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Hentai are finally sending their slimy tentacles into American mainstream media. Huzzah!

A bit of bondage -- sadly, the only bit -- from Eiken. Note the
incredibly huge breasts. They're not the largest in this anime.

Copyright 2007 by Pat Powers

Now, this being a first exploratory tentacle, it's not as full-strength and raunchy as the real thing. It's called ecchi, and it is to hentai as softcore porn is to hardcore porn. Sorta. There are differences. Even so, it's pretty durned raunchy. I mean, check out the vidcap above, it's from Eiken, the ecchi that is the first tentacle I spoke of. If it were a hentai, it would have scenes of the tied-up babe being fucked or sucking cock. Explicit scenes, as demonstrated on my hentai revue site.

Here's a scene from "Slave Market" one of the hentai on my hentai revue site. This isn't even an explicit image, but you'll not see anything too much like it in most ecchi anime.

But the pic at the top of the page is about as wild as things get in Eiken, with that joyrope descending between what look like the upper ends of her labial folds. No naughty bits are to be seen, only womanly curves. (Though some ecchi do show nipples, and sex, but not explicit sex with labia and cocks doing each other's things.)

Here's a scene from "DearS" an ecchi anime about alien sex slaves that crash land on Earth and just want to be sexually enslaved. The guy on top of her is Not Interested in enslaving her. So of course, he's The One as far as she's concerned. It's a comedy. They're not fucking, either, though it looks a lot like they were. Scenes like this happens a lot in ecchi anime.

A little background. Hentai have been available in the U.S. for years but not via mainstream media. You can buy them from websites on the Internet quite easily. You can buy them at some bookstores/video stores if you know what you are doing. Frex, I bought my first hentai, Fencer of Minerva, at now defunct Media Play. I've also seen Cool Devices and La Blue Girl on sale at Tower Records, or something like Tower Records, in a mall store, right next to Dragonball Z.

But these anime were not exactly marketed as the kinky raunchfests they are (especially Cool Devices and La Blue Girl). It has always been a case of "Those Who Know, Know." The general feeling among hentai fans is that if hentai gains much mainstream acceptance, they'll get a lot of attention from the sort of people who like to censor things, and hentai, for a variety of reasons, are eminently censorable.

Be that as it may, last Friday at midnight the anime "Eiken" was on the Encore Action channel at midnight. And as you can see from the cap at the beginning of the article, it's fairly raunchy, though not at full hentai strength. And the thing is, people who own digital cable and who have no idea what hentai are all about are going to flip through the channels, and a few are going to be able to SEE what ecchi are all about, for the first time. Those who don't know will know, and not because somebody who thought they'd be interested told them.

Eiken is not the best introduction to ecchi, nor is it the worst. It's the usual combination of the very sexy with the mildly disturbing. Or very disturbing, depending on how easily disturbed you are. I imagine there are some people who would just raise an eyebrow at what's in Eiken, while others would be reduced to high-pitched keening and/or sputtering noises.

Eiken is about a boy, Densuke, who is going to a new school, the exclusive Zashono Academy, which is the Japanese equivalent of a junior college if I am not mistaken.

There is apparently something on Densuke's mind. These are the biggest breasts in the girls' club, borne by their leader, who sucks on popsicles and such a lot. She's a very forthright and capable person. THAT must be why she's the leader..

While there, for reasons that are never exactly clear to this observer, Densuke's forced to join an all-girl club. Several of the girls in this club have enormous breasts. We're talking ridiculously large breasts, so large that I, who generally likes large breasts, find them kinda deformed-looking. Y'know, they get past a certain size and they look like growths rather than breasts. especially on women with skinny or normal figures, which is all of them in this as in most anime.

Eiken is definitely about the ginormous hooters, but there's more to it than that, of course. There's also panties. Lots and lots and lots of images of women bending over, lying spread-legged and otherwise arranged so that you can clearly see their panties.

Some reviewers have dissed Eiken big time, saying it's just a big breast fetish thing. Not so. There's also panties..

Oh, and as if panties didn't add enough depth and complexity to this film, there's also the face sitting. Densuke is constantly and accidentally having his faced jammed into some woman's crotch, and for reasons that make perfectly good sense if you don't examine them for more than a nanosecond, having to keep it there.

Throughout most of this scene from one of the athletic contests, Densuke must keep his face in Chiharu's crotch for sporting purposes. And he has to hang onto her breast for ... reasons ....

You can imagine how embarrassed you might be if that happened to you all the time. Now take that embarrassment and increase it by several orders of magnitude, and you have Densuke's feelings on the matter.

Densuke's feelings are expressed in the typical manner of Japanese anime when the characters are losing their cool -- his face is drawn super-distorted. There's not much point in describing it, you've seen the vidcap -- the face is red, the eyes are bugged out, the mouth is an "O" of outrage or embarrassment or whatever the appropriate emotion is.

Densuke's face gets drawn super-distorted a lot..

Densuke's all-girl-except-him club participates in a number of sports-like contests with another club from the school, such as several of them going down an extremely high, long, and coiled water slide, the sort of water slide that someone who fears heights might have nightmares about. The challenge, apart from the height, is for all the team members to stay in physical contact with one another and they swoop and swirl down the slide, which has the usual cartoonlike relationship with gravity, i.e., very little relationship at all.

The final event in the contest ... sucking on popsickles that look like dildos ...whle bending over practically on one's hands and knees .. while wearing skimpy bikinis and a little maid's apron and hat. Oh, that's athletic, all right ...

And since one of his teammates -- Chiharu, the very one he is enamored of -- has about half her body mass in her breasts, that's what Densuke winds up latching onto as they slide.

See? Perfectly reasonable. Kinda.

Here's Chiharu with her breast pressed against a board. They're just too freaking big, though. She looks deformed. Her head looks tiny atop them. The line between breasts that are large and breasts thar are deformed isn't all that fine, and these people have whizzed right past it..

There are several things other than the near-constant near-nudity of the female characters that will disturb your uninitiated American viewer.

Despite the enormous breasts, Chiharu's ass is normally proportioned, and very nice, when it's not smeared with chocolate pudding..

One will be the uninhibited breast fetishism. There's nothing subtle or refined about it, it's very much like the days of Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe. Very in-your-face, so to speak.

Another is a more subtle point. On several occasions when Chiharu embraces Densuke in a friendly manner, Densuke has warm sexual feelings about her, which are expressed in an image of a tiny Densuke gazing at Chiharu naked, and thoroughly tied with white ropes, including extensive breast bondage and joyrope that is clearly lodged between Chiharu's labia (the la bia themselves are not shown -- hell, look at the illustration at the top of the page there.)

Densuke is not portrayed as being a pervert or abnormal in any way, this is just the artist's way of signaling that regular-guy Densuke has sexual feelings about Chiharu. It's a subtly presented point, but not all THAT subtle, and may have the Flanderses of the world getting a little foamy at the mouth.

But what's most likely to get the Flanderses' censoring freak on is the fact that the shortest, youngest, most adolescent-looking member of the club is a bubbly young thing who has breasts that are equal to or greater than her body mass, and who twirls them almost constantly.

For some reason, I think American audiences might find this image, and others like the, disturbing. Call me a cynic, if you will..

Frankly, I find her a little disturbing, and I'm accustomed to this stuff. Her breasts look misshapen and deformed, she looks underage, although maybe she's a dwarf, but in any event, she looks wrong, all wrong, and I have no idea WHAT the creators of this anime that was clearly intended for late adolescents (too raunchy for younger adolescents, not a full hentai, so, yeah, older adolescents) had in mind, but JEEBUS I just don't think it's gonna work for an American audience. I mean, the bondage fantasies as normal might be subtle enough to just slide by, but little miss bouncytits isn't gonna cut it.

Or I could be wrong. It's always kind of a crapshoot, what'll slide by the Flanderses and what won't. Mostly it seems to be a matter of what gets a lot of media attention and what doesn't.

Which leaves me feeling kinda conflicted. I'd love to see Eiken become a huge success on premium cable, paving the way for actual hentai. But I also fear that such success would get the Flanderses on its case. The thing is, the censoring Flanderses are always looking for something they can wave in the mainstream's face, and nothing works for that quite like kitty pron, which is exactly how they'll see a lot of ecchi and hentai.

They'll claim that they are just trying to keep kitty pron out of the hands of the depraved, but they'd be just as happy to prevent all anime with any overt sexual content at all from being shown. Anime are particularly vulnerable to the old "who'll think of the chilll-drun?" approach because for many adults, cartoons will now and forever be for children, so if they see a cartoon with hardcore sex and bondage and tentacle rape, they'll just figure it's designed for children, for some reason. Possibly Pure Evil.

But dirty, dirty hentai have so much to offer the filthy minded adult that I can only hope that Eiken and others like it succeed in America, and slide under the censors' radar, and all our lives will be enriched by the knowledge that porn CAN be filthy and disgusting and yet have interesting and insightful stories.

Time will tell, I suppose.

We close with a scene from the ecchi anime "High School Girls." I just know there's a perfectly innocent reason why these women have their faces buried in each others' crotches, but I really don't care what it might be.

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