Britney Spears: A Slave 4U

copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

Britney Spears has made two statements in recent times that taken together, are interesting.

First of all, let me say that I do not care whether or not Britney Spears is a virgin. It's not really even my business, but given that she made the announcement, I guess her virginity or lack of it is "in play" for public discussion.

I'm willing to take Britney at her word about her virginity, and not just out of politeness. Granted, her body is one of Mother Nature's more stunning achievements, a veritable Grand Canyon full of sexiness. Granted, the way she moves her body in her HBO concert indicated a certain amount of hormonal information about the uses to which her hips and associated regions might be put.

Britney Spears can certainly act the part of the sex queen even if she has never done the deed that all that sexual hotness is all about. After all, Britney, at 20 years of age, has certainly got all her equipment online, even if it's true that it's never seen action. In any event, just stating publicly that's she's a virgin creates a virginal media persona for her, in the absence of any Pamela Anderson-type videos.

So what is Britney doing here, a virgin expressing sexual bondage fantasies? The impression I have is that she's mapping out prospective sexual fantasies for herself, publicly exploring her sexuality on behalf of the young girls who are her fans.

Britney is more than a singer, just as Madonna is. The reason for her phenomenal popularity is that she serves as a public sexual avatar for her fans.

When you think about it that way, it's only logical that Britney should be planning a kinky bondage element to her show. Most of adolescent exploration of sexuality is a matter of crossing boundaries and breaking taboos, especially for women, and there are two taboos that young girls really need to break nowadays. To wit:

We hear all these complaints from conservatives about all the pressure our culture puts on kids to be sexual, but I've never seen any of it. What I hear about is abstinence-based sex education. And a lot of this from the parents of adolescent girls:

'For God's sake, no! Don't have sex! NO! NO! NO! Never! Boys are bad, evil! Don't have sex any way! Any time! With anyone! Don't even fucking MASTURBATE! Starve yourselves to death! Mutilate your bodies! Just DON'T HAVE SEX! Because we're the ones who will wind up taking care of the baby!"

Meanwhile, the girls are noticing that everyone else in the world other than authority figures really like pretty, sexy women. They like pretty, sexy women a LOT! Especially the cute boys who are cranking the young girls' hormones and their libidos through the roof.

So they know their parents and other authority figures are spewing crap by the ton -- not just intellectually, their entire bodies are telling them about it.

And what other message are the girls hearing from the authority figures? Well, many female leaders tell them that because they are women they must be strong! That they must stand up for themselves, and never let boys dominate them and treat them like toys! They must always stand up for themselves and be treated with respect!

Well, I think we all know where this is going ... all this particular pile of authority-spew does for young girls is make them want to find a boy, and crawl to him naked on her hands and knees and lick and kiss his feet and beg him to let her serve him as his love slave.

Well, maybe for most young girls the fantasy isn't all that detailed, but the underlying feeling is definitely there, thanks to the general attitudes spawned by feminism and sex fear among authority figures.

That's why Britney's two big hits, "Hit Me One More Time" and "I'm A Slave 4U" are both paeans of sexual submission, with Britney crooniing that she lives and breathes only because of her boy and that she's totally out of control, etc. etc. If the title "I'm A Slave 4U" doesn't give it away, lyrics like "Show me how you want it to be" certainly should.

Britney demonstrates where all that sexbad boysbad submissionbad authority spew will lead your daughters, Mom and Dad.

It's a submissive begging her lover to take control of her, and it's just exactly what her young female fans want to hear their avatar sing about. It's the polar opposite of all the feminism-inspired and parentfear-inspired authority-spew they hear.

Young girls asking a boy to tell them how they want it to be is the very LAST thing the young girls' parents and teachers want them to do, so naturally that's what they're just dying to do.

Taken in these lights, Britney's bondage-gear homage to Madonna makes a lot of sense. As Joe Bob Briggs would say, I'm surprised I have to tell you these things.

It'll be interesting to see how Britney handles it.

(Note: Britney's outfit in her HBO concert, a skintight leather catsuit, was sexy but not all that bondage-y. She still knows how to move that butt, thought.)

The end. Well, Britney's end, which she certainly knows how to stick out.