Blood Royale

A hentai too stupid for words ... but we'll try ...

A very dramatic scene ... underlit, but dramatic.

copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

I rented Blood Royale with high hopes. The box and the back cover copy indicated that it was a pirate story. After the strong adventure lines in such hentai as Slave Market, Wordsworth Saga and ViperGTX, I felt pretty sure I was gonna see a rousing pirate adventure. Captain Blood with hentai heroines graphically treated by the pirates! Sounded great.

I was disappointed. There's almost no pirate adventure in the hentai, or adventure of any kind for that matter. The vast majority of the screen time was devoted to the training of two young captive noblewomen to be sex slaves in a bordello. The "piracy," what there was of it, came in a very brief capture scene (which occurred on dry land, not on the water) at the beginning, and from the fact that the male lead was supposedly a pirate, though he never acted much like a pirate. He acted a lot MORE like a pimp.

The crux of the story is the psychological adjustment of the two captured noblewomen to their new lot in life. For one of the noblewomen, Blue, her new lot is actually an improvement of sort, because she comes from a land where a few very unlucky young noblewomen are selected to serve as sacrifices to their god on reaching adulthood. To that end, they're raised not to value their lives and not to be afraid of death. Her capture and enslavement means she'll at least survive adulthood, albeit in chains and getting fucked by whoever pays to fuck her. That's why she adjust fairly quickly and easily to her role as a slavegirl -- beats being a dead girl.

The other noblewoman, Red, is not so easily persuaded. She's more your standard princess type and she's so unhappy with her new status that when she's not the focus of the training, she spends her time chewing vigorously at the chains that secure her collar, and her, to the floor. She's chained right next to Blue as Blue is trained, so she gets all sorts of opportunity to see and be dismayed by the horrible things Thor makes Blue do, and does to Blue. So there's llittle wonder she's chewing on her metal collar like a dog in her desperation to escape, because Thor puts Blue through some really tough paces in true hentai fashion.

She DOES escape, finally chewing through the collar and making a run for it. She's recaptured in short order, such short order that you wind up wondering if there was any point to the escape sequence (there wasn't). Thor, the pimp/pirate, gives Red much more rigorous training than he gives Blue, and Blue's training was pretty darned rigorous. You can see why Red has been chewing on her chains. Red has to endure lots of whipping, being bound in unusual positions, being immersed in water and molested by an octopus while chained, and also about the nastiest scat scene I've come across in a hentai (and I've not liked any of them). It's extra disgusting.

The graphics on this hentai are dramatic and powerful, but also kind of underlit and fuzzy as a result. Even the graphic sex scenes are rendered in a soft, watercolor-ish light that makes you wish what you could see were looking at a little better. Now, I can see honest differences between myself and others -- the sex scenes are not the product of bad draftmanship or inking, but of a different idea of how they should be portrayed than mine. So your mileage may vary here.

I will say that some of the images of the slavegirls kneeling on the floor, collared at the neck and helpless, with powerful, dramatic light striking them and casting deep shadows, were visually powerful. But when the slavegirl is sucking on a cock, it's generally in the interests of a sexually explicit video to make things a little more ... explicit. Whereas the scat scenes were very well lit, which tells me a lot about the interests of the hentai creators.

The problem with Blood Royale as a story is not so much that it's not the sexy pirate adventure that the box cover made it appear to be, but that it is a mean-spirited, nasty piece of filth. Thor is an unremitting bastard, Blue's a total doormat, and Red eventually becomes a doormat too, after sufficient torture. But then she eventually discovers she loves being Thor's doormat. Which occasions our happy ending. Naturally, we are given no clue as to what made Red change her mind. It just changes.

I honestly wish I had not seen Blood Royale -- the few bits of well-done graphics are hardly worth the waste that is the rest of the film.