Ancient Bondage Babe

All right, she's no beauty, but she IS over 2,300 years old.

copyright 2005 by Pat Powers

A recent Discovery Channel special which focussed on magic in ancient Egypt brought forth a little more of the history of sexuality that's been suppressed since the Victorian era, specifically, about bondage imagery.

Seems casting magical spells was an important part of ancient life, with preists regularly employed to put curses on enemy armies, political leaders and such. But most preists at the village level handled more mundane spells -- such as love spells.

The image you are looking at is a clay figure which dates back to around 300-400 A.D. It was found in a clay pot along with a papyrus scroll detailing exactly how it was used. The figurine is a naked woman, kneeling with her hands tied behind her back. A guy who desired to put a "love spell" on a woman would be given the figurine and a set of pins, and told to put the pins into the figure and repeat a chant each time the pin was inserted. When all the pins were in, the spell was complete, and the desired woman would be interested only in the spell caster, not even caring for her own husband (if applicable).

The female figure is bound because the sex spell (the scholars who commented on the spell were real clear on this point -- we call 'em love spells nowadays with our taste for euphemism, but it was all sex for the ancients) is a "classic domination spell." (And you should have seen the gleam in the scholar's eyes when he said that.) The scholar commented that the spells may have worked to a certain extent -- if it was brunted about in the village that a certain person had cast a sex spell on a certain other person, well, she might feel that giving in to it was inevitable -- she might be able to resist the guy, but when he had the gods on his side, well, there's no resisting them. (And of course, women had recourse to put sex spells on guys, too.)

(Cynics may see this as a made-in-heaven excuse for infidelity, but, well ... they'd be right.)