Naked Nude Celebrity Slavegirls department, featuring Brooke Burke, Carrie Fisher, Catherine Zeta Jones, Yvonne Strahovski and others naked and looking sexy

The topic of celebrity slave girls is not one often explored in modern society, perhaps because there are not any of them. That being said, many attractive female celebrities have appeared in photoshoots, movies, etc., in which they are dressed, or as the case may be, undressed in ways that make it easy for the porny of mind to imagine that they are fantasy slave girls. And that's what this website is all about.

We do NOT pretend to offer any real life information about the celebrities listed here with regard to the topic of slavegirlatry. We do not know if they like dressing up in slave girl-ish fashions or not, and frankly, we don't give a damn. This is strictly fantasy stuff.

And these are fantasy slavegirls I am talking about. They are modern consensual slaves, ancient Greek slaves, ancient Roman slaves, futuristic slaves, Gorean slaves and ancient Arabian harem slaves.

There is a good reason for this. I think it is easier and more fun to fantasize about slaves that are strictly in the realm of fantasy, because the reality of slavery sucks so very, very thoroughly. We have various reports that women are still being enslaved in the modern world, and it's brutal, nasty business, hardly the realm of sexy fantasies, much less romantic fantasies.

Think about it this way. There have been a lot of movies in which cavemen are chased about by dinosaurs, right up to Jurassic Park. They're huge fun, great adventure. But suppose a few species of raptors had survived the Cretaceous extinction and most any wooded area is gonna be harboring a few eating the local deer and any human beings that happen by, and that it was a commonplace way for people to get killed, like auto accidents.

Would we think people being chased by dinosaurs and eaten by them in movies to be just great fun entertainment in those circumstances? I think not! There would be cries that such scenes made us more accepting of dinosaurs chasing and eating people, making it seem like some kind of an adventure or game rather than the horrible tragedy it is for the people and families involved. Dinosaurs are a LOT more fun because they do not represent any real kind of threat to people.

Well, same with slavery. The fantasy slavery realm is a lot more fun than the current, real stuff, simply because it's not a social problem. So I try to keep things in the fantasy realm, and frankly, I can't blame me.

We have developed criteria for placing an image in our celebrity slavegirl website.  The women must be entirely naked, or dressed in fantasy slave gear, and if bound must wear bondage gear appropriate to a fantasy milieu. Merely dressing sexy does not cut it. Obviously, any naked or half naked pic of a celebrity could qualify as a slavegirl image if you were liberal enough with your rules for admitting a celebrity to the ranks of celebrity slavegirlhood -- which of course, we are not. We've got the following requirements for photos to be included:

1. Picture of a celebrity pretty much naked among the fully clothed. We are not talking about outfits that are merely daring, like Jennifer Lopez's famous dress that had cleavage right down to the navel but did not actually show any breasts. We're thinking more of Rose McGowan's Academy Awards outfit that consisted of a couple of yards of string.

2. Images of actresses playing slavegirl roles or wearing costumes of slavegirls from movies at various events. Think Princess Leia. There are many others as well.

3. Images of actresses dressed up in Arabian nights harem gear, Roman slave gear, etc., the ancient slavery milieu mentioned earlier.

4. Images of actresses in bondage that might fit comfortably in a fantasy slave milieu. Obviously, there would be some overlap here between this section and the Celebrities in Bondage section. We'll see how that works out.

5. Images of actresses behaving subserviently as a slave might, in what might be a fantasy milieu.

6. Other criteria as they occur to me.

I suspect there are quite a few guys and some women who have harems full of imaginary celebrity slave girls who compete desperately to fulfill their every carnal desire. It's a fun little fantasy, and like all fantasies, harmless if you realize it's just a fantasy. So, enjoy!
Carrie Fisher as Slave Leia

Carrie Fisher As Half Naked Slave Leia

Selecting the first inductee was a no-brainer of the first water. Of course it would be Carrie Fisher as Slave Leia, arguably the slave girl that comes to mind when the term "slave girl" is spoken.

Katherine Heigl slave girl pic for index
Katherine Heigl Nude Slave
Katherine Heigl is inducted into the Celebrity Slave Girl department on the strength of one gorgeous image from a Maxim photo shoot. Why did we use her feet instead of her face for the index pic? Because those are slave anklets she is wearing on her feet..
Carrie Fisher as Slave Leia

Brooke Burke Nude Slave

Brooke Burke Charvet is our latest celebrity slave girl. The co-host of the popular "Dancing with the Stars" program really brings the sexy to the program, and to our Celebrity Slave Pens.

Catherine Zeta Jones index pic
Catherine Zeta Jones Naked Dancing Slave
A little known French film called "1001 Nuits" in which a young Catherine Zeta Jones plays the harem slave Scheherezade and runs around naked a lot gets Zeta Jones into the slave pens pronto!
Diora Baird, the Orion slave girl
Diora Baird Nude Slave
The incredibly bodacious Diora Baird played an Orion slave girl in the last Star Trek movie, but was edited out. Now the face on the cutting room floor is the naked beast in the Celebrity Slave Pens!
Adrienne Curry cosplays as Slave Leia
Adrianne Curry
Nude Sex Slave

Adrianne Curry gets into our Celebrity Slave Pens on sheer geek cred. A dedicated cosplayers who has showed up at cons as Slave Leia, Silk Spectre and Wonder Woman, she's also a World of Warcraft player. Welcome home, slave girl!
Carmen Electra collared and leashed
Carmen Electra Nude Slave
Carmen Electra claims she likes to be tied up during sex, and she's done plenty of naked posing that demonstrates a certain familarity with slave girl posing. She'll get plenty of practice in the Celebrity Slave Pens.
Jennifer Connelly money-gagged
Jennifer Connelly
Nude Sex Slave

AShe's talented, she's beautiful and she's willing to be adventurous where nudity and sexy are concerned (here, she wears a money gag). A great addition to our Celebrity Slave Pens.
Rose McGowan stripperific
Rose McGowan Nude Slave
Rose McGowan already has all sorts of cred with us because she wanted to play Red Sonja so badly. Clearly, she lurves her some sword and sorcery. She's also appeared kinda naked in public. Of course we grabbed her and put her in the Pens!
Adrienne Curry cosplays as Slave Leia
Kelly Brook Nude Slave
Kelly Brook is a hustling (in the good sense) model/actress who has no idea what a Slave Leia costume looks like, but dammit, she's TRYING and she's GORGEOUS, so into the Pens she goes!

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