Beware The Power of This Butt!

Left: The responsible butt. Right, Phillips hanging around for her torture scene. Note butt trying to peek out from the side of her hip.

Her butt has more power than my entire brain put together!

copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

I've been forced to repeatedly ogle -- er, watch, the movie Chameleon 3 by Bobbie Phillips' butt, against my own better judgment. It's a hard thing to have to admit, but there it is.

Phillips is the star of Chamelon 3. She plays Cham, an artificially enhanced, cloned super-agent whose chief super-power, in my opinion, is her wonderfully rounded butt. She has a really superb figure but the thing about her butt that makes it special is that it always seems to be sticking out at you, begging you to put something in it.

The closest I've seen to it in terms of compulsive powe is the butt of kickboxer Kathy Long in the movie The Stranger, another film which has the power to mesmerize me strictly because of its protagonist's butt. Both Long and Phillips butts have that "constantly sticking out at you" thing going. Maybe it's their posture, or the way their joints are put together, or the shape of their butts, or something invisible and primal about the way they move that communicates, even in a grainy video image, the message, "Pussy here pussy here pussy here here come and get it pussy here pussy here come pussy come pussy come pussy."

Well, something to that effect. You can't really put it in words, but if a horny butt could use words, it would be something along those lines. The shape and motion of their butts are a LOT more effective and powerful than words could ever be.

The people that made Chameleon 3 know about Phillips' butt, because they put her in a nylon jumpsuit that clings like a soap film. You get a lot of opportunities to see her butt, but only brief ones. There's no single, long, ogling shot of her backside. You keep getting short glimpses of her butt in action, but she never just stands there and wiggles it for you, which is good because then my head would probably explode. And I have it on good authority that all three Chameleon movies feature Phillips' butt as a major character, though I don't know if the others are more generous for oglers.

What Chameleon 3 has that the other Chameleon movies don't is a top-of-the-line damsel in distress scene, with Phillips hung by her wrists, her feet strapped together at the ankles, wearing that second-skin suit, while a bad guy prods her with an electro-torture rod. And in addition to Phillips, we have a second damsel in a boring chair-tie to witness Cham's torture. Cham turns the tables on her evil captors and kicks their butts, but not before we see her do a lot of writhing in that skin-tight suit of hers. And when she kicks their butt, hers is sticking right out there, though none of the bad guys manage to kick what must be an extraordinarily tempting target.

You can see why I was hypnotized into watching the film. It was not my fault! In addition to having a gorgeous butt, Phillips has nice rack and a beautiful, sharp gamine face, with huge eyes and expressive lips. She's also graceful and does a pretty good job of looking like a martial arts fighter.

It's not fair! It's like she's got guns on her guns on her guns! It's no wonder she hypnotized me! Her butt has more willpower than my entire brain put together! AAAAAGH!