The Dildo Gag Scene: A Very Special Xena Bondage Remembrance

"Are you sure it's not a dildo gag, Xena? I didn't know clits grew this big!"

copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

The stereotypical view of DiD scenes is that they're for wimps. Soft, weak women whom the bad guys easily capture and who are useful to them only as bait to lure the hero into a deathtrap. And who are useful only to the heroes as, erm, love interests. Sex toys. Recreational opportunities.

But the way things actually tend to work out is, the stronger the female lead, the more likely she is to show up in strong bondage scenes. By "strong" we mean, more stringent bondage with more intense perils. Cases in point: Emma Peel of the Avengers, The Girl from U.N.C.L.E., Sydney on Alias and Wonder Woman, among many others.

Most of all, case in point: Xena Warrior Princess. It took bondage imagery to places most shows dared not go, as the image at the top of this page demonstrates. Now, what's supposedly happening is , we have a woman caked in mud and tied to a pole so she can be baked and eaten by cannibals. The thing in her mouth is a breathing tube so she can breathe when the cover up her face. (Like, they are planning to cook and eat her, why would they care?)

What you saw if you just quickly tuned into the show and saw the image without putting it in context is a half-naked woman in bondage, smeared with mud, with a big dildo gagging her. I'm sure quite a few people tuned into this scene in the middle of things and went, "What the hell? I can't be seeing what I think I'm seeing!"

Which I think was pretty much what the people who set this scene up had in mind. Damn, I miss this level of ballsiness. Damsel in Distress scenes are not for wimps. They're for action heroines! I don't think anybody, even male sexist pigs, misses the wimpy femmes who couldn't run ten feet without tripping and wore high heels in the woods at night. The action heroines are a lot more fun.