Bikini Jones and the Naked Cuffed Blowjob Scene

Rebeccal Love gives blwojob while naked and cuffed

Naked, cuffed and giving head ... now THAT should have a Grammy devoted to it!

Bikini Jones and the Temple of Eros is now available On Demand on the Cinemax After Hours section, and will be through November 11, 2010, and if history is any judge, and it is, will be shown incessantly after that, reappearing on On Demand as well, though I can't say when.

So, I had pretty much given up on reporting on Skinamax softcore scenes a couple of years ago, because with one exception which wasn't ALL that ("Bikini Chain Gang" which had a cuffed sexual bondage scene featuring Beverly Lynn, but it was all hands in front). It being a dull evening of TV, like most of them, I had On Demand on, with "Bikini Jones in the Temple of Eros" playing, just for background smexy when I worked, something I like to do as noted in my piece on Naked Dancing Videos.

I'm not paying a hell of a lot of attention to it until I saw the image that this article starts with. That caught my attention! Because it was something I had not seen in a Skinamax film for a very, very long time ... an image of a woman bound hands behind, having sex. For that you have to go right back to Over the Wire, which featured a hands behind doggie-style scene with a gag. A really loose gag, but a gag nonetheless. Over the Wire, made in 1996, was what statisticians call an outlier ... there has was nothing that hot before it, and there has been nothing that hot after it ... until Bikini Jones.

I of course was paying a HELL of a lot of attention to Bikini Jones after that, in fact, I went back and recorded it to disk, cause I knew I had to review it.

The movie itself is the usual melange of softcore plot, though it has that lighthearted, fun quality that Fred Olen Ray (director of Bikini Jones as well as Over the Wire) seems to have gotten the hang of. The movie does not take itself at all seriously, as appropriate, but it does a good job of being lighthearted and fun, something a lot of porn that does not take itself seriously cannot manage to do.

You can bet I paid attention to the scene once I spotted it, because it's by far the best thing I've seen, simply because the woman's arms are bound behind her back during the sex. And there's more than oral sex, there's a doggie style sex scene. And throughout the scene, Rebecca Love and the camera play up the bondage. Starting with a lengthy closeup handcuffing scene after the sex gets started, proceeding to the bound blowjob scene, then going on to a bound doggie style sex scene and finishing with a postcoital still-cuffed scene, the handcuffs are often in evidence.

And the thing that really puts THIS scene over the top, is that unlike the other two hands-behind contenders (mustn't forget Anne Parrillaud's excellent scene in Innocent Blood, which is a hands-behind cuffs scene involving sex, but is an order of magnitude lesser than this one for reasons that will be explained later).

The camera goes in for a closeup of Love's butt during the blowjob -- and those handcuffs. Damn. Playing up the bondage, big time. And such a nice, round butt. Win all the way around.

Another shot of the cuffed blowjob. Mmm, nice. Rebecca Love has large breasts that bounce like naturals, and she has the slightly thick body characteristic of women with large natural breasts, but they are kinda misshapen, so I dunno. She has the distinction of being the only woman outside bondage porn to appear in a breast press. We're guessing it was her breasts that got the part.

Rebbecca Love taken doggie style while cuffed in Bikini Jones and the Temple of Eros.

Now for the doggie style sex with cuffs. Love's breasts do their natural flopping around as she is rammed repeatedly from behind, while her cuffs remain in evidence, as seen here. A VERY nice scene. No gag, but whatchagonnado? Even the hardcore bondage porn sites  forget to gag the women during sex with surprising frequency.

Anne Parillaud engages in sexual bondage in Innocent Blood.

Here we have Anne Parillaud engaging in handcuffed sexual bondage in Innocent Blood. Plus, she's a vampire! Note the picture is dark and grainy and you can't see the handcuffs. That's because the scene is severely underlit, much like the bondage scene in Over the Wire. I had to work the image hard to get it as light as this. It's like the filmmakers really didn't want you to see the scene ... and it's a common phenomenon in mainstream bondage scenes (see the famous scene from the remake of Cat People for another example). Plus the cuffs are not seen much at all in the Innocent Blood scene. I had to do very little tweaking to get the images from Bikini Jones ready ... because the scene was properly lit, which puts it WAAAY ahead of the rest.

Gun, naked woman in bondage, red sofa.

"One false move and I'll shoot myself in the shoulder!"

After the lovin' the guy gets dressed while the woman remains naked and cuffed. Nice! We never see the cuffs behind the woman's back in this scene, but what the hell, it's not like we didn't get to see them plenty already. Plus a nice unobstructed shot of Rebecca Love's rack!

Rebecca Love bound and naked, looking fine.

The hero of course leaves Rebecca Love's character still cuffed and naked, because the people who make these movies NEVER get tired of that one! Still, we get a chance to enjoy Rebecca's luscious body once again. BTW, that's not a crack in Rebecca's breast, I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it IS a crack! Implants after all!

Immediately after the Rebecca Love bondage scene, we have a very nice scene of Christine Nguyen, the star of the movie, being led around on a leash by a bad guy. Christine is not my cup of tea physically, being kinda skinny and not all that curvy, but she's an enthusiastic sexual performer and handles her acting duties competently. If you have a thing for Asians, you will like this movie, because Nguyen does quite a few sex scenes it.

A dinosaur in Bikini Jones and the Temple of Eros

Finally, we have a pretty good CGI dinosaur in Bikini Jones and the Temple of Eros, and I LIKE dinosaurs, and this one is better than your average SyFy Original Movie dinosaur. The leads just stare at him while he roars ferociously and paws at the ground, they don't interact with it or anything, but damn ... for a Skinamax film, this is good stuff!

I wish I could tell you that this scene is the harbinger of more topnotch bondage scenes in Skinamax films, but I've watched a lot of Skinamax while I did other things, if not closely, at least enough to notice a topnotch scene like the one in Bikini Jones and the Temple of Eros, and I haven't noticed any. While it's obvious that the near-total freeze on female sexual bondage imagery that occurred circa 2000 is over with, there remains very little bondage imagery in Skinamax films, probably because it's not their primary interest. I'd tend to identify the Bikini Jones nude sexual bondage scene as a statistical outlier, like the one in Over the Wire lo, those many years ago. (Well, 14 years ago, to be exact). Will it be another 14 years before we get another Skinamax scene as good as the one in Bikini Jones? I doubt it. Frankly, I doubt that there will be a market for Skinamax films in 14 years, that's the way I'd place my bets if I had to, which I don't, thank goodness.

I have noticed one thing. In an essay on my old Jolly Roper site, I pointed out that Skinamax film titles were pretty much independent of their content. For example, the term "Busty" in a Skinamax movie title does NOT mean there will be busty actresses in the lead role, as I noted in my blog article: "Busted: Busty Neighbors and Busty Models." Busty, it turns out, is not a keyword you can rely on to see extraordinarily large-breasted women having sex, because the two movies cited definitely do NOT have large breasted women as their female leads, for the most part.

This of course is a direct violation of the The Law of Cheese set forth in my review of Buck Rogers' Planet of the Slavegirls episode, which states simply that if you advertise a film as having a particular kind of cheese in it, you need to deliver on it if you want your audience to watch any sequels or related films. Skinamax filmmakers break that rule routinely, but considering all the other rules of dramatic development they break or ignore, all you can really do is throw up your hands and roll your eyes. It's par for the course, I'm afraid.

In much the same way, I have found that "Forbidden" and "Kinky" are are not at all indicative of bondage scenes in Skinamax films. Almost without exception, Skinamax films with those words in the titles are disappointments. But you know what I think MIGHT be the keyword that comes closest to meaning "bondage here"?


No, it makes no sense to me either. But there it is. Which is as good a point as any to end this review on.

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