap generally requires animations, which are frequently not worth the bother. See my descripton of Sexual Roleplay on Gor for a more in-depth analysis.)

CutieSlave takes in a deep breath and with pride she keeps her eyes shining, "This is a place where the average Joe can be treated like a King, Master" she slips easliy into his lap and giggles softly as she wiggle her tush to settle in.

Bondo Quixote: Aye, it's nice enough,' he siad, groping McKenzie's ass. "Looks like your typical Gorean paga tavern to me.

Hotdancer waits silent for the Masters answer and looks with a soft smile to Mistress bubi and to Master stone

Tavernkeeperguy looks down at the girl .. whats up girl ?

Hotdancer lowers her gaze and whispers now... may this Beast serve you Master?

Tavernkeeper woman: i think the slut want to serve you oldy " looks at angel wiuth a smile "go grab a pole angel

CutieSlave bites her lip feeling his hand and she smiles, "It is in a way Master, but we serve all, Gorean and Earth, Dom and sub, Master and Mistress... we have slaves to meet all sorts of neeeds and offer an atmosphere for anyone to feel comfortable in"

Hotdancer: yes Mistress as you wish

Tavernkeeperguy rolls his eyes .. serve me .. like do some shoppings .. shine my boots or feed me grapes ?

Bondo Quixote: Ah, so Earth people may visit here, I see,' he said. "How do they find it? Gor is a remote place."

Tavernkeeperguy: they wait for the shuttle back to earth .. actually its a bus station

Hotdancer: if the Master like that this beast feed him grapes or if she makes his boots shine it would be her pleasure and her honor... grabs now one of the pole and starts to dance

CutieSlave nods softly, "This is a place that is settled in between Gor and earth...like a gateway or stepping stone, one to the other... so people who do not know Gor may sit freely and learn and enjoy what it offers. Or people who simply like the slave/master may sit and enjoy"

Bondo Quixote: I wonder how many bus stations have paga sluts," he siad, groping CutieSlave to emphasize his point.

CutieSlave giggles madly and blushes

Bondo Quixote: Well it sounds like a great idea,' he said, playfully slapping the giggling slave on the butt. "how do Earth people find out about it? Do you have wandering sluts visiting the streets of Earth and calling out its advantages?

CutieSlave grins, "Yes Master, we go to various places and share our invitations to them. Word of mouth is the best sort of enticment" as her tiny fingers lift to let the soft tips of her fingers gently touch his bottom lip.

Bondo Quixote: I'll bet,' he said with a grin, "Nothing like an armful of hot slavegirl to make a man feel enticed,' he said. "I imagine it might be appealing for earth women who wish to explore their slavey side as well," he said, exploring the mounds under CutieSlave's bra top as he spoke, much like an explorer climbing Mount Everest only his fingers were the explorers, her breasts were Mount Everest, and her nipples its peak. And of course her breasts were not covered with snow and ice, which he deeply appreciated.

CutieSlave blushes at his touch as her skin wakes with small goose bumps, "Yes Master, an earth woman may also find a male slave here too, we serve all Sir." her back arches a little making her full purt breast push into his fingers, her round bottom wiggling more into his crotch as she smiles softly into his eyes.

Bondo Quixote: Well sure, I bet you got kajiruses (Note: male slaves) here too," he said, enjoying the cute way the slave blushed but a bit curious about it. "The way you are blushing, I would almost think you are a white silk, girl."

CutieSlave smiles, and shakes her head, "No Master, just the touch of a man is very nice and causes me to blush. Especially the touch of a strong man who knows what he wants, it speaks to a girls core Sir"

Bondo Quixote feels his trousers tenting a bit as the slave wiggles on his lap and has a gulp of paga. "Nice wiggling," he said as the warm rush of the paga rolled down inside his chest.

Bondo Quixote: Your core ... did you mean your slave heat?" he asked with a laugh.

CutieSlave leans in and quickly licks the paga from his chest to catch the liquid and holds it on her tongue, cupped gently and looks to him with offering in her eyes for him to take it from her as she gently leans in..

Bondo Quixote crushes the girl to him and kisses the hell out of her soft, tender lips, getting the paga along with the lips, being a greedy sort.

Slaverguy: feel free to come in and enjoy our place

VisitingWoman: thank you very much

VisitingWoman: i just wait until i see everything

CutieSlave smiles against his mouth and moans softly enjoying the taste of the paga and his mouth as it captivates her. A tentative hand reaching up to play with the hair at the back of his neck as her breasts push against him

Bondo Quixote fondles the girl's pushy breasts as he rapes her lips with his rapist lips, lip locking her and enjoying the feel of the slut squirming in his lap, her tiny hands feeling about tentatively as his roam her body at will, seeking and fondling her body.

CutieSlave sucks on his bottom lip and places her other hand over his heart as she rubs her thigh into his taught muscular stomach. His touch setting her body off into a hot silky pool of want. His hungry force making her toes curl.

Tavernkeeper woman: time is all we all have " laughs wiggling her finger "come lets start with the place that all patrons like , the bar "

Tavernkeeperguy: VisitingWoman .. be carefull .. she usually serves drinks with some wierd additives …

VisitingWoman: looks to the speaker and smiles

Slaverguy: tal there lil one, you have a customer right here

Tavernkeeper woman: here we provied the gorean drink and the commen that you can find in earth "bub point at the kitchen "also food , but most are hungry for other things " smiles

Slaveintraining cant see yet im trying to Master

VisitingWoman: nods and follows

Bondo Quixote: So, um ... does your use come with the cost of the paga?" he asked as he fondled the girls' breasts so thoroughly that they probably would not need fondling for a month to come. His tenting trousers felt her heat rubbing against them, a hot tent of lust inspired by the slave slut that wiggled so enticingly in his arms.

Tavernkeeper woman keep walking to the 'circle room' as i turn to face the lady "you know a bit about gor?"

VisitingWoman: not really, i have stumbled over some places in Sl and read some notecards with rules

VisitingWoman: but that was a lot about raids and combats and so on

CutieSlave grins wickedly, "Usually Master, however i am still restricted." she forms a pout and looks over to Master Vic, "You would have to speak with Master Vic, he is our house slaver Sir" (Note: Gorean slave owners may restrict or not restrict the use of their slaves. Generally it refers to sexual use, but they may restrict any sort of activity.)

VisitingWoman: ah thank you

Tavernkeeper woman glance and nods "well Gor is a fiction world that have more than raid , and this scroll might help you a bit "smiles

VisitingWoman: nods and reads

Bondo Quixote: What?" he growled, putting a meaty paw at the girls' neck. "A restricted girl serving as a paga slut?" he growled, his outrage fueled by the fire in his pants. "this is an outrage!" he said, glaring at the slave.

VisitingWoman: lloking at the dance pit .. it seems that it is about dancing too

Slaverguy notices the man getting angry and turns on his heels aproaching him "anything wrong sir, you find the slut dispeleasant?"

CutieSlave lifts her chin taking in a deep breath and swallows against his hand, "this girl is still learning Master, but i serve all as i can."

Slaverguy: displeasant even, lol

Tavernkeeper woman: here you can read also in the library stories from people life in Gor , all kind of point of view ....aya" nods "here we focus about the pleasure side , so girls learn how to become good in all espactes of that

Bondo Quixote: She's restricted!" he growled. "I thought this was a Gorean paga tavern, not a freaking Applebees!" he said,his hand still on the frightened girl's throat.

Slaveintraining listens to the angry customer wondering if her sis is ok

VisitingWoman: i see, may i say that you do not look very gorean, more like going to a hard rock party

Tavernkeeper woman: they learn to dance , to serve drinks and food , to talk and act as gorean to gorean and to earth ppl , and to provide all good time "laughs as she hears the woman "but i do look good don't i ?"

Slaverguy looks down at mk frowning "yes she is restricted as shes learning sir, but ive heard the slut told you about it, you want to use her?" he looks back at mk then back to the man "shes still learning and shes skilled enough, if you want to use her then only thing you have to do is asking sir"

VisitingWoman: smiles .. if i would be a man i would say thta you look hot"

Bondo Quixote: Well sure, I'd like to use her, she's been wiggling in my lap like a pleasure slave for the last fifteen minutes,' he said, his hand slipping from her throat, feeling a bit mollified.

Tavernkeeper woman laughs "thank you ! but you are right , I am not looking gorean , but remember this is gorean tavern in earth

CutieSlave keeps her eyes on this and runs a soft finger up his arm and grins, almost enjoying his force, her chin up and body relaxed but a hint of fear in her eyes. As his hand slips from her throat she nuzzles into his neck

Bondo Quixote gives her ass a friendly pat, his anger mollified somewhat.

VisitingWoman: yes i understand, inside it looks more gorean but the dresses are of very different styles

Slaverguy: well the slut is well trained to tease sir, she has only been used by me to instruct her , so take in mind you will be the first customer that will enjoy her, he smiles softly at the man, then stares deeply into mks eyes "please the man in everyway you can lil slut, please him in the furs and make him dont forget his time in gor vision"

Tavernkeeper woman: not really , if you look at the slaves , they are fallowing the gorean rules ...always

VisitingWoman: the kneeling girl?

Bondo Quixote grinned. "I'll teach her to serve as a slave should," he growled, taking her hair in his hands possessively.

Tavernkeeper woman: she wear silk as you can see

VisitingWoman: yes i see

Bondo Quixote laid three copper tarns on the table. "And I'll pay well for her use, too," he added. (Note: the copper tarns were pretendy tarns, that is, no actual money changed hands, I just pretended to pay for her just like I pretended to grab her throat. Offering real Second Life currency, i.e., Linden dollars, for a slave, is a huge no-no in Gorean roleplay, as a general rule.)

Tavernkeeper woman: and she look great " smiles softly looking at Mk back

Slaverguy: i will leave you so you could enjoy her sir, we have alcoves down if you need more privacy, he turns on his heels and goes to the entrance of the tavern

CutieSlave blushes with a lascivious smiles, "Yes Master" her head notching back as (bondo) takes it

VisitingWoman: yes, all women look gorgious here

Bondo Quixote stands and drains the rest of the bowl of paga, his other hand still in the girl's hair. "Alcoves, eh? They got chains and whips and stuff?" he asked with an evil leer.

CutieSlave grins with a soft fear but also anticipation, "YEs Master, would you like to see?"

Bondo Quixote released her hair. "Show me, girl," he growled, his voice a bit thick with lust.

Slaverguy: that makeup makes you look different jen, i like it a lot, he runs his thumb over her red lips soflty

VisitingWoman: a punishment?

CutieSlave runs a finger down the crease of his chest and smiles, stands and shows him down to the alcoves.

Bondo Quixote: This is the hugest alcove area I've ever seen," he said, taking it all in.

Tavernkeeper woman: jail " blinks , scratching her forehead "I rather call it Kennel ...and behind you there is the alcove , that Mastress can take the girls to use

CutieSlave smiles, "Is this to your liking Master?"

Bondo Quixote: I'ts all right,' he said, taking it all in. “Heel girl," he siad, spotting a likely looking alcove

VisitingWoman: notices the pictures on the wall and sees that one shows a really erotic scene

Tavernkeeper woman: the alcove can get close and in gor to fur (have sex) is not something that people free a shame at , nor slave or free

CutieSlave follows


Here we must draw a curtain of modesty over what, if anything, happened in the alcove, but I can assure you that they were able to put out the fire eventually, most of the animals were caught and tranquilized, and that hazmat suits were NOT required, rumors to contrary, to clean out the alcove afterward.

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